Raoul Korner

Can Raoul Korner Lead The New Yorker Phantoms Back To The Beko BBL Playoffs?

There were many many long and hard winter nights in the Volkswagon arena in Braunschweig for basketball club New Yorker Phantoms between 2003 and 2009 where winning and breathing playoff air in May was about as difficult as fans starting to believe now that Chicago Bull Derrick Rose will ever play another healthy season in the NBA. With the arrival of 1995 Korac cup winner with Alba Berlin, head coach Sebastian Machkowski, the tide started to turn in Braunschweig as he got the right player mix and the club made three playoffs in a row and basketball actually started to become  a trend again in the city where Eintracht Braunschweig soccer has been an institution for years despite playing in lower divisions. Last season Machkowski fled to Oldenburg and prompt continued his magical touch of coaching leading his new team to the Beko BBL final, while new Phantom coach Kostas Flevarakis was unable to keep the playoff run of four consecutive years intact. The only thing that really was a news story last season in Braunschweig was German point guard Dennis Schroeder and his last season in Braunschweig. At times, Schroeder was more in the news then the basketball team as for some it was more interesting what was up and how he was helping his mom in her beauty salon then it was hearing about a thunderous Nick Schneiders dunk or national team story from Eric Boating from the 2012 Olympics in London. At times the biggest news story in Braunschweig besides Schroeder was how many and from what NBA city scouts were from as they were observing the talented young German. Ex Fraport Skyliner head coach Muli Katzurin will have Schroeder in memory from two games, one from the 2011-2012 season where Schroeder then 18 almost beat Frankfurt at the end in Frankfurt had he not missed a free throw and his 13 point second quarter blast in six minutes where he hit two three pointer a pull up jumper and once ran around the Frankfurt half court at ease as if he was on the playground and the Skyliners were adults not being able to stop him and then  haitting a jumper over 210cm center Johannes Voigtmann as if it was the easiest thing. There really wasn´t so much to cheer about last season in Braunschweig besides the spectacular play by Schroeder and Braunschweig finally winning at home again after 7 loses in a row against Frankfurt in the Volkswagon arena. This season there is no Dennis Schroeder, but still as always the mean looking mascot phantom who can probably have an interesting sneering contest against Immanuel Mcelroy. This season the club will try it´s luck for a new birth in the Beko BBL playoffs in a league that gets more competitive each season. With new Austrian coach Raoul Korner, the team has a man with 16 years coaching experience. He has a respectable coaching resume having coached 12 years in Austria and winning 2 cups and one championship with 2 separate teams. He coached the last three years in Holland with Den Bosch where he won the championship in 2012 and cup in 2013 and was a 3 time allstar. He is a coach that is a strong believer of communication.The question is how well he can adapt to the strong Beko BBL that is a few gears above Austria and Holland.