Lubos Barton

Can Lubos Barton Give The Needed Push To Help The New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig Cruise In The Stretch Run?

With the second half of the Beko BBL in full swing, clubs are as motivated to reach the playoffs or to escape the unwanted cellar of the standings as the Harbaugh brothers were as earning bragging rights at the next Thanksgiving feast in front of family and friends, San Antonio Spur Tony Parker making it known in his lawsuit against a New York club that singer Chris Brown is a violent thug in reference to a bar brawl last year in New York city where the French man had part of his cornea injured by a flying piece of glass during a brawl between Brown´s posse and that off Drake´s group or Takeru Kobayashi having the ability to enhale a whole pizza in one minute at a Super Bowl party. Recently teams have been adding players to help bolster their roster for the stretch run. The Artland Dragons haven´t had much luck with position four players this season with guys like Dennis Horner, Andrew Drevo and Ryan Gomes coming and going, but now seem to have landed the perfect fix with golf fanatic Brad Buckman who has been integrated quickly and seems to have a blind understanding with baby Shaq Anthony King. The Fraport Skyliners are trying to get out of the damp swamp at the bottom of the standings and have added Americans Ryan Brooks and Laquan Prowell who added an extra spice to the offense with scoring support, three point excellence and defense spark. “Our offense hasn´t been this good in a while”; stressed Fraport Skyliner guard Konstantin Klein. The Neckar Riesen Ludwigsburg have added two Americans with Eric Coleman and Lawrence Westbrook who prompt help beat BBC Bayreuth in their first game with their combined scoring in the last minute. The team seems to be going in an upward spiral with John Patrick at the helm with a two game winning streak. Another team that is hoping to jump from the bottom are the New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig who have a talented roster on paper, but are currently in 17th place. The club recently stocked up with Lubus Barton who is a 32 year old 202cm forward form the Czech Republic that is a great athlete. Excellent shooter from various range, but can easily run in the traffic. Good ball handling skills and is very useful on defensive end, where he can get many rebounds. He played at  Valparaiso(NCAA) where Chris Ensminger also played from 1998-2002. He turned professional in 2002 and has played in the top leagues since in the Italian Serie A and the last seven years in the ACB where he played two seasons for FC Barcelona. The question is how quickly he can get integrated and help Braunschweig? “Barton is a great player. I saw him play with the Czech Republic national team. I like his game. He is a stretch four that knows where the basket is. He is hardworking and fits well to the team as there is no alternative to Harding Nana. If he plays the three, he will create massive match up problems as he can move well. He reminds me a bit of a Jacob Burtschi. He will help Braunschweig. There is a reason he played for FC Barcelona, because of his skills”, stressed basketball expert Steven Clauss.