Khalil Keel

Khalil Keel (I Am Never Satisfied Because If You Are Content Than The Next Person Will Outwork You)

Khalil Keel is a 188cm guard from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that like so many other players is looking to fullfil his dream of playing professional basketball. He has had extensive experience at the college level with schools like Lackawanna College, Lander (NCAA2) and Goldey-Beacom (NCAA2). He recently took part with the 2017 Howard Hoops international tour in Germany. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

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The 2017 Howard Hoops team after the 107-66 win against TV Idstein: From left to right: Jamal Curry, Miles Schmidt-Scheuber (basketball journalist), Ian Mikeel Tevis, Corey Lewis and Khalil Keel

Khalil thanks for talking to German Hoops You are in Germany taking part in the Howard Hoops international tour. How did this all come about? Did you send Ron Howard videos or how did it come about that you could join this tour?

An agent that I know told me about the tour, then I reached out to Ron Howard and he gave me the information for the tour

You got off the plane on Friday played a game at night and three games on Sunday. That is 160 minutes of basketball in two days. How is your body holding out?

Playing games consistently after an 8 hour flight is brutal to the body, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t adapt to. I just had to give it my all regardless.

You were thrown together with a bunch of guys that you had never played with before with Howard Hoops all looking to fulfill their dream of playing professional basketball. Do you feel like after this weekends performance that you played to your best potential? You stated that you could have been more consistent.

Yes I feel as though I played well. I just always strive for perfection, so I can always use improvement.