Joe Asberry

Joe Asberry Didn´t Get A Fair Chance As A Player But Now Advises Young Americans How To Survive Overseas

Joe Asberry is an American ex professional basketball player that really has seen it all from crime to drugs, but also playing against legends like Gary Payton, Jason Kidd and Brian Shaw being teammates with German legendary player Christian Welp and had  a 11 year professional career that saw him toil around in the minor leagues of Germany, but he belonged to the best in his day at that level. Since retiring from the game, he has been a spokes person for young kids and drug prevention, guest speaker, worked in the Alba Berlin organization, been a master of ceremonies for UBC Hannover and been a mentor for young Americans coming overseas trying to live the dream of being a professional basketball player.German Hoops had a chat with the charismatic American.

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber meeting Joe Asberry at the Hansi Witsch tournament in 2015

Joe, thanks for talking to German Hoops. First of all I´m sorry it took so long to interview you. Would it be fair to say better late than never?

No problem Miles, thank you better late than never works for me all day

You have done and seen so much in your career as a basketball player and just being involved in the German basketball scene. Would it be fair to say you are a basketball legend in Germany that is a bit off the radar simply because like so many unknown Americans looking o live the basketball dream here, you like them have not gotten the deserved respect you should have gotten especially when you were a professional player here in the 90´s?

In my own pea brain, I´m a legend in Germany for sure, just for the simple fact that I´m probably the only American who got paid to play here that was on CNN World Sport and made a commercial dunking a lot and speaking broken German, but I´ll let everybody else in the German basketball scene cast a vote and let me know where I fit in LOL!

You go by the name of Jumping Joe Asberry. I have heard you dunked over 100´s of guys in your career. Was your crazy athletic ability one of the reasons you got this nickname?

Yes my athletic ability was unreal and on a NBA level for sure. I dunked on plenty of people. I was never a shooter. I´ve still got a bit of bounce, but now I´m a ogee and it hurts when I hoop, but I still get out there and give youngsters buckets!