Ian Tevis

Ian Tevis (I Believe I Can Make A Name For Myself In Europe)

Ian Tevis is a guard from Seattle, Washington that played college ball at  Red Deer College (CCAA). He was All-ACAC Player of the Year in 2017 and was nominated for the CCAA All-Canadian Team in 2017. He recently took part with the Howard Hoops international tour in Germany. He like so many other players is chasing his dream of becoming a professional player. He played strong with the Howard Hoops team and spoke to German Hoops about his special experience in Germany,

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The 2017 Howard Hoops team after the 107-66 win against TV Idstein: From left to right: Jamal Curry, Miles Schmidt-Scheuber (basketball journalist), Ian Mikeel Tevis, Corey Lewis and Khalil Keel

Ian thanks for talking to German Hoops You are in Germany taking part in the Howard Hoops international tour. How did this all come about? Did you send Ron Howard videos or how did it come about that you could join this tour?

I got connected with Howard Hoops about a year ago when my good friend Chris Neal went on his tour. Me and Ron were in contact all year while I was finishing my last season in college.

You got off the plane on Friday played a game at night and three games on Sunday. That is 160 minutes of basketball in two days. How is your body holding out?

I am a gym rat. I live at the gym. I take pride in my conditioning so playing all these games back to back wasn´t a problem. No time to complain and I can´t afford to get sore. My body was definitely feeling it on Sunday. But if we had to play again I would have been ready.

Is this your first time in Germany. How do you like the country and is there anything here that reminds you of home in Canada?

I am actually from the United States. Seattle, Washington to be exact. But I have been in Canada the last few years. This is my first time in Germany and Europe! I like this country. It seems like simple living. Everyone minding their own business. Nobody has been mean or rude to me. I have just been walking around dribbling my basketball.