Henrik Rodl

What German Player Will Henrik Rodl Mold Into A Household Name This Season With TBB Trier?

When examining the 1993 NCAA champion Henrik Rodl on the sidelines during games , he often has that stoic mimic as if he is just being read his rights or if someone has just surprised him with the statement that winning that illustrious title 19 years  against Michigan was only a fluke. Despite his 43 years of age, his facial expression sometimes could fall for an unhappy young boy who was just told that his NBA 2K12 X box 360 had accidently been crushed by the movers. However one topic where he would put his hand into a fire to support is developing young Germans. Since the arrival of Rodl in 2010, the club TBB Trier has been a kind of figure head for the design of making young German players better. It would be a major injustice if one would not hold Rodl not accountable for shaping Germans like Maik Zirbes, Philipp Zwiener or Andreas Seiferth into better and experienced players. Zwiener had retreated from Alba Berlin in 2010 and quickly became a Beko BBL force with the German Mosel team. Zirbes went from a little known hulking basketball project into a bigger and stronger player with NBA Draft potential and now is playing for a Euroleague team with the Brose Baskets Bamberg. “We have never had a kind of team like we had when I was there. We have had good people the last two years that have known how to play with each other. It is very important that each player can play with each other. We didn´t have that before Rodel came. Coach Rodl has done a great job giving young German players playing time which I profited from. I think that every coach in the Beko BBL should work like that. I have learned so much from him. He gave me the chance to play and let my self confidence grow. I like how he talked with me and treated me”, added ex TBB Trier center Maik Zirbes.  Andreas Seiferth is another young German from the Alba Berlin stable who in three years on the Spree never played more than 8 Beko BBL games, but immediately last season was flung into the Beko BBL zoo being able to play 34 Beko BBL games. This season, he is the starting center averaging 26 minutes per game. This season, Rodl has another new batch of German players and most interesting with Bastian Doreth and Mathis Monninghoff. Both are hungry and want those desirable minutes and that important role on the team. Doreth had to fight injuries the last two season with FC Bayern Munich and was never able to really break through the deep roster there. This past summer German national coach Svetislav Pesic gave him trust and gave him many minutes  averaging 12,5. Doreth has the grit and dedication to become one of the big German surprises this season. Monninghoff  is another talented player that has gained experience in the NCAA with Gonzaga and recently with the German national team as they continue to go more young. He is also a player that will get his minutes and is burning to prove doubters wrong for his decision to depart Gonzaga early and head back to Germany. It will be interesting once again to see how the German cracks buckle down and perform under the watchful eye of 1993 European champion Henrik Rodl. “Rodl is a type of mastermind who has success making young Germans better especially when you look at Maik Zirbes and the other Germans that have played for TBB Trier. He gives young Germans opportunites and works with them at getting better which a lot of coaches in the Beko BBL don´t do. Doreth and Monninghoff will get a chance to play and learn as they go and it is up to them what to do with their pour nifty. They will learn the game and get experience.”, warned BV Chemnitz guard John Bynum.