German National Players

Makai Mason Says Hello To Germany And Gets Invited To German National Team

On a saturday morning in mid July, basketball freaks in Germany could expect one or two basketball rumours to be surfacing online about a player heading to a Beko BBL, Pro A or Pro B team, but generally it’s too early for any team to give a press release as those tend to surface later in the afternoon. In the last 24 hours, there had been some basketball rumours being talked about like ex Beko BBL player Filiberto Rivera who has been out of Europe since 2011 and been playing in the Americas the last years or Kyon Anderson from TCU who was linked to medi Bayreuth, but the most surprising news of the early weekend and something that became reality was that a young man by the name of Makai Mason (185-G) had suddenly popped into the minds of basketball fanatics in Germany, but did anyone know him?  At first glance, the name doesn’t really sound German and at second glance why would the German basketball federation announce a press release with his name? Apparently nobody really knew that he had ties to Germany and he came out of the wood work and notified the German basketball federation that he had a German passport and asked may I play for Germany? After his hello, the German basketball federation invited him to a training camp on July 21st in Wurzburg where he will meet possible new teammates for this summer. The German basketball federation had to react as they had some cancellations as Anton Gavel, Lucca Staiger and Konstantin Klein all withdrew from competiting this summer.


German national players? Anyone?

The market is really slow this season.

Many quality players are still available and looking for a new job. It is especially remarkable that among those players who are interesting for the german league, many (former) nationalplayers still got no team for the 2009/2010 campaign!

Today Alba Berlin announced the departure of Johannes Herber. The 26-year old german is joining a group of players who spend or spent their summers as Dirk Nowitzkis teammates.

You could almost form a whole team of (former) german nationalplayers, who are still looking for a new job.