Garlon Green

Can Garlon Green Help The Walter Tigers Tuebingen Soar To New Heights This Season?

Depending just how many Green´s had babys in the last two weeks which was about as possible as it is Tom Brady almost always finding tight end Rob Gronkowski in that needed second when he has to for a quick touchdown or German national goalie Manuel Neuer making that all so important big save time after time as he displayed against Georgia last weekend, the number of Green´s living in the United States recently was 492,338, and there is only one Green named Garlon that can be so very proud to say that he is the brother of NBA player Gerald Green who has performed spectacular dunks for years in the NBA scene winning the 2007 NBA dunk contest. Garlon Green is a 24 year old 201cm swing man from Missouri city, Texas that is playing his third professional season after having a stellar career at TCU (NCAA) and has got his foot wet in professional waters in Australia and Japan the last two seasons. Green compares his game to Dwayne Wade and Andre Igoudala and comes to Tuebingen already having to fill big shoes in the jumping department as Tigers manager Robert Wintermantel has never seen such an amazing jumper like him in the BBL. His athleticism is so extreme one could be bold and even compare him to a Quantez Robertson in the freak athlete department, but he takes it all in stride and doesn´t let his mouth do the talking, but his legs. “It’s kind of hard to think of myself as a “freak athlete” but it’s nice to know people enjoy how I play”, expressed Garlon Green. Green was a go to guy at his previous stations and will be again in Tuebingen as he currently leads the team in scoring, but will also need to distinguish between taking good and bad shots and that he will have teammates that could lead the club in scoring on any night. Showing that he is a versatile player is high on his priority list, but when it comes to dunking and his brother Gerald he always has a special place for these two issues as he was the best dunker in 2011 in Houston and took part in the college dunk contest in 2013. His brother Gerald is only 5 years older than him, but is already starting his 11th professional season and despite all the success that his brother has had there is not an ounch of jealousy there. “He is my brother and I love him just like my other siblings”, warned Garlon Green. Green won´t be transformed into the savior role that ex Miami heat guard Daequan Cook had a few years ago, but will be an important part of the puzzle for success for a talented Tigers team that should be somewhere in the middle of the standings and not have to fidget in April about the possibility of moving down to the Pro A. At home growing up, Garlon had to take a seat backwards when it came to quenching his thirst when Gerald was around. “I don’t see him as “Gerald Green the NBA player” He is the same older brother who drinks all the soda”, smiled Garlon Green. If Gerald ever does come in for a lightening visit to Tuebingen at least then one would hope that Garlon will have the oversight of the remote control and of course the soda in the refrigerator.