Fiba Intercontinental Cup

Guaros de Lara Survive Scare TipToeing By The Fraport Skyliners Winning Fiba Intercontinental Cup 74-69

Usually around this time in mid September, Fraport Skyliner captain Quantez Robertson would be going through his normal pre-season routine with the club getting in synch with his new teammates, learning the new plays, finding chemistry with the new point guard that was hauled in late, annoying his teammates in practice with his never ending superb man on man defense and getting reacquainted with the Footlocker store in the NWZ mall where he lives only a short walk from the Skyliners training facility looking for the newest trendy shoes to help enhance his footwear. However September 18th, 2016 wasn´t any other ordinary day in the home stretch of the pre-season, but a very special and out of the ordinary as the Cincinnati native could have been able to achieve something that guys like ex Skyliners  Pascal Roller, Mario Kasun, Robert Garrett or Tyrone Ellis hadn´t done. These great players all won one a title for the Skyliners in one calendar year, but never two in that period. It took Robertson 7 seasons to win his first professional title and almost 5 months later, he had the golden opportunity to win a second with the Intercontinental cup. “It felt good trying to bring a second title to Frankfurt in the same year. Even if it felt like a normal BBL game, we were playing for a lot more. It definitely felt like a playoff game with the atmosphere in the arena”, stated ex Auburn guard Quantez Robertson.  For ex Mississippi(NCAA) forward Zach Graham, he didn´t feel any real pre-season anxiety, but had only title in his thoughts. “I just love to play this game. It is every player´s dream to play in a title game and we had fun and came home with the gold”, added 2016 Fiba Intercontinental Cup MVP Zach Graham.