Evan Smotrycz

Salmon May Be An Appetizer For Evan Smotrycz(Eisbaeren Bremerhaven), But Basketball Will Always Be The Main Entrée

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Eisbaeren Bremerhaven forward Evan Smotrycz after a game in Frankfurt in the 2016-2017 season







When you happen to grow up in the greater Boston area and are a kid, and if you had somewhat intelligent parents, then there is no way one could ever have been bored at any time even before the current golden age of nonstop electronic gadgets that keep some extremely old school adults continuing to wonder what the world has come to. When looking at the kids best list of best things to do in Boston, you come across many fascinating activities like going on a behind the scenes tour of Fenway Park, visiting the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential center or visiting the museum of science just to name a few. Of course if your professional basketball player Evan Smotrycz, just going to see the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins or Patriots Live would have been his constant highlights as a kid. However if you are a Bostonian then there is no way around attaining a craving for sea food something that is served in numerous locations. Another thing on the kid´s best list of best things to do in Boston is to try the chowder that has been served at every presidential inauguration since 1981 at Legal Sea Foods restaurant. It was no different for the ex Maryland(NCAA) forward and new Eisbaeren Bremerhaven American Evan Smotrycz as he also grew up loving the delicacy of fine sea food in the Boston area. Lucky for the American that Legal Sea Foods is a chain of 35 restaurants and enough in his area so that he could feast on his favorite fish whenever he wanted, but then again, if he wanted to get great fish only a few minutes from his home then he could chow down on fish at Lobster claw sea foods in his home town Reading. “I used to go there all the time when I was home more and still go all the time to Legal Sea Foods”, smiled Evan Smotrycz. It doesn´t really matter what local eatery he chooses, fish is the same everywhere as is basketball. In his last two years of college ball, he played at Maryland and the closest body of water to him was Lake Artemesia where he could of caught the finest golden trout, but funny enough as he became a professional last season in Cyprus, water and fish continued to be near him as he lived in Nicosia which is only 15 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea which not only boasts tasty sea food but also various exotic kinds like cuttle fish or baja fish. His basketball journey this season takes him to Germany and not to some remote place like Jena or Braunschweig where one has to take an off day to reach the north or east sea, but to Bremerhaven who are called Eisbaeren(German translation Polar bears)where he will be living on the north sea and having to choose if he will become a regular at the trendy Natusch fish  restaurant or visiting the zoo and falling in love with sweet eight month old polar bear Lili. The American has had much experience in his young life tasting many different kinds of fish, but if he had to choose one that tickles his heart most it would be a classic choice. “I am a big fan of fish and have been lucky to have grown up in a place like Boston that has great fish. I don’t know much about German food, but if Bremerhaven has good fish that would be a huge plus. My favorite seafood now is probably salmon or crab”, added Evan Smotrycz. Salmon may be the appetizer on the menu for new Eisbaeren Bremerhaven forward Evan Smotrycz but basketball will always be the main entrée for him.