Edgar Sosa

Edgar Sosa (ratiopharm Ulm) Is Not The Run Of The Mill Player, But That Extra Special Spice From The Dominican Republic

Edgar Sosa would have had some interesting memories to converse at the Christmas dinner table while munching on some traditional Dominican Republic food like roasted Pork with Russian salad and for desert some biscuits and cakes and to wash it down with some tasty Red wine talking about the first few months of his new German basketball experience with ratiopharm Ulm like the big Beko BBL wins against Wurzburg with one point, squashing Bamberg 72-59 or the big Eurocup wins against Asvel, Paris and Valencia, but no story would have been as exciting or as bitter as his recollection of the three OT loss 108-102 against the Fraport Skyliners shortly before Christmas. This was a game that went back and fourth where Sosa steered 21 points including some timely three pointers in 31 minutes. He was outdone by the top game of ex NBA player Andrew Rautins that finished with 24 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists. Quite a lot to experience in the his first few months in Germany for the 26 year old 190cm guard from Rice, New York. “The 3 OT loss ranks with my best games ever played no matter at what level. The game went back and forth, the atmosphere was great and there were constantly big shots being made. I will remember most how we came back a few times down by four points to send the game into another OT despite being very tired”, stressed ex Louisville guard Edgar Sosa. After playing in countries like Italy, Spain and Puerto Rico, Sosa has adapted well to the German Beko BBL especially the small town of Ulm. “. Ulm is great and I have no complaints. The coach is great, the system is great and since I am a homebody type of guy, Ulm is perfect and I have been having a great time”, added Sosa. Sosa has come into his own despite playing for a team deep on talent with guys like Per Guenther, Cameron Long, Matt Howard or Adam Hess who can score 20 plus points on any night. Sosa has fit in perfect to the Ulm system and has scored in double figures in the Beko BBL 12 times and nine times in the Euro cup competition. Especially in the Eurocup competition, he has shined like his massive 24 point effort in 25 minutes against Cantu where he dropped seven three pointers. He knows that he is known as a scorer, but wants everyone to know that he is a point guard for a reason and is content with his role. “My main role with Ulm is too come off the bench and spark the team with energy. I like to always play aggressive and get to the cup and make big shots. The great thing about this team is that we don´t have one superstar, but many great players that are unselfish. At the end of the day we all want to win and it doesn´t matter who scores. Everybody sees that I can score, but a hidden strength is that I am a good pick and role player. That is where I can create and am able to make the right decisions”, stressed Edgar Sosa. Sosa learned his special trade of basketball at Louisville(NCAA) under legendary coach Rick Pitino and is thankful that he can be integrated into any team or country quickly. “Rick Pitino was amazing. He is the type of coach that is able to make players be able to play well in any system in any country. He taught me to play basketball the correct way. He made me into a better player”, stated Edgar Sosa. Sosa may not be the best point guard in the Beko BBL, but he isn´t far from the top five point guards and never wastes a moment to get better seeing what his competitors are doing on the court. “It is always beneficial to watch good guards like a Jared Jordan. I like how he passes the ball and try to play the game the way he sees it. I have a lot of respect for him. He is a great player”, added Edgar Sosa. Ratiopharm Ulm will be in the playoffs this season and Sosa might just get his chance to help lead his team past a team like Bamberg and see where he stands against a Jordan in a five game series.