Davin White

Kerry Carter (Bayer Giants Leverkusen) I Learned From Davin White To Trust The Work You Put In And Just Believe In Yourself

Kerry Carter is a 25 year old 188cm guard from West Covina, California that will be playing his second professional season and first with the Bayer Giants Leverkusen (Germany-ProB). Last season as a rookie he played for Iberostar Tenerife CB Canarias (Spain-Liga Endesa) playing 5 games: 3.2ppg. He started his basketball career with Citrus College and then moved to St.Mary’s, CA (NCAA) where he played 63 NCAA games and as senior played 31 games averaging 12.1ppg, 5.0rpg, 1.5apg, 1.5spg. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Thanks Kerry for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and how have you been enjoying your summer so far?

I’ve been home in LA this summer training and spending time with my family when I can.

With the NBA final a few days old as a point guard do you believe that a champion like Steph Curry will be able to overcome this devastating loss to the Cavs and Lebron from 3-1 down?

The NBA finals was an amazing effort by Cleveland. Steph curry is a special player and you can never count him out. I think this will be motivation for him next season.


Face To Face With Davin White

Davin White is  a 31 year old 186cm point guard from Phoenix, Arizona that is a very good athlete that plays the thinking man’s game against opponents. He will be starting his ninth professional basketball season with  Lukoil Academic Sofia (Bulgaria-NBL). He started his basketball career at Cal.St.-Northridge (NCAA). As a professional he played in the D-league, Canada, Serbia and spent most of his time destroying the Mexican league. His best season in Mexico was in 2011 where he played for  Mineros de Cananea (Mexico-CIBACOPA): 50 games: Score-2(28.0ppg), 3.4rpg, Assists-4(5.4apg), Steals-1(2.3spg), 1.1bpg, FGP: 63.5%, 3PT: 35.3%, FT: 81.1%. Last season he played for Phoenix Hagen playing 36 games: Score-1(17.2ppg), 2.3rpg, 4.2apg, Steals-1(2.0spg), FGP: 51.9%, 3PT: 31.0%, FT: 68.4%. He was awarded with Eurobasket.com All-German Bundesliga Guard of the Year -13, Eurobasket.com All-German Bundesliga 1st Team -13, Eurobasket.com German Bundesliga All-Imports Team -13, and Eurobasket.com German Bundesliga All-Defensive Team -13. He spoke to German Hoops about his incredible season with Phoenix Hagen before hopping on  a plane to Bulgaria to join his new team

Thanks Davin for talking to German Hoops. The summer is slowly coming to an end and you recently got signed by Lukoil in Bulgaria. Many of the Phoenix Hagen Players from last season got resigned. Many were hoping that you would return. Was your price just too high that Phoenix Hagen couldn´t match it?

No my price wasn’t to high for Hagen me and my agent decided to test the market, Hagen gave me a nice offer but we wanted to test the market. If I could go back and sign with Hagen I would with a question. But they couldn’t sit around and wait so we parted ways

You were one of the best point guards in the beko BBl last season winning the scoring title, leading the league in steals and sixth in assists and also won Eurobasket.com All-German Bundesliga Guard of the Year -13, Eurobasket.com All-German Bundesliga 1st Team -13, Eurobasket.com German Bundesliga All-Imports Team -13, nad Eurobasket.com German Bundesliga All-Defensive Team -13. It was no secret that you loved your time in Germany. Are you a bit sad that none of the top teams like Bamberg, berlin and Munich gave you offers? You certainly would have deserved it.

I wouldn’t say sad but, I was a little disappointed because for the simple fact these teams see you for nine months know what your capable of, but at the end of the day its really if you fit the coaches plans and playing style.


Flash White And Fantastic Dorris Give Phoenix Hagen First Win In History Against The Fraport Skyliners 107-102

It is no secret that age often doesn´t play a role when it comes to doing what you love. In the entertainment business especially in music, you have had numerous groups that have decided to keep getting on stage to perform instead of sipping champagne nonstop and getting massages on resort islands. Groups like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd or the beach Boys keep coming back each year to perform for their fans instead of sitting back and watching their grand children grow up. It is no different in professional sports either as there are always so special sports dinosaurs around who keep returning season after season even though the muscles will be striking and yelling stop, get me off the court please. Famous athletes like tennis legend Martina Navratilova was still playing professional at the age of 49, ice hockey legend Gordie Howe played until he was 52 and at the end with his sons Mark and Marty. In 1997, Howe even played a shift at age 69. In the Beko BBL there are two fine examples of timeworn players that come back each season no matter what their bodies say and keep chugging away as Chris Ensminger and Bernd Kruel do. Ensminger is turning 39 and probably will play until he is 50, because he has that there is no stopping me attitude on the court. He may even keep playing until his sons are on the court. Bernd Kruel is a 36 year old 209cm power forward  that still plays like a 28 year old. There is nothing spectacular about his game now, but he continues to be consistent off the bench and can give scoring and rebounding. He is playing his 16th season in Hagen and it is always a pleasure when he plays against his ex team Frankfurt where he had the most success winning the Beko BBL title in 2004 over Bamberg and reaching the final in 2005. Kruel returned back to his old stomping ground ready with his typical “mahlzeit” phrase as a greeting and helped Phoenix Hagen win a 107-102 shootout against his old team. He didn´t have much stats, but that doesn´t mean that his presence on the court isn´t important. “Bernd is a wonder. He doesn´t have to do much on the court to be important. He always remains calm and is so smart. He is one of the top five smart players in the league. What he can´t do with his body anymore he does with his head. He gets smarter each season. I played with him here in the 90s. I wonder who will play longer him or Chris Ensminger. It was never about the money. Playing in Hagen is so important for him”, stressed Phoenix Hagen assistant coach Steven Wriedt. Basketball expert Steven Clauss coached Bernd Kruel in the 90s and has fond memories. “I coached him back in the German U-22. He was like a storch early in his career and reminded me of a Henning Harnisch. But he really bulked up through the years. Smaller players usually lose speed, but big guys usually can play longer because they don´t lose strength as quickly and that is what has kept him going”, stressed Stephan Clauss.