Chris Babb

The BBL Letters And ratiopharm Ulm Are Tightly Bounded In Chris Babb´s Mind Vault, But The NBA Might Sneak Back in

In his first two professional season´s Chris Babb could pf probably mapped out the best fast food stops on the two hour drive from Portland to Boston via Waltham, the training facility of the Boston Celtics as he was a consistent member of D-league team the Maine Red Claws, but also had his stints with the NBA club as he played a total of 14 games for the Boston Celtics and 80 games for Maine. Despite getting his experience in the big show, learning as a rookie from ex ratiopharm Ulm coach Mike Taylor as well as getting important pointers last season from Brad Stevens about always being ready and being that perfect practice player as well as getting those insightful pieces of information from Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo, his NBA dream was put on hold as he came to Europe to demonstrate his game in Germany for ratiopharm Ulm. He did remember how vital these two NBA players were for his early development phase as a player. “I had a great experience with both guys. In my first NBA minutes, Rondo made sure to run the first plays for me so I could get up some shots and get confidence. Green took me under his wing from the start. We played the same position and I could always go to him for advice. It was important for me to be able to watch him play and pick up the little things. It was just a huge experience for me to be able to watch him play”, stressed Chris Babb. Sometimes guys that come from the NBA to Europe stay forever here and never return or there are those like a PJ Tucker in the past that return. If one would have to give a prediction about the future of Chris Babb, one could just say somewhere in between. Babb came over in November 2014 and since then has showed why he played in the NBA and why there is no reason why he can´t return. Last season ratiopharm Ulm was stinking up BBL arena´s in the first weeks as they were giving underachieving a totally new name, but then came the arrival of Chris Babb who turned that whole season around as the team reacted and won 13 of the next 14 games and continued to impress all season rolling into the playoffs and upsetting Oldenburg and Frankfurt to reaching the final where they were swept by the Brose Baskets Bamberg. Even having played in the NBA, there were no signs of ego form his side, but moreover respect and manners how to handle himself concerning the success of Ulm. “I think that after we won our first few games, it was an overall confidence thing that helped the team in the winning streak. Guys started to fall into their roles and we learned what it took to win games”, warned Chris Babb. Last season he played 32 games averaging 10.3ppg, 4.0rpg, 3.2apg, FGP: 41.1%, 3PT: 36.9%, FT: 82.7%,Babb didn´t get cocky and fall in to that mindscape that I was the reason why we won, and resigned with the team to take his game and ratiopharm Ulm to possibly the next step this season. Even if ratiopharm Ulm haven´t found their defensive principles yet as they have allowed an average of 89 points in the first three games, they are still 4-0 and have given Phoenix Hagen some competition in regards to being able to win shoot outs on a regular basis as their 99 points per game has proven that. Babb has been superb, up to now as he is averaging 19,8ppg, 5,3rpg, 2,5apg and 1,0spg while shooting a spectacular 56,0% from outside. Babb seems to be on a mission this season and will try to go a step further from last season and help bring a title to Ulm. At the moment his mind is in Ulm, but there is most likely something else in his heart. “I think that there is a possibility to go back and try the NBA route. My goal is obviously always to try to get back to the NBA, but I won´t force it. If the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely consider it. I could see myself making a career in Europe, but I am not counting out the NBA yet”, warned Chris Babb. Even if he remains cool about the NBA, one is sure that he has the NBA letters somewhere next to BBL and ratiopharm Ulm in his mind vault.


Chris Babb (ratiopharm Ulm) My Goal Is Obviously Always To Try To Get Back To The NBA But I Won´t Force It

Chris Babb is a 26 year old 196cm shooting guard from Arlington, Texas playing his third professional season and first with ratiopharm Ulm. He started his basketball career in 2008 with Penn St. (NCAA) playing a total of 63 NCAA games. He then moved to Iowa St. (NCAA) where he played from 2011-2013 and as a senior played 33 games: 9.1ppg, 3.4rpg, 2.2apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 47.8%, 3PT: 38.2%, FT: 74.5%. In 2013 he started his professional basketball career with the Boston Celtics (NBA) playing 14 games: 1.6ppg, 1.2rpg, also played at Maine Red Claws (D-League) playing 33 games: 12.0ppg, 6.1rpg, 3.4apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 44.1%, 3PT: 35.4%, FT: 78.8%. Last season he played for the Maine Red Claws (D-League) playing 47 games: 15.4ppg, 5.6rpg, 2.8apg, FGP: 52.2%, 3PT: 36.9%, FT: 78.3%. He spoke to German Hoops before game three against the EWE Baskets Oldenburg.

Thanks for taking some time to talk to German Hoops. Congrats on the 2-0 lead against the EWE Baskets Oldenburg. Many had Oldenburg favored, but how vital has the mindset of ratiopharm Ulm been for having the 2-0 lead?

Our mindset has been good. We had been battling injuries, but now everyone has been healthy. We just have been very focused going into the series with Oldenburg and in the first two games. We have done a good job sticking to the game plan moving the ball well and playing good defense.

Ratiopharm Ulm stole the first game in Oldenburg 90-81, but the home team played you very tough. How key was containing the paint area in game one where Oldenburg had their difficulties?

That was huge. Their big man Brian Qvale is great at finishing on the pick and roll. We did a good job as a team taking away the paint from Oldenburg. Paulding has been shooting well, but we still did a good job picking our spots and playing the best defense that we could and not let them get out on transition.