Brayon Blake

The Cinderella Story For Brayon Blake Continues As He Looks To Rise As A Professional

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber meeting Brayon Blake after he poured in 18 points in a tough loss in Frankfurt

The basketball world is huge and the influx of Cinderella stories that have occurred over time is as rampant as it is seeing how the NBA has gone from an offensive league to a crazy offensive infested league with teams putting up 140 points as if they had Lebron´s and Steph´s  secretly parading in masks for them. The examples are huge of guys going from the bottom to the top like currently Golden State Warrior´s 203cm forward Alfonso Mckinnie who was making 1,500$ only a few years ago in the second Luxemburg league and now is teammates with Draymond Greene and Mr few touches equals many points Klay Thompson.Especially in Germany one has often seen guys move from the Regionalliga to the top division BBL over the last years like a Steve Wachalski or from the Pro B his new teammate Deandre Lansdowne. Then again there are guys like a Brayon Blake who was at the peak in 2014 winning the Washington high school state championship with top school Garfield that boasted great basketball alumni like Brandon Roy or Tony Wroten, but only a half year later wasn´t teammates with current Euroleague player with Olympiacos S.F.P. Pireus Nigel Williams Goss at Washington or with current Indiana Pacer Domantas Sabonis at Gonzaga, but instead was living in Sierra Viste a small rural town with 43,000 plus habitants and playing for Cochise CC which was about as far away from the NCAA as he was from ever being able to perform a guitar solo the way the legendary Jimi Hendrix could of who is one of the most notable alumnists form Garfieldhigh. But he worked his butt of and via N.Idaho JC (JUCO) and then played his last two years of ball at Idaho(NCAA) putting up great numbers as a senior that may have gotten him drafted by the NBA had he played in a higher conferencethan the All-Big Sky. “I had a huge chip on shoulder because I wanted to prove to people my skills and that’s what I did. I just never got content with awards and accolades I wanted more so I kept working hard each day and that’s why my numbers are like that. I just tried to get a little better each season”,stressed Brayon Blake. He then breathed some NBA air over the summer of NBA Summer league with the Cleveland Cavaliers and now is playing in one of Europe´s top leagues the easyCredit BBL with theBasketball Lowen Braunschweig. He now can exchange basketball stories withteammate Deandre Lansdowne and compare who´s chips had had more weight on their shoulders as he now is about as far away from Sierra Viste is as his new teamin Germany is from making the playoffs. This is the fascinating story of ayoung American basketball player with Brayon Blake who has seen a lot in his young career as his Cinderella story continues with this up and coming playerlooking to continue to rise through the ranks in Europe and beyond.