Beko BBL Champions Cup 2010

Can The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Win Their First Title In Bamberg After Failing In 2005 And 2010?

A fifth game final two point loss compared to a Champions Cup final game is about as different in meaning as Lebron James playing in a Lakers uniform than in a Heat uniform, The USA mens national team winning against a team with five Kobe Bryants than against the Turkish national team or Paris Hilton taking an Iberia commercial flight from Los Angeles to Madrid rather than lear private jet, but a game is a game and for The Deutsche Bank Skyliners winning anytime in Bamberg is like winning a lottery even if it is only a meaningless preseason game. Frankfurt play Bamberg in the Champions Cup on Saturday and enter the game with an 8 game winning streak and with their confidence as sky high as 20 Sears towers in Chicago staked on top of each other. Frankfurt lost two finals to Bamberg last season including a bitter fifth game final by two points and a cup final and some players like Pascal Roller, Dominik Bahiense De Mello and Grayson Moyer may have the two games in the back of their heads, but for the new players like Carlos Powell, Dashaun Wood or Kimmo Muurinen, it will just be another game. “Game 5 was a very tough loss for the players. One or two free throws made and the game might have been different. I think this is a game that no player will ever forget. I wont forget it. Frankfurt must win the Champions Cup”, stressed ex Skyliner Dragan Labovic.