Despite Being Cut By Simon Cote 5 Years Ago Ori Garmizo(BSW Sixers) Had A Great Connection With Him And Would Love To Play For Him

Ori Garmizo (196-PF-1994) is a 28 year old 194cm guard that has the Israeli/German citizenship and was briefly with the BSW Sixers (Pro B) this season before being released because of ijury. He began his basketball career in Israel with Ironi Nes-Ziona. He then got further experience in Germany the BG Eisbaeren (Regionalliga) and Koblenz (Regionalliga). Soon after he got more experience in Iceland and back in Israel with teams Hapoel Galil Gilboa (Winner League), Hapoel Hevel Modi’in (Israel-National League), Maccabi Sderot (Israel-Artzit), and Hapoel Lod Bat Yam (Israel-Artzit). He came back to Germany last season and played with TTL Basketball Bamberg (Regionalliga). He spoke to about basketball.

Thanks Ori for talking to Your German/Israeli. Talk a little about your family history? Do you feel more like a German or Israeli?

My great grandparents were born in Berlin and Stuttgart, and because of the Holocaust they had to flee from Germany and arrived in Israel. I was born in Israel so this is my home, but I have been told so much about my family history and my German roots so I take pride in being an Israeli and German

You are a guy that has been well traveled having played in Israel, Germany, Iceland. What has been the most difficult challenge for you having difficulty of landing in higher leagues.

At a younger age, it was a challenge to adjust to the highest levels especially in terms of the intensity of the game, but I love challenges and I always practice and play with 100% effort. Along the years, with the experience I have gained, I developed new methods to deal with each new situation at any level – both mentally and physically

In the summer of 2017 you had a try out with then Pro A team Hanau. What do you remember the club telling you then why they couldn’t take you? Has that been like a motivation for you to keep grinding until now and not giving up?

I remember coach Simon Cote well, I think we had a great connection between us. He told me that I have the potential to be a tough player who could move up the ladder. My biggest problem back then was my 3pt shot which is an aspect in my game I have put a big emphasis on it in the last 3 years. I have been improving a lot working out with Afik Nissim, one of the best Israeli scorers in the past 20 years. He was playing in Israel Winner League, France Pro A, Italy and the VTB and I feel that working with him on my shot has rewarded me. I hope that one day I’ll be able to play for Simon as well!

You began your career in Israel with Ironi Nes-Ziona (National League). Why was it difficult for you to find your way in Israel? How was the youth development in 2012 and how is it in 2022?

I started to play basketball only at the age of 16 but had to join the Israeli army as it is mandatory here so it was tough for me to move to higher levels in Israel at that period and I was forbidden to move to Germany and play there until I finished my service at the age of 21. I am a totally different player now – much more athletic and mature, and have a good range on my shot. Better at boxing out for rebounds, passing the ball and in general some of my former coaches were teaching me how to use my body right and played me even as 2/3 so I think my game has grown a lot.

You got your first job in Germany with Regionalliga team BG Eisbaeren (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 11.5ppg, 8.8rpg, 1.2spg, FGP: 55.2%, 3PT: 16.9%, FT: 71.9%. What do you remember playing in the German 4th league?

It was different from playing in Israel, even the weather was different:) It was my first time playing outside of Israel so I had to make some adjustments. Luckily I speak German so it was a big help, but overall it was a nice experience and the cornerstone to my European career

What really stood out in this season was your rebounding. Has rebounding always been a big weapon in your game?

Definitely, this is my bread and butter. Every season I try to improve my rebounding numbers as I look at it differently than other players. For me it’s all about determination, wanting to get the ball and create another opportunity for my team to score.

If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description?

I would say Boris Diaw. I like the way he played the game even though he wasn’t the most talented scorer and had an incredible athletic ability. He was just smart, a great defender and someone who was always looking to make his team better and get wins.

You have stated that Dwayne Wade is your role model. Do you feel like he is one of those great NBA players where his legacy gets lost a bit with the new wave of stars of the last 10 years?

I hardly watch NBA in the past few years because I think there are almost no players nowadays who combine loyalty and leadership to their clubs

You can score and rebound the ball very well, but what other strengths does your game have?

What I love the most is attacking the basket and playing good defense. I believe that defense gets you wins.

On what area’s of your game are you working on most now so you can continue to get better?

I have been working a lot on my ball handling skills, fakes and dribbling with coach Roie Karsh and I give him the full credit for my improvement in these aspects.

You played against German Regionalliga legend Rickey Easterling of Saarlouis. What memories do you have of his game and did you get sick of his mid distance shot?

Everyone knows that Ricky had a great career. He was just a great player, really an unstoppable scorer.


You then played in Iceland with Haukar Hafnarfjordur (Iceland-Dominos League) averaging 6.3ppg, 6.3rpg, 1.3apg, FGP: 37.5%, 3PT: 25.0%, FT: 45.5%. There you also didn’t play a big role. What memories do you have of these months?

My first memory was on a late December night at 2am when my agent Eyal Grossbard was calling me and told me “pack your bags, you have a flight to Iceland in 2-3 days”. Haukar had an up and down season that year but I had a meaningful role of bringing defense and energy. We were 7:3 since I joined the team and I remember it was a great experience. I had my best game against Njardvik who was the top team back then, I had 17 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists that game. Also, I remember well the switch I made from the Israeli winter of 24 degrees to below zero temperatures in Iceland but I actually liked it.

I’m sure off the court you had some nice memories. With what feelings did you leave Iceland after seeing their beautiful country?

I had some offers in Iceland in recent years and would love to go back at some point as the country is beautiful, the people are so nice and the league has been improving by the year.

After some years away from Israel you returned back in 2019 and even played a Winner league game with Hapoel Galil Gilboa. You played 1 minute. Do you feel like you got a fair chance there?

I think I could have gotten more minutes but playing in Winner League is a different type of level in terms of the players quality and intensity. People could say I played there only for a few minutes, but working out on a daily basis with great coaches like Lior Liubin and Guy Kaplan was what changed the course of my career. I learned a lot from both coaches, they helped me raise my game and understand what I have to do in order to move to the bigger and better leagues

Last season you played with TTL Basketball Bamberg (Regionalliga) and had an amazing season. Did you find love for the game again?

I always love the game and everything about it – regardless of where I play or how many minutes I get. Playing for TTL Bamberg was a great experience and I was also practicing with Brose Bamberg for a while. I found some great people at TTL Bamberg, from management to the coaching staff and players, especially coach Rainer Wolfschmidtt . It is something I cherished.

You had 22/11 stats. Was this your best season as a pro? How did your game grow in Bamberg?

In the last 2 years I finally adjusted my game to be the leader and the go to guy. It’s a totally different mindset day in and day out.

Who was the toughest player that you ever faced in your life that reached the NBA or Euroleague?

When I played in the Israel Winner League with Gilboa/Galil I had the luxury of practicing and playing with and against some great players such as Edgar Sosa, a former BBL player for Ulm and Vechta and a guard who won Italy A1 championship. Justin Tillman who is now with the Atlanta Hawks after being named to the G-League 1st team is another player I benefited from having as my teammate. Defending a guy like Jarmar Gulley, who played in Turkey BSL in the last 2 years, was a huge challenge because he is so strong and in general such a great player

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

Justin Tillman, Jarmar Gulley, Steffan Walde, Tal Dan and Roman Sorkin

Which Israel and German player is the greatest off all-time for you?

Dirk Nowitzki, no other words needed, he was just so special. Omri Casspi is my Israeli choice, a hard working player that paved his way up to the NBA because he was the hardest working player and showed great determination.

What is your favorite movie of all-time?

I love sports movies and action movies. I have a long list of great movies I have watched and enjoyed many times. I’ll go with coach Carter with Samuel Jackson.

Thanks Ori fort he chat


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