Terrell Everett Got Everything Out Of His Career And Will Always Remember the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven Fans As Being The Best

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Terrell Everett in Frankfurt in 2015

Time really flies. The last time that Terrell Everett (193-G-1984, college: Oklahoma, agency: Diamond Sports) stepped on the floor in Germany to battle in an easyCredit BBL game, it was more than 6 years ago. At that time he wore the BG Goettingen jersey and wouldn’t reach the BBL playoffs that year. His season and last game in Germany was on May ist 2016. In his last game it was another normal day at the office as he helped his team beat S.Oliver Wurzburg as he contributed 14 points, 3 rebounds, 7 dimes and 3 steals. At that time, if he had known that that would be his last game in Germany, he probably would never have dreamed that he would be back in an old stomping ground to duel one more time, but this time in a more relaxed atmosphere. So there he was more than 6.5 years later in Feb 2023 in Bremerhaven competing in the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven 20 year anniversary game. He would play 3 years with the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven. In more cases than any other, money will keep you in the same place, but for a guy like Everett who became a basketball globetrotter very rapidly, remaining with the Eisbaeren for 3 years was surprising, but then again there is always a reason why a player will remain so long with an organization besides only tasting the big bucks. ‘The Bremerhaven fans are the best. Always welcomed me, always supported me through good and bad. Some of my teammates from the club are now my brothers and we built long lasting friendships’, stressed Terrell Everett

Terrell Everett who feels that Michael Jordan is the real GOAT over Lebron James because his game was relentless was born in Charleston, South Carolina on June 30th, 1984. He began his career at West Ashley High School and played 2 years at Missouri State University West Plains and 2 years at the University of Oklahoma. He then went on to have an illustrious 13 year professional career playing 337 professional games and played for 16 organizations including in the D-League and in countries like France, Czeck Republic, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Switzerland and Kosovo. He played most of his career in France playing parts of 4 seasons and in Germany playing parts of 5 seasons including 3 seasons with the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven and one season with BG Goettingen and the Artland Dragons. He was top 5 in assists for a season in many countries and was the top assist man during the 2009-2010 Eurochallenge season and led the first division in Switzerland in assists. He played his last 2 seasons with Golden Eagle Ylli (Kosova-Superliga and retired in 2020 as Covid struck the world. He definitely is positive that he didn’t miss out on anything during his time as a professional baller. ‘I did get everything out of my career. Time did fly by and it was an awesome experience. No regrets. I definitely still can play right now with no problem’, stressed Terrell Everett. Often it is difficult for professional ballers finding a new assignment in life after their playing days are over. ‘It was rough at first. I played basketball all my life and to just not play anymore it felt like something in my life was missing, but through some research I found a great company to work with and build my own business. I managed to transition pretty well after about 8 months and it’s going great so far’, commented Terrell Everett. Today he is sill living in Charleston and still has basketball in his life. Along with his company, he is also looking at some youth players to work out with this summer to improve their game. Basketball has always been great in his life.

He played a total of 92 games in his 5 year stint in Germany with teams Eisbaeren Bremerhaven, Artland Dragons and BG Goettingen. Even if he filled the stat sheet the way a versatile player should, he was always good for a double figures evening as he scored in double figures in 47 games. It is no surprise that he will always have the country Germany and it’s basketball high on his favorite list. ‘Germany is definitely among the top of the list. It’s a great place to be and play’, stated Terrell Everett. He had many great achievements playing for the Eisbaeren like exploding for 28 points in a win against Bayreuth or contributing in a victory over top team Alba Berlin, but his favorite was being able to beat a Euroleague team. ‘Beating Bayreuth was a great moment, but I would have to say the one win vs Bamberg would be the fondest moment. It was the only team I didn’t win vs while I was there and we got it done’, remembered Terrell Everett. In his 3 years in Bremerhaven, he had so many incredible teammates that it’s only obvious that it would be extremely hard to pick only one as being his favorite. ‘Tyrone Brazelton, Torrell Martin, Bazou Kone, Anthony Smith, Zac Peacock just to name a few’, added Terrell Everett.

The ex Oklahoma Sooner who led his team to the NCAA tournament twice and as a senior in 2005-2006 was third in the nation in assists returned back to his old stomping ground Bremerhaven recently taking part in the organization’s 20 year anniversary game. For him returning back was very special. ‘Just the atmosphere of game day and the preparation felt amazing. Being ready to go out and show I still can play the game I love was a great experience for me. Plus the fans still showed me great appreciation’, expressed Terrell Everett. It was quite apparent that some guys like Everett and Quincy Diggs who had still played recently were going to be in greater shape than other guys that had been retired 10 plus years, but then again a guy like Torrell Martin who had been retired more than 6 years didn’t seem to get any older. ‘Definitely T Martin has taken great care of his body, but I also take care of my body just not more than he does’, smiled Terrell Everett. Martin exploded for 33 points, but for most guys the competitive edge was massive, but just being able to enjoy the game and each other played a high role for him. ‘I enjoyed that I could go out there and find some guys for easy baskets knock down some 3’s and have a good time with the former players some that I know and the ones I met at the game’, said Terrell Everett. There were some great plays during the game and for the American still displaying his touch from outside was very satisfying. ‘Shooting a jumper from deep while the opponent was telling me it’s off. He didn’t look at the shot, I just looked at him while the crowd started cheering’, commented Terrell Everett. The stat filler isn’t sure how he would fair in today’s game if he had come up through the ranks now. ‘I would probably be the same guy, the game is different now. There’s no telling what would be in store for me if that was the case’, warned Terrell Everett. He was definitely a player I enjoyed watching every time he touched the Floor in Frankfurt. And it won’t be any different if you ask the diehard fans in Bremerhaven.



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