Getting That Killer Or Be Killed Mentality In JUCO Helped Ethan White´s Hunger Grow For The Game

The dream of every American basketball player is the NBA. When you’re a kid you want to believe it can be a reality. But even great NCAA players don’t get drafted or ever reach the NBA. Sooner or later guys from the NCAA to JUCO realize that the NBA won’t be an option and then finally discover a second option. Another option is semi-pro ball in the States, but as soon as guys realize that making a decent basketball living overseas can happen, the main focus becomes trying to get overseas which is the real second option. It isn’t any different for Ethan White (190-SG, college: TAMUCC). He is a talented guard that played JUCO, NAIA and NCAA ball for 4 schools. After playing his rookie season in the States for the Alamo City All-Stars (ABA), he rapidly came to the conclusion that attempting to land overseas would be a great opportunity. It isn’t like he doesn’t have any experience as he did see action in Mexico and also played in tournaments in Ecuador. But things don’t get any easier when you don’t have a professional agent and are trying to climb the basketball with a friend handling your business affairs. He has a great attitude as he knows he won’t land at the top with a Euroleague team, but will have to pay his dues and possibly for years before finally getting that big break. ‘It is my desire to play at the highest level of basketball. I would make sacrifices so that I can show I can play at the highest level. Even if I have to play in a lower level to prove to teams that I can play at a high level I will. Despite the low pay, I just want the opportunity to show what I can do’, warned Ethan White. Getting that killer or be killed mentality in JUCO helped his hunger grow for the game and know he wants to bring that mentality and reach the next level.

The versatile guard who can fill the stat sheet at ease and mentions NBA player Jarrett Allen and G-League player Jordan Murphy as the toughest players he has ever faced in on the basketball court was born on February 13th, 1998 in San Antonio, Texas. He began his basketball career at East Central High school. Nothing was ever given to him as he had to go the JUCO route to start. He played a season at Lamar State College (JUCO) playing 31 games averaging 8.1ppg, 3.0rpg, 1.3apg, FGP: 41.9%, 3PT: 37.0%, FT: 78.1%. Playing JUCO is a serious grind and it has helped countless guys get that special mentality that often helps them pave the road for bigger and better things down the road. ‘It is a different grind in JUCO. You have to have the ‘kill or be killed’ mentality because the person next to you wants to play at the next level and that person is not going to let you be in the way. It was good for me as it grew my hunger for the game’, stressed Ethan White. It is often the coaches at JUCO that help the player be able to handle the pressure of surviving at the JUCO level. Lance Madison was a mentor that was able to help shape his game at a young age. ‘Coach Madison Is a great guy. I still talk to him to this day. His guidance helped me how I train every day and what to expect at the next level’, stated Ethan White. His solid season in JUCO helped him get further opportunities and see other levels like the NAIA where he played at Xavier University of Louisiana (NAIA) playing 12 games averaging 1.8ppg. It wasn’t the great stat season, but there were outside forces that hindered his play. ‘I had good memories at Xavier and I loved it there. I started off well n practices before the season. However, stuff was happening back home and it did affect my game. I decided that it was best to take care of the issues so I know I can be in a better place mentally. Now I do a great job of keeping things outside of the court and not letting me affect my game’, remembered Ethan White.

The Texas native who lists Fabian Chavarria, Debo Ellis, Travious Grubbs, Trey Tennison, and Jasman Sangha as his 5 best teammates of all-time had his best time in college basketball playing at Our Lady of the Lake University for 2 years. The school played in the NAIA his first season and he averaged 13.2ppg, 4.3rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 48.6%, 3PT: 48.4%, FT: 68.6%. He had some strong games against Paul Quinn with 25 points, hit Texas College for 23 points and scored 21 points against LSU-Alexandria. In his second season the school played against all NCAA schools and proved that he could play against top players. Despite COVID causing havoc, he had no problems showing just how talented he was. He had some great games against North Mexico with 25 points and hit Rice for 24 points and he definitely has fond memories of his time there. ‘My second season there we beat Texas State (D1) and I had a 27 point game against Louisiana Tech with Kenneth Lofton Jr. I averaged 14.8 points, shot 51% FG, 32% 3PT, 91% FT with 1.7 Steals. I was leading the team in points, FG%, FT% and steals. I also almost had a 50-40-90. I wouldn’t say my development slowed down because of COVID. I was finding ways to stay active basketball wise’, added Ethan White. He was also blessed to be able to make mistakes under head coach Chris Dial in order to have a better chance of winning the game the next time. ‘Chris Dial knew the same people. He graduated from the same high school. He gave me the green light but I still needed to prove I could play at practice’, commented Ethan White. He would attend a fourth school with Texas A&M at the University Corpus Christi (NCAA), but he didn’t play a big role there playing only 15 games averaging 2,1ppg, but it was another experience that was worth it. ‘We made it to the national tournament. And I learned from a great coaching staff’, expressed Ethan White who never played teammate Jalen Jackson in 1-1, but is sure he would of won. His best effort was hitting SUL Ross State for 11 points.

The ambitious guard who lists Lebron, Kobe, Michael and, Tim Duncan played his rookie season In Mexico averaging 38,0ppg, 6,0rpg, 9,0apg and 4,0spg and then played for the Alamo City Allstars (ABA) where he scored 32 points in his first game. He demonstrated right away that he could adapt to 2 different leagues. In a way what he saw in the ABA wasn’t any different to what he saw in JUCO with every guy wanting to prove that they were better than the other and just wanting to reach a higher level. He knew that in the ABA, he had to be different than every other player and really live basketball 24/7. ‘Most guys that I played against and with were on a mission. We all want the same goal but the main difference is how bad we want it. Do we want to invest into our body, mind, and training? That is the difference between me and most players. This year I took the time to invest in not only my basketball training, but my physical and mental health. Even with basketball training I switched to a trainer that took time to look in my past film and see what I need to work on. I know a lot of guys are not doing that and I know that will separate me from the competition’, remembered Ethan White. He really saw all kinds of players from diminutive 5,2 guard Samuel Epps to 32 year old rookie with the name of Brandon Thompson and was able to gain positives from both. ‘It was pretty cool to see how Samuel makes himself affective on the court. I actually took some notes on how he plays on the court. Brandon and I meshed pretty well. The more we play the better we understood each other. I got most of my assists from him’, remembered Ethan White. He also had the incredible opportunity to play for head coach Johnny Moore who back in the day was collecting dimes for the Ice Man George Gervin with the San Antonio Spurs in the 80’s. ‘It was an honor. I learned so much from him. Even when my brother was playing with him I learned from the sidelines on what he expects pros to do on and off the court’, said Ethan White.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Brooklyn Net Spencer Dinwiddie in Boston March 2023

The 25 year old guard who believes Lebron James is the GOAT and that the classic movie Coming To America should have been left alone is a player that compares his game to Brooklyn Net Spencer Dinwiddie, a guy who has a smooth game and knows when to score and when to get the assist. He has proved that he isn’t only a scorer, but a guy that is dangerous every where on the floor. That is something that he will carry with him where ever he plays. ‘I believe my biggest strength is that I am a threat everywhere on the court. With the ball or without the ball. That’s a good trait to have because it opens up opportunities for my teammates. Being a threat everywhere also takes leadership. I can’t be a quiet threat’, warned Ethan White. But he also has other strengths and abilities that still seem to be off the radar. ‘My off ball defense. How I communicate off hall and look for opportunities to draw offensive fouls’, stated Ethan White. He also knows in order to get that next opportunity, he will have to keep grinding in the lab and working on his craft. ‘I continue to work on my ball-handling. I used to play on the wing a lot but now I have to bring the ball up. My trainer helped that part of the game a lot’, said Ethan White. It will be interesting to observe where the basketball journey of Ethan White will continue to go. He definitely has the right foundation of getting an opportunity overseas. He played at 4 different schools and saw different styles. Having been prepared like that will help him have to adapt to different styles overseas. All he needs now is a chance. He definitely is prepared to do anything in order to get that first chance and get his foot in the door. There are lower leagues in Germany where he could showcase his game. Give this guy a chance. I think it’s time to call Joe Asberry.

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