Divine Myles(Basketball Lowen Braunschweig) Would Love To Give The Fans A Win In The Last Home Game

Divine Myles (180-PG-1996, college: Stetson, agency: MSG) is a 27 year old 180cm guard from Alabama playing his 5th professional season and first with the Basketball Lowen Braunschweig. He played most of his career in Kosovo where he was parts of 3 seasons winning 2 titles. He also had experience in France with clubs Chorale de Roanne Basket (France-Jeep ELITE ProA) and Denain ASC Voltaire (France-ProB) as well as playing in Russia for VTB team BC Nizhny Novgorod. He played at Stetson University from 2014-2018 playing a total of 127 NCAA games. He spoke to germanhoops.com after the 86-71 win over the Fraport Skyliners where he had 11 points and 4 assists.

Congrats Divine on the thrilling 86-71 win against the Fraport Skyliners. How good did this victory feel after the bitter buzzer beater loss against BG Goettingen?

The win felt great. That win brought us up to another level. The loss to BG Goettingen was tough. We felt we should of won it. We wanted to come back home and give the fans a win back.

Was that buzzer beater possibly a blessing in disguise for the Frankfurt game? How would you describe how focused the team was?

We were extremely focused against Frankfurt. The loss before hurt a lot. We don’t want to fall out of the league. We did all we could to get the win.

The Basketball Lowen came out and led 25-15 after 10 minutes. Can you understand why Frankfurt didn’t have a sense of urgency despite leading 7-3 early.

It’s that time of year where guys are tired and beat up and ready to go home. I think they were a bit out of it. They couldn’t match our intensity when we applied pressure.

Braunschweig found to their game and quickly controlled the game and got away to begin of the second quarter starting with a lethal 10-2 run. Robin Amaize and Nicholas Tischler were instrumental in the run with points.

We usually start out well so it is important that the second unit keep the intensity up and that is what they did. They hit shots and played good defense. There was no drop in intensity.

In the third quarter the Fraport Skyliners had their best quarter keeping you to 10 team points. Why couldn’t Braunschweig crack the zone?

We never work on zone. I have been here 4 months and we haven’t worked on it.

The Fraport Skyliners cut down your lead to 59-54. What words of wisdom did head coach Jesus Ramirez give the team in the break leading up to the fourth quarter?

He didn’t really say much. It was more us talking to ourselves. We knew that they would try to go on a run. We were a collective unit and knew what to do. We knew that we had to make another run.

Braunschweig got 4 three’s to pull away and lead in double figures again. Did you sense that you wanted it more as a team than Frankfurt did?

When I looked at film again after the game you could see that we wanted it more. We all locked in and were great on the rebound. It was the biggest game of the season and we had a job to do.

Frankfurt wasn’t bad and were better in some stats but how key were the 18-4 free throws made for Braunschweig? Did that decide the game?

If you shoot more free throws you normally will win the game. We did a good job attacking and getting to our spots. We put our foot on the gas.

What was it like battling 33 year old ex Euroleague player Jordan Theodore? He had a tough shooting day?

He was my assignment. He has a great reputation. Me as a competitor did my job. I took it personal. I always go on the floor believing I’m the best on the court. He scored 6 points in the first half and 0 in the second half. I did my job.

If you think about it Braunschweig wouldn’t have been in this tough situation had it not lost the tough games against Ludwigsburg and BG Goettingen. How much better is this team than what their record actually states?

We are way better than what our record shows. I came on December 26th and Dustin also came in late. RJ also came late. I firmly believe that if we 3 had been here from day 1 then we would of made the playoffs. Our loses were close. We played Munich and Berlin tough and were close loses.

Braunschweig is in the drivers seat. You pretty much have to lose the rest of your games and Frankfurt win it’s last 3. How vital is having that game to game focus now?

Yes we have that game to game focus. We want to keep the level up. We have a week and half to go and want to finish strong. We next have a tough game in Bonn. It’s tough to play there. I would love to get that home win for the fans.

What has it been like being teammates with David Kramer? He told me 7 years ago his goal is the NBA.

He is a great player. He is a great competitor and scorer. He has a unique skill set. We push each other every day and both have that killer instinct. We feed of each other in games and practice. If I see him having a tough stretch, then I will tell him to remain aggressive and tell him his shot will start to fall. He does the same for me. I love to play with him.

Your having a very solid season in the easyCredit BBL. Is this league the toughest you have played in after seeing Kosovo and France Pro A and Pro B?

I think that the BBL and France Pro A are even in terms of atmosphere and fans and crowd. But I think that France is a bit more competitive than Germany.

Would Germany be an option for you next season? The easyCredit BBL has been a super stepping stone for many Americans moving up?

Yes I will look at my options after the season. Teams here like how I play here. I really like Germany. It has that state feel.

Who will reach the NBA final and win it all?

The Lakers will meet the Celtics in final and win.

Thanks Divine for the chat.


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