Guy Edi(Basketball Lowen Erfurt) Knows They Will Have To Out Tough Their Opponent And Will Fight Until The End Against Either Koblenz Or Schwelm

Guy Landry Edi (198-PF-1988, college: Gonzaga) is a 34 year old 198cm forward from France that is playing his second season with the Basketball Lowen Erfurt. He played at Midland College (JUCO) and played 56 NCAA games for Gonzaga (NCAA). After Gonzaga hee played 7 years in France playing 70 plus game sin the Pro A and Pro B and also played in Finland and Iceland. He spoke to after sweeping the Dragons Rhondorf.

Congrats on the massive 72-65 game 2 win and sweep over the Dragons Rhondorf. How tough was this series? Rhondorf seemed to give you everything they had?

It was a tough series. Rhondorf is a good team that is well coached. We came in with experience in the playoffs. We knew they would make runs but we also knew if we stuck to what we do best that we would win.

What was your first reaction when you saw Devon Goodman wasn’t to play?

We didn’t know until game time that he wouldn’t play. I was surprised. The game actually became more complicated for us. We prepared for the game letting him shoot, but once he didn’t play we had to defend all. It was a quick adjustment we made and it worked. Bringing energy was key and we did that.

The Basketball Lowen Erfurt started slowly being down 6-0 as Paul Albrecht scored 3 baskets in a row. Did the Goodman shock ease your defensive pressure?

No I don’t think so. They also had a quick start in game one. That didn’t mean anything. It just told us we had to play better defense.

Erfurt then found their rhythm and led 21-13 after 10 minutes. You got going showing your special game. How much did your dunk push your teammates?

My dunk was a statement at that time. It gave my teammates energy and got the crowd involved. The dunk gave us a boost but they did come back. There was still a lot of time to play.

In the second quarter, Erfurt only got one basket from you and got a lot of production from guys like Lorenz Schiller and Jan Heber. Please talk a little about how each guy has helped the team best this season?

Lorenz has done a great job stepping up since Noah Kamdem was out. He is our best shooter and really opens up the floor. His play and presence also allows me to operate more. He really has stepped up and has been more of a threat. Jan is a point guard that also ahs stepped up big since his injury.

The Dragons Rhondorf staged a massive 11-5 run in the last 3 minutes of the third quarter to trail only 57-53. What was key for the guests making the comeback?

We got a little gassed. They only ran one play posting up the wing. They were just a little more aggressive than we were.

What words of wisdom did head coach Enrico Kufour give the team for the last 10 minutes?

He told us to stay composed. He told us just to keep doing what had gotten us there. He also wanted us to get more easy baskets on transition and push the ball more so they couldn’t set up their defense.

Erfurt only allowed 12 points in the fourth quarter. What adjustments did the team make on the defensive end?

We just knew that then was the time to step up our defense. We knew that if they wanted to beat us then they would have to do it with Bangala. We didn’t overhelp and knew only he could beat us. We knew key would be to slow down their shooters Koch and Buchholz.

Tyseem Lyles made the clutch shot of the night despite shooting 4/16 from the field and 1/9 from outside. Did you give him confidence to keep shooting?

I have told him to keep shooting since day 1. I kept telling him to keep doing what he does. The three he made set the game for us. At the end of the day his continuing to shoot the ball paid off for us. In the playoffs games won’t always be pretty. They adjusted well on me from game 1. We are a team and everyone did their part.

Zaba Bangala had a huge game with 23 points. What will you always remember from his game?

He is a very athletic and strong player. He has a lot of room for improvement. He can be a better player. I hope that he continues to keep working hard.

This was the lowest points the team gave up this season. Was this the best defensive game of the season?

I’m not sure if it was our best defensive game of the season. I feel like we have been a good defensive team all season long and we know we are a good defensive team. Game 2 didn’t look pretty but we got the win.

You most likely will meet the EPG Baskets Koblenz next. You lost both games to Koblenz. With what expectations are you going into the game?

We will fight. Koblenz had the best record in the Pro B. They are a very good team with experience and are well coached. They are a complete team that have good players at each position. We played well in Koblenz. I feel like we can beat them. We will go in focused and have energy. We know that people will write us off but we will fight until the end.

How are the Basketball Lowen Erfurt a better team now then the last time they met Koblenz?

We were a better team after the first game and a better team after the second game. We made changes on offense and defense and have created a good chemistry. Plus we got guys back from injury.

What will be key to upsetting the EPG Baskets Koblenz?

We need to do a better job rebounding and not let them get second chances. We have to be tough and just out tough them. Then I feel we can play eye to eye.

Thanks Guy for the chat.


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