Adrian Bergmann´s(Dragons Rhondorf) Impact On The Game Isn´t About Scoring Or Giving Crazy Highlights But Playing Hard Defense And Finding The Best Option For His Team

Adrian Bergmann (199-PF-2001) is a 22 year old 199cm forward playing the 2022-2023 season with pro B team Dragons Rhondorf averaging 3,7ppg and 2,4rpg.. He began his basketball career with the Regnitzal Baskets (2 Regionallga) and then played in the Brose Bamberg organization from 2017-2020 helping their NBBL team reach the final in 2019. The last 2 seasons he played with BBC Coburg (Pro B) and last season suited up for the wiha Panthers Schwenningen (ProA) playing 19 games averaging 1.5ppg. He spoke to about basketball.

Thanks Adrian for talking to Would it be a correct assessment to say you are still waiting for your professional break through. You didn’t see much minutes in Coburg or Schwenningen. How much fire is in you to finally have your break through?

That’s definitely true. I’m really looking forward to this season because I think I can finally show what I’m capable of doing on the court. I’m still a young player so I’m not in a rush, but this year will help me a lot improving as a leader and playing a major part in a good team.

Sometimes one needs to take a step back to make 2 steps forward. Kam Taylor did the same in 2017 coming from Pro A to Rhondorf and 4 years later reached the Euroleague. Do you see this opportunity as one where taking a step back could really benefit you?

I wouldn’t say signing in Rhoendorf was a step back for me. Of course if you look at the league I played in last season I took a step back, but for me it’s still a step forward. Having a bigger role in a good team still helps me improving my leadership skills and I will get more self confidence with playing a lot of minutes.

How were the talks with head coach Julius Thomas. What was your impression of him and what did you learn to appreciate about his basketball philosophy?

From the first phone call on I knew that it’s going to be a lot of fun playing for him. He’s known for being a great coach at a young age and I think that helps us players a lot. I just had a small peek at our systems and plays and the impression was very good. He knows exactly the strengths of each player und puts him them in a perfect set up that has the maximum output for the team.

Rhondorf likes your hard work and team play. What do you like about the organization Dragons Rhondorf?

It’s a well structured organization with a lot of young people like Julius or Yannick. I think everybody is on the same page with our goals so we all go in the same direction without any complications. So we are going to have a great season in front of us.

The Dragons Rhondorf have built a very interesting team with young and old. Do you see yourself being able to be an impact player?

My impact on the game is not scoring a lot of points or having crazy highlights every game. I’m more that type of player who plays hard defense and who tries to find the best option for the team. If the option in this moment is me scoring I’m not hiding myself. I think I can contribute in many ways to a win, but sometimes you don’t see it on the stat sheet.

How confident are you that being able to practice with veterans like Paul Albrecht, Flo Wendler and Flo Koch will help you develop further?

They all had a great career so far so they will go hard every practice and teach me new stuff and help develop the skills I already have to a higher level. When Julius told me about them being on the team I was even more excited for the season.

You’re a 199cm forward. If you had to compare your game to a NBA or German player in Germany who would best fit the bill?

Maxi Kleber in the NBA because he’s an athletic 3 and D guy.

You showed in the NBBL with Bamberg that you could be that reliable scorer. What other strengths do you have in your game?

As I mentioned earlier I’m that type of player who hustles a lot on defense and motivates the team if we have a bad quarter. I can defend the positions from guards to bigs, which is a good skill of mine. I’m always staying positive and off the court I’m a good teammate to hang around or if somebody needs help from me I’m always willing to help.

How have you seen your development of your three pointer? You couldn’t put in on display much the last 2 seasons. Will you take the advantage to get advice from sharp shooter Flo Koch?

In my last seasons I feel that developed my shooting. When I was in JBBL or NBBL I was always on the center spot so I never really took 3s. But since Coburg I started shooting a lot and I think now you have to respect me from the three point line. But I definitely need to improve on a quicker release and Flo will hopefully teach me.

Talk a little about your defensive game. How do you feel did it develop the last 2 years and what kind of defender do you still want to become?

I have improved a lot on being a physical defender especially in Schwenningen last year I really learned how to play hard on ball defense.

On what area’s of your game are you working on most so that you can continue to improve your game?

I’m working the most on ball handling and playing pick and roll with reading the situation so I’m flexible to also play a guard spot.

Last season you played with the wiha Panthers averaging 1,5ppg in 19 games. How tough was this season? Was coming from the Pro B with limited minutes a step to high to the Pro A?

Last year when I had the talks with Schwenningen I knew that my minutes were limited. I talked a lot with my Agent Robert Cardenas Ruda from ATHLEADZ about whether I should go to the Pro A or not, but I had to try it at least. And it opened up way more opportunities for me also for this season, because I could show myself in a higher league. And for my first Pro A Season, coming from a Pro B team with limited minutes I consider last Season as a good season.

2 years ago you played with BBC Coburg averaging 2.7ppg and 1,4apg. You had a couple good games but didn’t get a chance. What positives do you feel did you gain from this experience?

After the old Pro B Team from Bamberg (Baunach Young Pikes) didn’t exist anymore because of Corona I was very glad to still have a Pro B option to play in. I gained a lot of experience just being able to practice and go hard and use my chance when I had one. It helped me staying motivated every day and fighting for my minutes.

How vital was it having Chris Wolf on the team? Was he like a mentor for you? Could you find a special bond to him?

He is definitely a special guy to have in the team. He had a lot of health issues the last 2 Seasons but he kept staying positive and that’s what I found very special. I think being positive minded in the situation he was in is pretty hard but shows what character he has.

You began your career in the Bamberg system. How vital were your early years in this organization? What do you believe did you gain most from this experience?

It was the best what could have happened to me because back in the days when I was with Bamberg they were the best Team in the BBL and they’re youth program was one of the best in Germany. I learned a lot about what it’s like to be a professional player also off the court and the basic skills you need to play in Germany. The biggest experience I gained from Bamberg is that being on of the best is not about scoring and putting up crazy stats. It’s way more that influences your chance of getting on a good team and having a good career.

You reached the 2019 NBBL final in Jena losing a tough 84-80 final against FC Bayern Munich. You nailed a trey in that game. Both teams had some huge talent and your team held strong. What player do you remember really standing out the most for you?

Munich had Bruno and Kilian and they were really playing good and staying focused in the last quarter what killed us. But what was really standing out I think was our team. We had only 1 Loss the whole season and that was in the finals and we didn’t play our game the last 10 Minutes. But we had an almost perfect season just a tragic ending.

What memories do you have of teammate Henri Drell? He just played NBA Summer League. What impressed you most about his play then?

He’s a hard worker and his ability to play the guard position and shoot with his length is incredible. He was a very likeable guy also off the court.

Who was the toughest guy that you have faced so far on the court in your career?

Chris Sengfelder in an Individual Workout with Brose Bamberg.

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

Finn Nowak, Moritz Plescher, David Cohn, Grant Sitton, Felix Edwardsson

Please list your personal NBA Mount Rushmore?

Magic Johnson Kobe Bryant LeBron James Dirk Nowitzki Wilt Chamberlain

Where do you rank Steph Curry now in the best point guards of all-time?

Top 2

What is your opinion of the neverending debate of who is the greatest of all-time Jordan or Lebron?

I think it’s hard to compare because it was to different era’s they played in. They we’re / are both the greatest players of their era, but I grew up with Lebron so for me he’s the goat.

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

I haven’t watched the film yet.

Thanks Adrian for the chat.


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