The Miles Vs Jeremy Ingram Weekly Basketball Chat Volume 16

Jeremy Ingram (183-G-1991, college: AAMU) is a191 cm guard that was born in Alabama and has played his entire professional career in Germany for teams like Speyer, Idstein, Bensheim and recently SG Mannheim.This season he is playing for Regionalliga team Bargteheide. Last season with SG Mannheim he picked up South West Regionalliga player of the year while averaging (32.1ppg), 5.7rpg, 4.2apg, Steals-4 (2.6spg), FGP: 55.4%, 3PT: 35.4%, 9%. He began his career with Enterprise State Community College (JUCO) and then finished with Alabama A&M University (NCAA). He teams up with Miles Schmidt-Scheuber on a weekly basis this season to talk basketball.

Congrats Jeremy on the satisfying 86-81 win over Aschersleben. How did it feel having another challenge after winning the last 3 games easily by 100 points or more?

This game was super fun and exciting all the way down to the last buzzer. People are calling it a real thriller!

Talk a little about the 40 minutes. Was this a back and forth tug of war game?

Aschersleben actually got off to a pretty decent lead against us and pretty much controlled the 1st half. 2nd half we came out with even more intensity and made this a tough game for them. Both teams fought hard to the last buzzer and therefore it was pretty much a back and forth game the whole 2nd half.

When you look at the stats, this game was pretty even. Where was the game won?

We turned up our defense in the 2nd half and we also hit more big shots in the clutch than they did.

Dajuan Moorer was a real pest. What was most difficult getting a hold on him under the boards?

Actually, he wasn’t a real big threat to us. I think our big men did a great job in limiting his productivity.

Talk a little about German Tobias Schuemann’s input. How valuable was his effort in the win?

Tobias was this week’s ‘Most Valuable Bee’. He had a great game and played huge for us with some huge rebounds and putbacks and had 5 blocked shots. Not only this, but he hit some important shots also.

You had another solid game with 28 points. How would you rate your own performance?

I had a lot of buckets in the clutch this game and scored most of my buckets in the 2nd half when it mattered most. And seeming that this was a very important game and was a very tight game the whole time I would consider this a performance I won’t forget.

You have one game left in the regular season against the 7-15 Rendsburg team. You beat them the first time by 41 points. Do you feel like it could be that easy again?

It’s the last game of the season and we know we have to win to keep our playoff hopes alive so I’m sure we will take care of business. It’s in their gym though so we can’t take this game for granted.

What has been your biggest March Madness surprise and who will reach the final and win it all?

I haven’t really kept up with College march madness as much because I’ve been so focused on our German Regionalliga march madness.

Thanks Jeremy for the chat.


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