A Little Love From Overseas For Lebron James from Selom Mawugbe(Rostock Seawolves)

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Selom Mawugbe in Frankfurt in 2022

Selom Mawugbe (208-C-1998, college: Azusa Pacific) is a 24 year old 208 cm center from Canyon Country, California playing his third professional season and first in Germany with the Rostock SeaWolves currently averaging 7,8ppg, 6,7rpg, 1,0spg and 2,0bs. He played his first 2 professional season in the G-League with the Santa Cruz Warriors playing a total of 45 games and in his second season averaged 6.8ppg, 7.9rpg, 1.7bpg, FGP: 65.4%, FT: 60.9%. he began his basketball career at Canyon high school and then played at Azusa Pacific University (NCAA2 ( from 2016-2020 playing a total of 114 games and as a senior averaged 16.9ppg, 10.4rpg, 2.0apg, 1.1spg, 3.1bpg, FGP: 71.8%, FT: 69.8%. He spoke to eurobasket about Lebron James becoming the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

Lebron James has beaten Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s NBA all-time scoring record. Did you stay up to watch history?

No unfortunately I didn’t watch it. But I saw a lot of the highlights and the shot.

How does one put this record into perspective best? It stood almost 40 years?

For a record to stand so long shows how good the players were 40 years ago and how high the skill level was. Kareem was a hall of famer. For Lebron to be able to get the record and continue to push forward is very special. He has had a hall mark career.

He scored 38 points in 26 minutes. Was it another normal day at the office?

No it wasn’t. He was very focused and came to the game prepared. He knew that he had opportunity to get the record and he gave his best effort. He came on a mission and accomplished it.

How much is that ball going to be worth?

It will be worth a lot of money. Millions in the future for sure. With time it will go up in value and reach it’s height when he is retired.

Russell Westbrook made the pass. Do you think that in 20 years the pass could be remembered more than his triple doubles?

I think when all is said and done he will have had an amazing career. His ability to get triple doubles shows what kind of player he was. His triple doubles was a big highlight in his career among some other things. People will remember his triple doubles more. The shot was an isolation play.

His record breaking basket was a step back over Kenrich Williams. Is that the kind of shot you expected knowing the kind of player he is? Or would you have expected a dunk for the spectacular finish?

He wanted to give the fans a show and I did expect a more flashy play for the record. He is the type of player that takes what is given to him. His shot was still pretty special.

There obviously is a lot of respect for Kareem, by the basketball world, but what would have happened on social media if Lebron had gotten the record with a sky hook shot?

I think that a sky hook would of amused Kareem. When a record is broken, there are always a lot of comparisons made, but at the end of the day, it is cool to see how one great player gave appreciation to another great player.

Kareem is such a gentleman. You didn’t grow up with him, but what does his legacy mean to younger guys? Can they even understand what that guy did?

It’s hard unless you go through history. Kareem played in an era when a lot of social issues were trying to be improved. He was a huge pioneer in bridging connections between social issues that were going on at the time.

Lebron will have more than 40,000 points when it’s all over. Back in 1984 people said it would never be broken? Will this record be broken?

I think it is a hard question to answer. It will take another great player that dominates over a long period to break it. It will take a long time for the record to be broken.

If Luka Doncic continues to play to 40 stays fit and becomes a physical specimen like Lebron, could he dethrone him?

It is theoretically possible, but in the nature of the game there are a lot of intangibles. Injuries and personal issues can come in the way. Many players just don’t want to play that long. To play that long just isn’t as appealing for all. I think Doncic has a legitimate chance.

Does this record finally give Lebron the GOAT status over Michael Jordan?

No I don’t. I think that you can make the argument for and against it. The best label that I have heard is that Lebron had the best career while Jordan is still the best player.

What is your favorite Lebron moment that you witnessed live or on TV?

My favorite Lebron moment was when he led the Cavs from 3-1 down to beat Golden State in the final. The way he was able to help the team and rally them to the title was very special. He played at such a high level. He made a lot of crucial baskets. It was monumental.

Thanks Selom for the chat.


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