The Day Began With A Pre Game Bacon And Eggs Sandwich For Quantez Robertson And Ended As The Fraport Skyliners All-Time Leading Scorer

I can remember exactly when I saw Quantez Robertson (188-SG-1984, college: Auburn, agency: Interperformances) for the first time. It was in September 2009 in the BCM training facility as I saw a shy young man sitting in the stands who had absolutely no idea what was ahead for him overseas. Murat Didin who reeled him to Frankfurt from Auburn (NCAA)knew he had a gem and the rest is history. ‘If someone had told me my rookie season that I would be the Skyliners all-time leading scorer in 2023, I would of thought that they were crazy. I wasn’t ever a first, second or third option on offense. I made my mark as a defender, rebounder and making buckets on the fast break’, commented Quantez Robertson. 14 years later the affable 38 year old is the easyCredit BBL’s all-time leader in steals and recently the Fraport Skyliners all-time leading scorer surpassing other Skyliner legend Pascal Roller. The date was January 29th, 2023 a day that will be forever remembered in the life of Fraport Skyliner legend Quantez Robertson. There is so much basketball info clogged in my head that I can’t always know exactly everything. I do know my Celtics are incredible this year, that Lebron James is close to becoming the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and Fraport Skyliner Jordan Samare is a very good table tennis player, but there was something else that was about to happen that was totally off my basketball radar. It was sometime in the second quarter where my faithful basketball colleague Timur Tinc of the Frankfurter Rundschau told me Tez is only 3 points away from passing Pascal Roller as the Fraport Skyliners all-time leading scorer. Then my basketball brain cleared up and I remembered that he was close to achieving that feat. ‘I didn’t really know I was that close. JJ Frazier kept reminding me that I was getting closer and closer. But I wasn’t worried about. I just wanted to play my game and help my team win’, stressed Quantez Robertson. You would have to dig very deep in the archives to Quantez Robertson‘s first easycCredit BBL bucket, but the Cincinnati native actually remembers when it happened. ‘I scored my first basket in Oldenburg. I think it was a reverse lay up’, stated Quantez Robertson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson doing play by play at the 2010 BBL allstar game in Bonn

The morning of January 29th, 2023 was a normal day for him like any other. ‘I did the usual that I do on game day. I didn’t do anything different. I ate my usual bacon and egg sandwich’, smiled Quantez Robertson. Even if the Quantez Robertson record is an incredible achievement for him, there was something more important on this day and that was producing a win against the Hamburg Towers and continuing to crawl out of the easyCredit BBL cellar. The first half was a weak one by the Fraport Skyliners as they got into foul trouble early and had no idea what 1-1 defense was and what protecting the paint was. Robertson began the day with 4,304 points and made a string of 3 buckets in a row in the second quarter to get his juices going and give his team energy. But the best was still to come for Tez. The Fraport Skyliners trailed 54-40 at half-time. In the third quarter the team began to play better at both ends of the court and with Frankfurt still fighting and in comeback mode trailing 67-54, it was time for Quantez Robertson to step up and become immortal in Frankfurt. He scored points 7 and 8 on a back door cut getting the dime from Joshua Obiesie and then on the next possession got the Skyliners all-time scoring title with his bread butter the lay up. ‘I’m really happy for Tez. He really deserves it. He has been so faithful to the Fraport Skyliners for 14 seasons. To be able to get this record being a player that was not known really as an offensive player is a big plus’, stressed former teammate Marco Voeller. The record breaking basket was his 4313th point. He ended the game with 14 points and 4,318 points. His young teammate Jordan Samare is thrilled to have witnessed it. ‘Tez is an inspiration to all. He is always trying to help you. He is a fun loving guy and I’m happy to be his teammate’, said Jordan Samare. Even if Quantez Robertson was in the spotlight with his big record, it was his teammate German national player Joshua Obiesie who was the other hero leading his team with 21 points and making a clutch three and 4 free throws at the end, but he showed nothing but love for his legendary teammate. ‘ It was unbelievable to experience it. I’m very proud to have seen it. I have never experienced something like that before. I think he will score a few more before it’s all over. I follow his words in that he always tells me to be myself and have fun’, commented Joshua Obiesie.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Quantez Robertson clowning around in April 2021 in Frankfurt

You have to wonder how a humble guy like Quantez Robertson who calls Alabama home now will digest a monumental record like this. He has accomplished a lot in his 14 year career winning the 2016 Fiba Cup title, is the easyCredit BBL all-time steal leader and reached a few easyCredit BBL finals, but where does this record compare to his career achievements? ‘This is definitely top 2 after the Fiba Cup title. You know that I had been saying for the longest time that I wanted to win a title and we finally did in 2016’, stated Quantez Robertson. 20 minutes after the game was over and Tez had done the rounds of interviews, autographs and pics, I finally had my 5 minutes with him on the court on the cushion we have sat on so many times the last years. The record is so much greater simply because he was an energy defensive specialist that played many years on Frankfurt teams that had lethal scorers ‘It feels great to be able to reach another milestone in history. It’s a cool feeling that you will be forever be remembered for it. I would rather have gotten it on the dunk, but it’s ok. It shows that you can get a record like this even when plays weren’t run for you. It also shows that I was effective when I got the ball. I got a lot of fast break baskets and many alley-oop baskets and passes from guys like Sean Armand, Dominik Bahiense De Mello, Dashaun Wood, Dawan Robinson, Justin Cobbs and Aubrey Reese’, smiled Quantez Robertson. He was also very fortunate that he was able to stay healthy which helped him reach a feat like this. The record is also a big deal simply because Americans usually are globetrotters and move from team to team where the most bucks are. Tez and Rickey Paulding proved you can stay with one team for a whole career. ‘You don’t see Americans staying so long with one club. It is beautiful to see the respect and loyalty. It is insanely rare’, stressed teammate Marcus Lewis.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Quantez Robertson after becoming the Fraport Skyliners all-time leading scorer in 2023

The question now is how much longer will Quantez Robertson still play? One could speculate that he may call it quits after this season if the Fraport Skyliners move down and his decrease in minutes. I personally hope he doesn’t retire. I will forever miss my interview partner. The retirement question has crossed his mind. Plus having this record would be the perfect way to go out. ‘This record could be a good way to go out, but I’m still taking it day by day. I will talk to my wife and see how it goes. If my body holds up, we will see what happens. But I’m definitely in talks with my family’, stressed Quantez Robertson. So where was Pascal Roeller on this historic day? He was in Braunschweig calling a game for TV and you have to wonder how that first interaction would go between Roller and Tez? Will Roller call his ex teammate? ‘I think Pascal will say congrats and then say it took you a while. It is really awesome getting this record from him. I saw his work ethic when I came. He was always getting up shots after practice. I played 2 seasons with him. Even in his last season he was always an offensive threat. He was always ready’, warned Quantez Robertson. It seemed like Pascal Roller wasn’t aware of the record until I told him. I reached him 5 hours after the Frankfurt win and he still had his usual humor on hand. ‘So is he Lebron and I’m Kareem? I’m very happy for Tez. This now means that my jersey won’t be alone up in the rafters. Well done Tez’, stressed Pascal Roeller. One thing is for sure Kareem and Lebron will forever be legends in Los Angeles and not 1-2 as Magic Johnson will have a say in that, but in Frankfurt, Pascal Roller and Quantez Robertson will go down as being the 2 greatest players all-time. Just don’t ask me who is 1-2. Those that know me will instantly know my choice.

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