Jeremy Ingram( TSV Bargteheide) Shows His Undeniable Love For Basketball Going From San Antonio To Bremerhaven On Instant Request

You have to wonder how much American players suffered overseas before facetime. Back in the day not seeing your loved ones sometimes for up to 8-9 months was a tough pill to swallow especially for rookies. Sometimes guys weren’t even going home for Christmas and were lucky to get a Mcdonalds X-mas dinner considering in some countries like Romania didn’t necessarily have one on every corner like in cities in Detroit or Atlanta. So going home for the holiday season for at least a few days or even a week was a massive luxury. It isn’t any different in 2022. Granted having Facetime is an incredible invention, because you can see your loved ones on your phone, but it isn’t anything like the real thing coming off that plane and being able to hug your mom at the airport and begin discussing when your going to get your favorite home cooked meal. So it was a no brainer for American baller Jeremy Ingram (183-G-1991, college: AAMU) to return home to Texas to celebrate Christmas with his mom. But when your playing in the Regionalliga (4th division Germany) and the league is on a 2 week break, you want to get as much of time with your loved ones as possible. But sometimes that big heart and unending love for basketball will make you make decisions that others probably wouldn’t make. A few days after Christmas, he went from San Antonio, Texas to Bremerhaven on instant request to play in an exhibition game. ‘Basketball has been my safe place my whole life. It has gotten me through high school, college, and some of my best moments in life has been revolved around basketball. Crazy thing is , I still get the same feeling when I’m hooping now as I did when I was very young just falling in love with the game’, warned Jeremy Ingram.

But before we go to Bremerhaven, let me rewind back to the first half of the season of Ingram’s team Bargteheide. The season began with a brutal 77-76 loss where he contributed 27 points, but got injured. The explosive guard who is playing his seventh professional season had to sit and watch for almost 2 months and saw his team go 3-5. Despite having a losing record, he was extremely proud of their effort. ‘My team fought and worked everyday in practice. Even though they lost a few games when I was gone, they got better and improved as a team so when I did get back we were all ready to turn our season around’, stated Jeremy Ingram. He had never had a serious injury in his pro career until now and had to do a lot of soul searching, but his hard work in rehab rewarded him and his team. ‘I learned that at any moment the game can be taken from me so I should enjoy every single moment and never take playing basketball professionally for granted. I also learned that I am relentless and tough as nails because I was supposed to be sitting out until February but I came back early and have been playing on a slightly fractured left foot’, stressed Jeremy Ingram. The American finally return to action on November 19th leading his team to a thrilling 112-111 win over Westerstede where he exploded for 35 points. Big wins followed against Aschersleben and Rendsburg. He is putting up insane MVP type of stats of 28/5/2/6 in this period despite not being 100%. ‘I think I am a very important piece for my team and hopefully they feel the same. Everybody on our team is an important piece though and we going to need everybody to finish this season even stronger. I was actually playing those games on 1 good foot so I wasn’t even close to 100%, maybe like 70%. My foot is actually still slightly fractured. Hopefully its fully healed in the next 2 months’, added Jeremy Ingram. When you inspect his game, there isn’t much he can improve on except cutting down on turnovers, but he isn’t too worried about that area of his game. ‘I have the ball in my hands a lot and I am a very creative player with the ball so I will have a few turnovers. Turnovers is not a big concern for me because I actually do not turn the ball over a lot so I think I’m ok in that area. Since my injury I have been a step slow so I’m working on getting that back’, commented Jeremy Ingram. Winning is always his biggest priority, but also growth within the team is a big factor on his menu. ‘I would say our biggest goals is to finish the season very strong and have fun doing it as a family’, expressed Jeremy Ingram.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Chris Cumings in Limburg in 2022

The guard who played at Alabama A&M went into the break averaging 26,3ppg, 5,0rpg, 2,0apg and 5,0spg. Even if he has many concerns about the state of his home country and is more than blessed to be overseas there is nothing like being at home. ‘I just think America is not really a safe place to raise a family right now. I love America but I think it’s just not right for me at the moment. Too many random mass killings, politically unstable and simply too much going on right now. So I think being overseas is what’s best for me. It was very important for me to go see my family for the holidays which was the main reason I went back for a week. And it was a good break to give my fractured foot more time to heal. I also love going back so I can eat a lot of American food’, warned Jeremy Ingram. Just being able to be able to go home from time to time and spend precious time with his mom is something that he wouldn’t trade in for anything. Just being able to sit down in the living room and remember the good old days when she would shoot out the lights on him in the front yard until a few years later he began blocking her shots is something that he doesn’t want to miss. ‘My mom pretty much raised me on her own, took me to all my games, supported me and stood by me when nobody else did so she deserves a lot of the credit to where I am today. She was always my biggest fan’, said Jeremy Ingram.

Jeremy Ingram and Miles Schmidt-Scheuber in Idstein in 2020

The ex TV Idstein guard who recently proclaimed that Luka Doncic is the oldest 23 year old player he has ever seen because of his smartness was home fueling up on his favorite food suddenly got a call from his old coach Chris Cummings from SG Mannheim if it was possible to come to Germany during the break to play in an exhibition game in Bremerhaven organized by Walter Kruso. When your able to play for your old coach, it is obviously a no brainer and combined having that special love for the game you can make the jump from San Antonio to Bremerhaven on instant request. ‘I’ve learned a lot from Chris. I learned a lot about basketball and about life in general. I also had my best season ever playing for him so he is not just a coach to me but a friend also’, warned Jeremy Ingram. One can say that he came and he conquered scoring 50 points in the game. He had to showcase his magnificent talent against various players from different leagues. ‘I would compare the level of play to the level of the league I’m playing in now. The other teams coach actually coaches in my league now. There were Reg players, a few former top league players on my team, and Pro A players. The other team played good but it’s hard to win when you let 1 person score 50 from the other team but they definitely were a decent team’, stated Jeremy Ingram. After the game, he took a lot of time posing for pictures and just enjoyed the moment. ‘I had so much fun performing in front of A big crowd like that. I enjoyed putting on a show for all those people and the atmosphere was electric. It was also nice playing with my homeboy D. McGee who is playing for Mannheim this season. We had fun out there together’, added Jeremy Ingram. It isn’t easy to score 50 points in a career except maybe when your Luka Doncic who hit 50 in 3 of the last 5 games, but he is in his own galaxy, but for the American he had been so close before, he finally got that 50 point chip off his shoulder. ‘I mean when I’m having these high scoring games I’m not really starting the game thinking to score 50 , I’m just trying to do everything I can to win. But this is my first 50 point game and I’ve had 49, 48, 47 so it felt good to finally get 50’, said Jeremy Ingram. There are so many talented guys in the Regionalliga looking to move up the basketball ladder, but there are few as humble as Jeremy Ingram. His chip is massive, but he knows he will get to a higher place. ‘There were some important people at the game definitely. I met a lot of important people, even top league coaches from other countries so I say it was a very successful event for me personally. I should have been playing in 1 of the top leagues by now but its ok I’m thankful for where I’m at now and I will just keep working even harder to get where I deserve to be’, warned Jeremy Ingram. He doesn’t have much time to reflect on his 50 point game as the season resumes next weekend against Wusterhausen. He knows exactly what his goals are for 2023. ‘I don’t usually make resolutions, but I’m declaring more success, better health for me and my family, and knowing this year is going to be the biggest and most successful year for my basketball career’, stressed Jeremy Ingram. If he keeps playing the way he is like a real MVP, then only good things will come his way.


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