The Miles Vs Chris Miller Weekly Basketball Conversation Volume 12

Christopher Miller (192-G-1993, college: Salem) is a 29 year old 193cm guard from Brooklyn, New York who is playing his eighth professional season and first with GoldCoast Wallabies NLB (2nd League). He played 3 seasons with the Giessen Pointers (Germany-RegionalligaThis season for Bensheim he averaged 19,5ppg, 3,8rpg, 2,0apg and 1,5spg. He has had experience in countries like El Salvador and Bosnia. He recently played for the South Shore Monarchs (TBL) playing 8 games averaging 22.4ppg, 5.6rpg, 4.3apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 50.8%, 3PT: 35.0%, FT: 83.3%. He began his basketball career at Clinton Community College and also played two years at Salem University (NCAA2). This season he teams up with Miles Schmidt-Scheuber with weekly chats about his basketball season.

You suffered a tough 83-68 loss to Winterthur to go into the short Xmas break. Will this be a loss that you will remember over the break?

It was a tough loss but I think we need to focus on what positives we had during the first half of the season and see how we can continue those things.

How hard will it always be in general to win when you shoot 1/22 from outside?

It was a very tough day for us from 3. We usually make a lot more but it just wasn’t falling.

Talk a little about the 40 minutes. Were there some good phases where the team had a better chance of winning the game?

We started the game off well then we got in foul trouble and once the momentum shifted they ran away with it and basically controlled the rest of the game. Credit to them to sticking to their game plan.

Wallabies won the rebound battle and had 16 offensive rebounds. Was that the best stat of the game for you?

We can take this as a positive. We have lost a lot of other rebound battles but small wins like rebounds will help us in the future.

What was it like battling Francis Torreborre? He was a monster filling the stat sheet and had 29 points. Did you have him as an assignment?

Francis is a tough player he really fills up that stat sheet. He is a guy that will get his points no matter who defends. I admire what he is doing this season for his team.

You had a solid game of 21/7/6/4/4 stats. How did you rate your game?

What I did was not enough to help us win so I am not satisfied with this performance. I know it is not all controlled by me but I can change some things that maybe could put us in a better position to get the win.

Your shooting was solid but not great. Do you have a new years resolution for your shooting?

I think this time off is key to refocus and recover. I put in time in the gym so I’m sure it will show in the long run.

Do you go home for X-mas or stay in Europe?

Christmas will be spent it in Zurich. I want to experience Christmas in Switzerland this year.

What was your favorite X-mas activity as a kid besides opening presents?

On Christmas after all the gifts were opened. We would all play football in the street. When it was a Snow day (White Christmas ) it was even better because we would bundle up and play tackle football it was some of the best times.

Thanks Chris for the chat.


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