The Miles Vs Jeremy Ingram Weekly Basketball Chat Volume 5

Jeremy Ingram (183-G-1991, college: AAMU) is a 191 cm guard that was born in Alabama and has played his entire professional career in Germany for teams like Speyer, Idstein, Bensheim and recently SG Mannheim.This season he is playing for Regionalliga team Bargteheide. Last season with SG Mannheim he picked up South West Regionalliga player of the year while averaging (32.1ppg), 5.7rpg, 4.2apg, Steals-4 (2.6spg), FGP: 55.4%, 3PT: 35.4%, 9%. He began his career with Enterprise State Community College (JUCO) and then finished with Alabama A&M University (NCAA). He spoke will team up with Miles Schmidt-Scheuber on a weekly basis this season to talk basketball.

Congrats on the massive 112-111 win. How good did it feel to be back competing?

I love nothing more than playing basketball so being out there enjoying those important moments in a big game like this with my team meant the world. Really happy to be playing again.

You were gone for a while. What was the first thing you thought about when you got the ball for the first time?

Well I mean I wasn’t playing in the games for a while Sure, but I was always in the gym working. So it came kind of natural. Just play my game. It didn’t take long for me to get back comfortable.

You witnessed a wild shoot out. Talk a little about the 40 minutes and what was key for reaching the overtime period?

This was probably 1 of the most exciting games i’ve ever been involved in. Both teams fought to the very end. When 1 team thought they had the game wrapped up the other team stepped up and made big plays. I’m happy to say we came out on the winning side of that 1, was very entertaining.

What was key for getting the win in double OT. It seemed like Westesrtede was a team that you just couldn’t shake?

A couple of time we thought we had the game won they came down and hit huge 3 point shots They couldn’t shake us and we couldn’t shake them. Just so happened we hit 1 more big shot than they did which got us the victory.

You and Marvel Hoppe combined for 67 points. He had an incredible 32 points. Do you feel like your return sparked his play?

No Marcel is a very good player. I’m sure my return has nothing to do with sparking his play. He’s going to be ready to play whether I’m there or not but I do think me being back makes his job a little easier.

You Hoppe and Abbakar combined for 87 points. What kind of dimension does the team have when all 3 are on? Are you then unbeatable?

I think us 3 are strong together. We still have a lot of work to do for us to all be on the same page then I think we will be very tough but that’s only our 1st game as a trio so the chemistry will come soon enough.

You had incredible 35/6/4 stats. How pleased were you with your game?

Not pleased at all. Actually was very disappointed in my play. Everybody on the outside tells me how good I played coming back from injury but all I can think about is the 6 free throws I missed and all these easy midrange shots that I can normally make in my sleep. But I’m only about 60% so I’m still proud of myself for getting out there fighting with and for my team. I really missed that.

You had 25 free throw attempts. Was that the most you have had in Germany?

I mean pretty much every season I lead the league in free throw attempts so going to the line a lot is nothing new but 25 free throws in 1 game is crazy, definitely think that’s the most for me in 1 game.

I can imagine you were very happy with your aggressiveness?

I will always be aggressive. Still not able to do a lot of things I want too because my foot is still not all the way there yet, but you will never be able to question my aggressiveness and determination.

You next play 6-3 Aschersleben. That will be a tough encounter. What will be key for the win?

Well we hope to have our team back healthy, a few injuries and illnesses right now. I think defense definitely will be the key because our offense is strong enough but if we can get stops too I think we can get the job done.

Thanks Jeremy for the chat.


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