Braydon Hobbs(Basketball Lowen Braunschweig) Is The Grandpa Of The Team And Hopes To Help The Young Kids Make The Next Steps

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Braydon Hobbs (196-PG-1989, college: Bellarmine) is a 33 year old 196cm guard from New Albany, Indiana playing his 11th professional season and first with the Basketball Lowen Braunschweig. He has played most of his career in Germany for teams like Nurnberg, Giessen, Ulm, FC Bayern Munich and the EWE Baskets Oldenburg. He also has played in Australia and Hungary. Last season he played for Monbus Obradoiro CAB Santiago de Compostela (Spain-ACB) averaging 7.2ppg, 3.1rpg, 4.4apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 57.1%, 3PT: 39.6%. He began his basketball career at New Albany high school and then played at Bellarmine (NCAA2) from 2008-2012 winning the division 2 title in 2011. He spoke to before a easyCredit BBL game against the Fraport Skyliners.

Welcome back to Frankfurt Braydon. You have played in Frankfurt numerous times with Giessen, Oldenburg, Ulm and Munich. If you had to chose one game that was most memorable in Frankfurt what would it be?

I have definitely played in Frankfurt several times. The one game that sticks out the most is a playoff game when I was with Munich. We were down 1-2 in the series and we had to win that game or be eliminated. I think we won by 30 that game.

Your in your 11th season and still going strong, but at the same time a family guy with kids. When you see ex teammates like Guenther and Paulding a opponent like Quantez Robertson who is turning 38 in December, do you feel like you could go into your late 30’s playing?

I hope to play as long as I can. I am definitely a family man first, so I will do whatever is best for the family. If they continue to support me then I’ll play a little while longer.

Do you feel for a competitor like Quantez Robertson who is hardly playing after giving his all to the Fraport Skyliners for 13 seasons. Does that show that not only the NBA can be harsh but basketball is a business world wide?

Basketball is definitely a business worldwide. He has given his all but he is still important for Frankfurt. He still moves great and is a competitor so they will need him a lot.

After playing most of your career in Germany, you played in the top league in Europe the ACB with Monbus Obradoiro CAB Santiago de Compostela (ACB) averaging 7.2ppg, 3.1rpg, 4.4apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 57.1%, 3PT: 39.6%. What kind of an experience was it showcasing your skills there?

It was a great experience in Spain. It’s the best national league in Europe so every game was a battle. It is an extremely tactical game there and I enjoyed that part of it.

Can a league like the easyCredit BBL ever reach the level of the ACB in skill and play or do the teams simply have to much money there?

I am not sure if Germany or other leagues will reach that level. It’s hard to say but basketball in Spain is definitely different than other places I have played.

You almost had one of your finest moments beating Real Madrid but lost a heart breaker 89-88 but was one of the best on the court that day with 17 points. What memories will you always have of that game?

Playing Real Madrid and Barcelona were great basketball experiences for me. I came to Europe watching those teams play, so it was fun to compete and show my best against them. The biggest memory I will have is them hitting the last second shot on us. It was a great memory but that is what I remember most.

Did you learn anything special about the country Canada playing with the Scrubb boys that season? Lol

I didn’t learn too much about Canada but I learned that Canada produces some great basketball players. It was awesome competing with those guys. Kassius Robertson, was from Canada as well, and he’s another great player I got to play with.

Your playing your first season with the Basketball Lowen Braunschweig. The team has began very slow and like Frankfurt need to win games. How much of a challenge has it been for you coming into this situation?

It’s definitely been a tough situation to start the season here. We have had a couple tough losses in overtime. That is always rough on teams. The challenging part is trying to keep the guys positive and moving in the right direction. I think we are getting better game by game and eventually we could start winning some games.

You are one of the older guys on the team. Do you have that normal veteran, leader mentor role or do you have other duties?

I’m the grandpa on this team. I think we are the second youngest team in the league, so my role is to lead the team and be an extension of the coach.

The easyCredit BBL is showing again that the league is great top to bottom and anyone can beat anyone. What type of team are you now and what type of team do you have to become to start winning consistently?

It’s another great year to be in Germany playing. It’s a competitive league and that’s what makes it exciting. We are a team that is developing young German talent. We need to start showcasing that talent and try to play smarter basketball. We are improving each week so I hope that continues.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Braydon Hobbs in the Fraport arena in 2015

What has it been like playing with David Kramer? You battled against him since years and have seen him develop? Into what kind of player has he matured into? Is sky still the limit for him?

Playing with David has been great. He’s extremely talented and still has a great career in front of him. I last played with him in Ulm, and he has improved tremendously. Hopefully this can be a big year for him as he continues to move up in his career.

The team has very talented German players with the Tischler brothers, Sanada Fu or Luc Von Slooten. They will be very vital in the success for the team and need to step up more. Is this a challenge that they will grow into in the next weeks?

Yes, we have some very talented young guys. They will continue to work hard and develop over this season. Hopefully I can help them make the next step in their careers.

What has it been like playing for Jesus Ramirez? He is another one of those talented Spanish coaches in the BBL. What have you appreciated most about his philosophy?

It’s been a great couple months so far. Obviously losing hasn’t helped much but I think we are still on the right track to develop these young guys and get the most out of them. What I have appreciated the most is the amount of effort he puts into helping his players and the team.

You have never been that high scoring guard but you can be that player. You showed in Australia that you can be that lethal scorer back in the day. It seems like the team needs more scoring. Isn’t that a role you have to take in now with the team having problems winning?

I have never scored a lot in my whole career. My main strength is leading the team and passing the ball. There is certain games when the scoring will come but I am not the player to force it.

Your averaging almost 7 assists a game. How have you seen the BBL change in the last 7 years? Is it easier to function as a playmaker in 2022 than say in 2015? Has the BBL become more physical and better defensively since your Giessen days?

The game has definitely changed a bit since I first played in Giessen. I would say it’s a faster pace game now. I wouldn’t say it’s easier or harder it’s just faster now.

After starting 3-0, the Boston Celtics lost their first game of the season to the Bulls. Is this team to weak with only Tatum and Brown to win it all?

The NBA is a tough league to win. Boston has a great team but they can lose to anyone in the NBA. I wouldn’t say they are too weak to win it all but it will be difficult for them.

As a point guard what is your opinion of Russell Westbrook saying he had a solid game after going 0/11 from the field?

I don’t have to much to say about Russell Westbrook. It’s a tough situation for him in LA but those guys will figure it out.

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming to America in 2021? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

I did not watch the sequel to that. Sorry about that

Thnks Braydon for the chat.


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