The Miles Vs Jeremy Ingram Weekly Basketball Chat Volume 4

Jeremy Ingram (183-G-1991, college: AAMU) is a 191 cm guard that was born in Alabama and has played his entire professional career in Germany for teams like Speyer, Idstein, Bensheim and recently SG Mannheim.This season he is playing for Regionalliga team Bargteheide. Last season with SG Mannheim he picked up South West Regionalliga player of the year while averaging (32.1ppg), 5.7rpg, 4.2apg, Steals-4 (2.6spg), FGP: 55.4%, 3PT: 35.4%, 9%. He began his career with Enterprise State Community College (JUCO) and then finished with Alabama A&M University (NCAA). He spoke will team up with Miles Schmidt-Scheuber on a weekly basis this season to talk basketball.

Thanks Jeremy for talking to Bargteheide lost a real nail bitter to ASC Goettingen. How did this loss feel to you despite not being on the floor?

Well I honestly feel all the same emotions as my teammates are feeling even during the game because we are all in this together.

How much did this loss hurt as ASC Goettingen had a very slim roster. Your team had a lot deeper bench but still needed Marcel Hoppe to play 40 minutes.

Well this loss is definitely a game that we needed but its ok we can’t go in the past to change it so we will just focus now on the next game. But this was definitely a game we should have won.

Talk a little about the journey of the game. Do you feel like you could have better chances to the win the game earlier had you shut down the opponent’s offensive rebounds?

I feel like having a lot less turnovers was our teams best chance to win this game. Second Half we had too many turnovers that ultimately cost us that game.

Take us through crunch time and the last few possessions. What was key for Bargteheide not being able to close out the game at the end?

As mentioned before if we cut down on those 3rd and 4th quarter turnovers we win this game easily. Because even with the many costly turnovers we still only lost by 2.

Their glue guy Nick Boakye was very strong filling the stat sheet. Why couldn’t the team control him better?

First of all Nick is my guy. A very talented basketball player for his size. He’s a point forward Who’s bringing the ball down the floor every play creating opportunities for himself and his teammates, he’s a tough cover for any team in our league I’m sure.

How much will your absence actually help a guy like Marcel Hoppe having to take on so much responsibility?

Well right now he has to play a lot and do a lot so I’m assuming his conditioning will be top notch.

How has the team developed in your absence? What positives could you take from this game?

I think everybody realizes they have to accept a much bigger role with me being out right now so when I do return I believe the game will become much easier for them. But right now hopefully everyone is gaining confidence in themselves and their own game so when I do return the game will be much easier for me. Positives is that even with us playing not half as good as we should have played the 2nd half and with all those costly turnovers , we still only lost by 2. We have to learn from our mistakes and correct them next game.

You next face Stade who are 4-1. They are very deep and in the Oldenburg win had 12 guys play 11 or more minutes. What will be key to getting the win?

We have to be aggressive , out rebound them , and have a lot less turnovers than we did last game. I have all the confidence that my team could pull this win out though. #GoBees.

Thanks Jeremy for the chat.


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