John Murry(TuS59 Hamm Stars) Continues To Grind Because That´s All He Knows How To As He Is Back In The Regionalliga After A Short Pro A Stint

Sometimes it takes so long to get to a level that you have been striving to get to and one where you should have been at a lot earlier, but in the basketball world at the end of the day it mostly comes down to who you know, luck and timing. Ok so John Murry (192-G-1995, college: Austin Peay) didn’t have to wait 10 years for that first real overseas gig like Anthony Hodge of Bergedorf has, but still for a NCAA guy like Murry who averaged 16,0ppg in a season and then have to toil around 3 years in the Regionalliga was a very tough pill to swallow. Of course Covid didn’t help that he missed almost a whole season, but that’s part of the game as unexpected things can always get in the way. Last season he finally could play a whole Regionalliga season and he didn’t disappoint as he belonged to the best Regionalliga players in Germany averaging 28,0ppg. He went into the off season really excited about what opportunities would come his way. Obviously many teams had had him on the radar. Not only a level higher Pro B teams, but even Pro A teams. When I got the word that Pro A team Art Giants Duesseldorf had signed him, I almost jumped through the roof. I was so happy for him. After 29 interviews/articles about him in a 3 year span, it was pretty obvious that I was a massive supporter of him. Life was phenomenal for the explosive scorer in mid July, but a little more than 2 months later, he had experienced just how brutal basketball Germany can be. The club had other plans and decided to release him. Life came crashing down on him like massive tidal wave in Hawaii. As one of his biggest supporters if not the biggest in Germany, I also felt down, because not only can this guy ball, but his heart is bigger than most. I couldn’t understand why a team would give up on such a talented player that had worked so hard to get to that level. ‘I would have to strongly agree with the first statement in the question about being my biggest supporter. As far as things happening how they did, I am a guy who works extremely hard day in and day out so I didn’t expect things to occur as they did but life is full of surprises and everything happens for a reason. However, I will exercise full focus and full force to maximize my next opportunity, whenever that time arrives’, stressed John Murry. A frequent question I love to ask ballers especially ex NBA players is how they saw that the NBA will always be a business first before anything else. But he also knows, that he can’t pout like a spoiled cat who didn’t get their dinner on time, but understands basketball life moves on and tomorrow will always look brighter. ‘Yes, unfortunately the basketball life is a business first and sometimes things happen that we can’t control but we must keep moving forward no matter how tough it gets’, warned John Murry.

The ex Austen Peay guard came to Duesseldorf in August knowing that basketball on the court woulnd’t be the way it was in the Regionalliga. He would be faced with a quicker pace, better players and defenses that he had never seen before in Germany. In the Regionalliga, he was the best player on his team and in terms of guard competition on his team, it was like night and day. It was like putting a Ja Morant against a NBA teams second round draft pick. He was Mr everything, but in the Pro A it was completely the opposite. He didn’t come in guaranteed with a starting job, but had some other big time players at the guard position with Booker Coplin and Ryan Richmond. When it comes to pointing fingers, he isn’t one of those guys. He didn’t want to suspect that he may have been the odd man out or not be able to cut it at the pro A level coming from the Regionalliga. He went out and gave 110% every day. He would never have come out and said that he didn’t get a fair chance. ‘Well, it definitely goes into politics when you talking about whose supposed to be on the floor and I for one will say, there wasn’t a moment that I didn’t give it everything I had, from head to toe I made sure to establish myself as a top player wherever I maybe and bring a sense of urgency to the game. The key for me was to get better every chance I had and for the most part I cannot say I failed in that aspect. I controlled everything I could control on my end, I left everything else in God’s hand’, expressed John Murry. Guys in general are very competitive in this business and one could understand that there could be some bad blood towards the head coach Florian Flabb, but the Indianapolis native has always had that professional attitude to know it’s mostly not personal. ‘I always try to make sure I am on the same page with my head coach, no matter where I am whatever is asked of me to help our team win, that’s what I’m willing to do, I love this game and pay very close attention to what I bring to the table for this game and with that I believed was more good than bad but the decision was made for me to part ways, at the end of the day I understand it’s a business’, warned John Murry. His stay in Duessledorf may have been brief, but in that short period, he was able to establish beautiful memories that he will forever keep. He most definitely will visit Duesseldorf soon again. ‘I enjoyed my time in Duesseldorf and good thing about Hamm, I’m not too far away from the relationships that I created in Duesseldorf with friends and prior teammates to visit in the near future’, commented John Murry.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and John Murry in Rhondorf in 2019

Sometimes basketball is a business in a good way for a player and sometimes in not such a pleasant way as John Murry witnessed, but he definitely proved in the chances he got that he can play at that level. He scored 10 points against easyCredit BBL team Telekom Baskets Bonn which only will have raised his self-confidence to new heights. ‘It most definitely did give me a boost of confidence playing at that level, despite many opinions I still believe I can play at that level and be successful doing so. It is just a matter of timing and placement. I would definitely love that opportunity if presented to show that’s where I belong’, stated John Murry. He was a dominant player in the Regionalliga last season and one has to wonder how much good his short stint in the Pro A did for his game. ‘My game definitely grew in ways I was able to see overnight, players pushed me to get better as I did the same thing in return. The experience was awesome and I’d love another shot at Pro A with any team because despite Duesseldorf not working out, I still feel that I bring more to a team that could increase winning and good vibes at the end of the day’, added John Murry. Even if the Art Giants opportunity didn’t pan out, he was able to soak in some things that he will always have in his mind so he will be prepared for that next episode in his basketball life. ‘Value every moment you have with people and be in the moment, make the most out of the loses because they turn into lessons. One thing about me in life lessons, I’ve never failed the same test twice’, warned John Murry. After his release from the Art Giants, he didn’t waste anytime looking for a new opportunity and quickly latched on to Regionalliga team Hamm Stars. There he plays for a coach Ivan Rosic who believes in his abilities and trusts him 100%. He has gone through so many hardships, but he always believed in himself and keeps grinding. ‘The basketball life is full of ups and downs so it’s important not to get to low and not to get to high. I thank God I’m still able to keep doing what I love everyday’, warned John Murry. All he can do now is just continue to grind in the lab and continue to explode in the Regionalliga. It will be very peculiar if he doesn’t get another chance in a higher league down the road. ‘Right now, just taking things a day at a time, still continuing to get better and make positive leaps in my game on the court and being a better person off the court. I know things happen for a reason so I’m just as interested to see how things play out as anyone else that’s paying attention’, stressed John Murry. This guy has fed of positive energy his whole career. Even if God has had his own plan for him in waiting a bit longer for the big opportunities, he just keeps working his butt off and the Duesseldorf experience gave him inspiration to keep grinding even harder. But having been able to watch the best recently at the Euro 2022 also gave him extra incentive to spend the extra hour in the gym. ”I got to see Dennis Schroeder in the German team play together also got to see Rudy Gobert of France play together, as well as Luka for Slovenia and those were some very tough and competitive games. It was super exciting because of course I would love to play at a super high level like that and knowing that I can creates even more motivation in me to be better as I was watching those guys go at it’, expressed John Murry. Some things never change. If someone had told me in May 2022 that John Murry and Jeremy Ingram would be in the Regionalliga in 2022-2023, I would have declared them for stupid. At least both guys remain to give the Regionalliga 2 big time personalities. Both guys are incredible players, but they won’t be Regionalliga lifers. You can bet on it. Their belief in their abilities and desire to grind will allow them to reach their goals.


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