Myles Hesson(Great Britan) Had Another Solid Euro And Will Never Forget His Circus Shot Over Bogdan Bogdanovic

Time goes on and on and in so many things in life time does fly by. It is a word I often use in questions with players I hadn’t interviewed in a long time. Time flies by is one of those things that every one has thoughts about. For example that wonderful last summer vacation is still in one’s thoughts at Christmas time even though months have passed or it seems like it was yesterday where Germany won the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. For some these things may seem distant and for others not so distant. It pretty much depends on each person and how they see certain events and the past. For me time flies like crazy especially in basketball. When I look back at certain things and see when they happened, I am often amazed that it was so long ago. For instance Myles Hesson (198-F-1990, agency: Octagon Europe) is a player that I covered early in his career when he came to Germany in 2012 to play for Weissenhorn and then Giessen. When I saw him on the roster of Great Britan at the 2022 Euro, I right away had to think about 2012 when I met him for the first time. In a span of 3 years from 2012-2015, we did 19 interviews. Then from 2015-2020 none. Our last one was 2 years ago. Time flies. He had the same thoughts as I in 2020. ‘Yeah it has been a while. It definitely feels like it has gone by quite fast’, said Myles Hesson in 2020. He played his first Euro in 2013 and it took him 9 years to get there again to Milan, Italy where the group games were played. 9 years ago, Great Britan won 1 game, but this time the competition was a lot more difficult to handle. ‘I am older and much more experienced now so mentally I knew what to expect. But this time was way more difficult as far as our lack of preparation’, stressed Myles Hesson. Great Britan was at a disadvantage right from the start as the general competition is a lot different than in 2013. ‘The teams are better now than they where in 2013, there’s a lot more NBA players and the overall standard of European players has increased’, stated Myles Hesson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Myles Hesson in the Osthalle arena in Giessen in 2014

Great Britain had a lot of experience at the Euro 2022 with Myles Hesson being one of the more experienced on the squad. He held the team together with other veteran Gabriel Olaseni who has also played in Germany professionally. ‘He is a great person on and off the court. He is a role model to us all on how you should be as a professional athlete. You can count on him to show up offensively and defensively every night’, stated Myles Hesson. He came to Italy with 13 years of professional experience and has played more than 300 professional games. He has played most of his career in France for teams like like JDA Dijon Bourgogne (France-ProA), BCM Gravelines Dunkerque Grand Littoral (France-ProA), Nanterre 92 (France-ProA) and ES Chalon-Sur-Saone (France-Jeep ELITE ProA). He has shown his consistency in France averaging in double figures in scoring for a season in 4 of 6 seasons and also played parts of 3 seasons in Germany. He played last season in Japan with the Saga Ballooners (Japan-B2 League) playing 42 games averaging 21.1ppg, 10.0rpg, 4.2apg, Steals-2 (2.1spg), Blocks-5 (1.0bpg), FGP: 44.9%, 3PT: 30.7%, FT: 77.1% and will play this season with the Kagawa Five Arrows (Japan-B2 League).He and Great Britain played their group games in the beautiful and historic city Milan. Even if the team didn’t win any games, he totally enjoyed the moment off the court. ‘Milan is a really nice city, the food and weather is great, not much more you could ask for off the court’, remembered Myles Hesson. Great Britan had problems in every game and lost by an average score of 24 points in each game. England obviously had difficulty winning games and allowing many points, but it didn’t have to do that other teams were more talented and deeper. ‘We weren’t at our best so it’s hard to say. Having only a few days preparation and playing without our two best point guards was always going to be an uphill battle’, expressed Myles Hesson. Even if Great Britain didn’t have a great Euro, the country was able to take positives for the future of basketball there. ‘We can compete with the best teams in Europe, we showed that in qualifications, and at times during the tournament. It’s hard to make judgements from this tournament as we where missing some of our key players. We went with an experienced squad, there is a lot of young talent coming up in Great Britain. One to watch for sure is Kayne Henry who is starting his pro career this season in Germany’, warned Myles Hesson.

The ex Eisbaeren Bremerhaven player who believes that Steph Curry is in a league of his own and changed the game with his shooting ability and doesn’t believe that we will ever see a player like that again played against many great countries this time and will have countless memories, but one that probably stood out most was before his last game against Italy which was lost 90-56 despite scoring 18 points. Queen Elisabeth had just passed away and before tipoff there was a moment of silence which was very emotional for everyone. ‘It was a surreal moment, hearing different words to the national anthem Queen Elisabeth sadly passed away’, remembered Myles Hesson. He held his own against Croatia pouting in 18 points and grabbing 5 rebounds against NBA guys like Saric, Bogdanovic, Hezonja and Zubac. He was one of the best players on the court that day. ‘It was a good experience playing against high level talent, it’s what every competitor wants to do, it brings out the best in you’, remembered Myles Hesson. He also had a very solid showing against Greece putting up 13/3/4 stats, but unfortunately wasn’t rewarded with a future grand children story about playing the Greak Freak Giannis who was being rested. Greece still put up 93 points despite not having his services and getting an off night from ex NBA player Tyler Dorsey. He gave his 2 cents about the chances of Greece before the round of 16 was played. ‘Greece are a very good team, they have depth in all positions and will be a tough team to beat at full strength. I think they could go ahead and win it all, I wouldn’t like to bet against Giannis’, warned Myles Hesson. He scored in double figures in all 5 games averaging 14,6ppg and 4,2rpg. As a die hard competitor, it would be strange if he was content with his own performance, because he is never totally satisfied with his game and is always striving to get better. ‘I played well in spurts but wasn’t able to maintain the level I wanted throughout all the games’, commented Myles Hesson.

The ex ES Chalon-Sur-Saone (France-Jeep ELITE ProA) guard who saw the sequel to the classic Coming To America and didn’t mind it and enjoyed it for what it was witnessed an amazing Euro 2022. He saw many great teams in his group, but there were also many other great countries battling and giving their all that will forever be remembered. Finland reached the quarterfinals and other countries like Estonia and the Ukraine were very tough and gave basketball fans much joy. ‘Estonia really came to play and compete. They prepared well and played a good style of basketball which suits their strengths as players. Ukraine have always been a tough team to play against. They are strong, physical and never give up’, added Myles Hesson. He may not have battled Luka Doncic eye to eye at the 2022 Euro, but surely saw enough of the high light video’s that were produced after his nightly explosions in Cologne, Germany. He knows already now after 4 years of Doncic in the NBA where his legacy will be at when all is said and done. ‘He is one of the most elite basketball players I have ever seen, he will for sure go down as one of the greatest ever by the time he retires’, warned Myles Hesson. But in Milan he did get to show the world that he can stand up and beat other NBA players with a play. In the game against Serbia, he went head to head against current Atlanta Hawk Bogdan Bogdanovic who has averaged 15,0ppg in the last 3 NBA seasons and won’t forget it. ‘I made a circus shot and1 play Vs Croatia against Bojan Bogdanovic’, smiled Myles Hesson. When fans in Japan hear that he may hear Bikkuri blurted out by that fanatic Japanese die hard fan and get startled. In Europe it would mean Oh my God. That definitely will get him off to a good start with everyone when he arrives to his new team the Kagawa Five Arrows (Japan-B2 League).Tags : MYLES HESSONKAGAWA FIVE ARROW


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