With Time Julian Scott Has Learned That You Should Live The Moment And Enjoy Your Teammates Because You Will Enjoy It So Much More

Julian Scott (203-F/C-1990, college: ASU) is a 31 year old 203cm forward from Sacramento that recently finished his 7th professional season with his 10th team called AS Loon Plage Basket (France-NM2). He began his basketball career with Yuba College (NJCAA), and then also gained experience with Southern Utah University (NCAA) and Adams State University (NCAA2, starting five): 27 games: 10.8ppg, 4.0rpg, FGP: 58.5%, 3PT: 50.0%, FT: 70.2%. He began his career with TSV Quakenbrueck (Germany-2.Regionalliga) and also played for teams like Uni Riesen Leipzig (Germany-ProB), Team Ehingen Urspring (Germany-ProA), Gries/Oberhoffen BC (France-NM1), Residence Walferdange (Luxembourg-Total League), Iserlohn Kangaroos (Germany-ProB), BC Prievidza (Slovakia-SBL), Dresden Titans (Germany-ProB) and Pays de Fougeres Basket (France-NM2). He spoke to germanhoops.com about his basketball career.

Thanks Julian for talking to germanhoops.com. Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

Hey miles! Man it has been awhile! I’m doing well thanks for reaching out. I’m currently back in the U.S off a long season with my team in Loon Plage.

It’s been a little more than 3 years since we last had a basketball chat. Basketball moves on and your still playing. How blessed are you to say that there aren’t so many guys around that can say that they have so long.

I can honestly say it’s been a blessing. Especially for me because I wasn’t always looked at as somebody who had any chance. But my work ethic starting out was all that I really had to separate myself from others. So now I can enjoy experiences with my family and travel to see places I would have probably never thought of doing if I didn’t get to play this game.

You had to experience Covid just like everyone else playing and living in France. What were the biggest challenges for you on and off the court during this time?

This was a tough time but also something good came out of it. Challenges was just not playing I knew I was going back to Loon Plage but it wouldn’t be for a whole year. So I had to keep busy find work and I was able to continue training the youth. But the best thing was I got to take a break spend time with my family which you don’t get a lot of playing overseas. On the court was fine I stayed working out while I back home.

Was there ever a point in the last two years where you thought that Covid could possibly halt your professional career? Did it take a toll on you mentally at times?

No not at all. I knew where I was going so mentally I was okay. The hard part was just making sure I stayed pushing my body to stay in shape. Which is all part of the journey!

After finding a home in Germany in the first years, you seemed to have found a home in France playing there the last three years. What have you learned to appreciate most in France off the court?

The Culture is so diverse similar to the U.S in a lot of ways. You see all kinds of different people. The architecture, the Citadels the food it’s definitely a place I like to be.

In Germany it seems like everyone knows English, but in France there is always the notion that the French don’t really appreciate the English language. How have you been able to cope with their culture? Have you learned the language which isn’t necessarily the easiest?

That’s true but you find people who can speak some English. Well it’s simple I just have to learn it. I’m not great but I’m taking it more serious to learn French so I can try to relate to everyone better. I also see they appreciate the effort so I’m going to take this summer as well to put more time into it.

You have played the last three years in the fourth league in France called NM2. How would you compare that league to the German Pro B where you were a top player?

I would say the Pro B is a bit better but not by a lot that was when you had 3 import players on one team so it was more competitive. NM2 guys are definitely skilled most of them all played higher levels in their career so they have that experience. Only difference is for imports it’s harder to get a job in a higher division because there’s only one spot available per the rules. But either way it’s fine you have millions of players trying to get a job for one spot. I’m just lucky to be able to have one!

You played your first season in France with Pays de Fougeres Basket (France-NM2). You won a title. What memories do you remember of the run?

We didn’t get the chance to win the title because of the Covid we were positioned to make the playoffs and nobody expected it to happen. But Covid cut us off just one month short of our goal. Still haunts me today not getting the job done.

You played the last 2 seasons with AS Loon Plage Basket (France-NM2). You seem to have found a new home there. What have you enjoyed most about this organization? It seems to be like a real family there?

I would say the culture there is that of a family. You have your ups and downs but what family doesn’t. Everyone on that team had something to give to that team and it was special to be a part of it. We won the most important matches to move the club up to the higher Division of NM1 that’s all I wanted in my career was to be able to prove to myself and others I’m a winner and play winning basketball.

You were always a go to guy whereever you played especially in Germany. It hasn’t been any different in France. How is Julian Scott a different player today than 3 years ago?

I would say he is smarter and wiser. I see the game differently. Before I was a guy who just wanted to have statistics because that’s what would get you paid the big contracts. That’s partially true but what I didn’t realize how much winning mattered. You obviously want to win but you learn more and more people don’t care about personal accolades it’s the success
have with your team. As far as being wiser I stopped just making my life about basketball and started to enjoy my teammates off the court. Because in the end we are all people and memories we share and have is more important than any big money contract you can get and I encourage all they guys who read this. There’s more to it than just basketball don’t just think about your future. Live in the moment where you are now. You will enjoy it so much more if you do.

Your turning 32 this summer. Are you in your prime now or do you feel like you have passed it? What do you still want to accomplish with your game besides winning titles?

I still feel I’m in my prime my body feels good still finding ways to make it better. My goals are to be able to still win titles. You get a taste of it and you want it again. You want people to celebrate together and enjoy those moments. I want to be remembered in the club’s history books helping them accomplish their goals. On top of that live life to the fullest and continue to bring my family out to explore new places in Europe.

What is the next step for you? Will you be returning to France or possibly try a new challenge?

I plan to stay in France I love it there. It’s very professional no drama with not being paid your salary. Your treated like a person not just an object to do a job. So France is where I like to be.

On what areas of your game will you be focused on most this summer to keep improving your game?

My shooting will always be a number 1 thing. I would say this season was my best 3pt shooting in my career. But I want to be better to continue to stretch the floor. But also still do what I do best under the basket.

How proud are you of your ex team Dresden Titans and ex teammate Daniel Kirchner for moving up to the Pro A? Do you still follow your ex team?

Of course I do I’m so proud of them! When I went there more than halfway through their season they were on the verge of moving down to Regionalliga. Not any position you want to be in but we didn’t let that happen. Now they are doing great things so happy for that organization.

In your rookie season you played with TSV Quackenbruck and observed the young development of current NBA player Isaiah Hartenstein who was 16. Did you see that NBA potential in 2014?

Holy shit yes. Watching how he moved at his size how athletic he was as at just 16. I was 23 at that time and I remember him blocking my shot multiple times I was like OMG lol yes definitely he is doing very well. His family is a basketball family so I can appreciate his success thus far.

Have you kept tabs on his NBA career? He seems to have a slow development in terms of how teams use him. It got better with the Clippers. Shouldn’t this guy be a starter somewhere?

The fact he is still playing in the NBA is a win. He will get his opportunity I’m sure of it. Keep his ego in check and keep doing what he is doing that time will come.

How important was then vet and coach Florian Hartenstein for you? Was he like a mentor for you?

He was. He gave me my first opportunity when times were extremely doubtful I would have a career. I have to thank him for that.

Do you remember playing 1-1 back in the day? I can imagine that you won some of those battles?

Yes we did and I beat him. I’ll never forget he said if I ever beat you then your fired! I was like mannnnnnn you can still dunk come on. Lol we actually played some games together to which isn’t normal for a coach but we did.

Where will the legacy of Steph Curry be if he wins another NBA title? Is he a top 3 point guard all-time?

He already is no question!

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America last summer? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

I haven’t seen it but I will now that you asked.

Thanks Julian for the chat.

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