Closing Words For Rickey Paulding From Braydon Hobbs: Rickey Always Showed Great Leadership Even In The Toughest Times

Braydon Hobbs (196-PG-1989, college: Bellarmine) is a 33 year old 196cm guard that just finished his 10th professional season and first with Monbus Obradoiro CAB Santiago de Compostela (Spain ACB) averaging 7.2ppg, 3.1rpg, 4.4apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 57.1%, 3PT: 39.6%. He played most of his career in Germany for teams like Nurnberg, Giessen, Ulm, FC Bayern Munich and was 2 years teammates with Rickey Paulding with the EWE Baskets. He also played in Australia and Hungry. He began his basketball career at 8: New Albany, IN / New Albany High School and then played 4 years at Bellarmine (NCAA2). He spoke to about his memories of Rickey Paulding.

Thanks Braydon for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

I am back home in the states. Basketball has been well for me lately. I just finished up my 10th season in Spain.

Your played this season with Monbus Obradoiro CAB Santiago de Compostela. What kind of an experience has it been playing Europe’s top league ACB? What is the biggest challenge for you as a point guard to be successful on the court?

The ACB is the best league in Europe. It was a great experience for me competing at that level. Any team could beat another team on any given night. The biggest challenge was just adapting to the physical level the ACB demands. There are no plays or games you can take off.

You have had a real easyCredit BBL reunion with the Scrubb brothers and Kassius Robertson. What has it like being teammates with Philipp Scrubb? Can you beat him in shooting drills?

It was cool playing with some guys that came from Germany like I did. Philipp was a great teammate and he helped us a lot when he came from Russia. We didn’t do any shooting drills but he can definitely fill it up.

What kind of a feeling was it holding your own against real Madrid with 17 points in a tough 89-88 loss? Did a performance give a veteran like you added confidence?

It was nice to play good against Real Madrid but a win would have been a lot better. Like I said before, any team can beat any other team in the ACB, so every night teams have to be ready to compete or they will lose.

Rickey Paulding is playing his farewell game on June 4. What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the name Rickey Paulding?

The first thing I think about when I hear Rickey Paulding is Pauldingburg.

Have you ever seen a player who has been able to play so well at a high level at his age?

I have definitely not seen anyone with his physical ability at his age. He was still dunking and practicing every day when I was in Oldenburg. It was incredible.

What was your first impression when you met him? Was his smile and personality instantly infectious?

My first impression of Rickey was how humble he was. Just a laid back guy who was extremely humbled about life and basketball.

What was your first impression when you saw him on the court? What was the first thing that really stuck out?

The first time I saw him on the court, his Oldenburg team, beat us pretty well and I felt like he didn’t miss a shot. He was fun to play against but even better to watch.

You played two seasons with him. Is there anything specific that you feel you were able to take from his presence on the court?

Playing with him two seasons was an honor for sure. I will take away from him his leadership and how humble he stayed at all times. He always showed great leadership in the toughest times.

In your two seasons he had so many great games. For instance exploding for 36 points in a loss against Crailsheim or hitting Bamberg and Munich for 36 points or 28 points against Alba Berlin. What game will you most remember from him?

There are so many great games that I experienced with him so it’s hard to pick just one. The game against Crailsheim was crazy because I just remember giving him the ball and he would go get a bucket. It looked so effortless, yet nobody could stop him. It was fun to experience.

What is your fondest moment with him on and off the court that you will never forget?

Going to the cup championship, in Berlin, was probably my fondest moment. We lost the game but I just remember talking with Rickey on the court afterwards. He just gave me the Rickey smile and shrugged his shoulders. We were proud in that moment, even though we lost.

What kind of legacy do you believe will he leave in the EasyCredit BBL? Do feel that there will ever be another American that will be able to reach his longevity in that league?

In this day and age, I do not see another American with that kind of longevity on any team. I could be wrong, and I hope I am but it would be tough. It takes a special someone like Rickey for that to happen.

Please leave some closing words for Rickey Paulding.

Rickey was an awesome player but a much better dad and person. I got to experience some great times with him off the court and enjoyed those moments. He will be a legend in Oldenburg and the BBL will miss him dearly. Congrats on the amazing career and enjoy your family and retirement.

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