The Rickey Paulding Appreciation Week With Quantez Robertson: Rickey Just Laughed And Then Made That Move And Said Got You Back

Quantez Robertson (188-G-1984, college: Auburn, agency: Interperformances) is a 37 year old 188cm guard that has played his whole professional career with the Fraport Skyliners. He recently finished his 13th season with the club and his biggest feat was helping the club win it’s third club title in 2016 with the Fiba Europe Cup. He belongs to the BBL identity figures with Rickey Paulding and Per Guenther. He began his career at Laurinburg Prep Institute and then played at Auburn (NCAA) from 2005-2009 playing a total of 126 NCAA games. He spoke to sharing his memories of Rickey Paulding.

Thanks Tez for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

I’m at home relaxing with family. No basketball yet. I played basketball all year long. Now it’s time for the family.

How did you take the news of the horrible school shooting in Texas? Alabama is right next door. What should be done to prevent this?

It was a sad day in Texas. It was horrible seeing how a school was shot up. This is something that we go through too much in the United States. There should be very strict laws about how you can obtain guns.

You just finished your 13 season with the Fraport Skyliners. Seasons continue to get harder as you grow older? How vital will this years off season training be?

My off season training this summer will be vital. I will make sure that I come back in very good shape. Really important will be taking very good shape of my body and staying healthy.

Rickey Paulding is playing his farewell game on June 4. What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the name Rickey Paulding?

He is a hell of a player.

Have you ever seen a player who has been able to play so well at a high level at his age?

The only guys that I have seen play that well at his age were the trio of Derrick Allen, Julius Jenkins and Immanuel Mcelroy. I would also put Chris Ensminger in that list.

What do you think your record is against him in regular season action? Would you say it is above or below 500?

It is below 500.

Your correct it was 10-13 in the regular season.

That isn’t good, but not bad.

You played your third professional game against Rickey Paulding losing 63-61 and posting 7/3/2/3 stats. What do you remember from your first meeting against him? What was your first impression when you saw him on the court? What was the first thing that really stuck out?

I remember getting a steal in Oldenburg and he facing me down and getting the block.

He was in his sixth season when you met him as a rookie. If someone then told you he would play until 40 what would you have thought?

He was already in great shape then. I would of believed longer.

What about his game will always stay in your mind when you hear the name Rickey Paulding?

His turnaround shot and pull up three.

Please tell a special story that you had with him on the court? There was that story about copying a move and then doing it.

We were watching film of Oldenburg and there was a move I liked form him. I took note of it It was his turn around shot. In the game I took one of his moves and told him, I took that from you. He then just laughed and the next time down, he did that move on me and said I got you back.

What kind of legacy do you believe will he leave in the EasyCredit BBL? Do feel that there will ever be another American that will be able to reach his longevity in that league? Maybe you?

Besides me and him, I don’t think there will ever be another American that will play that long in the league or for one team. The temptation for money is too big and guys will go somewhere.

Who would have won a 1-1 contest in 2009 and in 2022?

(Tez takes a long time thinking). It would be 1-1, but I don’t know who would win when.

Please leave some closing words for Rickey Paulding.

It’s been a honor playing against you. It was also fun talking to you before and after games. I enjoyed having you as a friend in basketball. I wish you nothing but success in everything you do in your next career.

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