John Murry Has Never Stopped Grinding And Is Ready For The Next Step In A Higher League in 2022-2023

Even with Covid having been around for more than two years and many people having suffered, time still has flown by for some as greatly as it must of have for a guy like Luka Doncic who only three years ago had had an incredible rookie season and since then has become a consistent top 5 player in the NBA. But for other guys time may not have flown by as much like for ex Austin Peay (NCAA) guard John Murry who is a guy who loves the game as much as anyone, but has had some serious growing pains in his professional career. The guy just finished his fifth professional season, but in that span has played only 36 professional gams. For some players that would be a total that one would play in one season. It was that bad that in his first three pro seasons he played only 8 games. I can remember in the fall of 2019 as I met John Murry for the first time in Rhondorf. I was really looking forward to seeing him play and duel against Dragons freak athlete Curtis Hollis. But shortly before tip off, he came moping across the floor in street clothes with a face as long as Shaq’s if he had been just told that his local Mcdonalds had been shut down. Murry was injured and wouldn’t play that season. Then came Covid which put another dent into his career. He would play three games at the start of the 2020-2021 season and explode averaging (27.3ppg), 7.7rpg, Assists-5 (5.0apg), Steals-5 (2.3spg), FGP: 53.1%, 3PT: 37.0%, FT: 85.7%, but then came the next unwanted road block in his career as Covid cancelled the season. But finally in 2021-2022 the high scoring guard finally could show his overwhelming abilities and played a whole season in Germany with Grevenbroich.’ It’s so Refreshing to see that.I feel a lot of teams wouldn’t give me a chance in higher leagues because of the rough start that I had in my pro career which I couldn’t control at all. It’s also gave me a boost of motivation because technically those other seasons were out of my control with an injury and then corona happening so it was unfair for me as well, But being persistent and willing to prove myself got me to a better space and I feel I’m ready for ANY league in the world no matter what others might think about it’, warned John Murry. He had a dominant season with Grevenbroich and belonged to the top guards in the Regionalliga. It is only fitting that Murray’s self confidence is as sky high as is Ja Morant’s who made another step in his stellar career as he wants to continue to move up the basketball ladder as any league would do.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and John Murry in the fall of 2019 in Rhondorf, Germany

But sometimes even when your having an incredible personal season, not everything is rosy. He was a constant force every weekend as a player, but his team had an unsatisfactory season. The team was actually saved on the last game day in that their last game was cancelled. ‘I’m not 100% sure why it happened but I definitely wish we could have played that last game but since we didn’t here we are, just getting prepared for the next time I step on the floor’, stated John Murry. So instead of finishing in 14th place where Dorsten Ended up with a record of 7-19, Grevenbroich finished in 13th place with a record of 7-18. Even if the team had such a tough season, they were able to close out the season with a 112-88 victory over the Lowen. ‘I couldn’t have wanted anything more or better, I literally just wanted to win and make sure the fans and staff could remember us going out as winners. We did enjoy for the most part, me and the team along with the staff went for pizza after the game and enjoyed each other’s company one last time. I can say I honestly felt the warmth and love from people as our last home game was the last game we played’, stressed John Murry.

The American who last saw the flick Next Friday will never forget this season. It was his first full season as a professional. But the losing is something that he won’t be able to shake so quickly. One thing that teams couldn’t get rid of this season were the short rosters that were so often seen in the box scores which was due to Covid cases and injuries. This had a big effect on Grevenbroich who often had to play tired in the second half of games. ‘Injuries really took a toll on us as a team as we had 4 players get hurt early on during the season. With a full rotation of players we actually played a good game, it’s just hard to win a 40 minute battles with only 6 players to show up on gameday’, added John Murry. Who knows but the season could have had a total different route had the team not lost a tough 99-97 nail bitter to Bonn 2 in the first game. After that a six game losing streak followed from which the club could never recuperate from. ‘I still remember the 2 free throws that we needed at the end of the game to seal the win against Bonn, each game we almost won but it came down to last second decisions where we just couldn’t pull it out’, expressed John Murray. Their biggest problem was defense. They allowed 80 points or more in 23 of 25 games and on average gave up 94 points per game while scoring only 87 points. Is there just not enough talent level to be able to play consistent good defense in the Regionalliga? ‘Talent plays a role but I don’t think the Regionalliga is difficult in any way, it’s more about heart and will to want to defend and get stops at the end of the day’, warned John Murry. As a competitor, he also is aware that as the point guard, some of the blame is pointed toward him. ‘I do take blame in some areas of the game but not as much this season simply because I leave it all on the floor when I step in between those lines, I play as hard and as smart as I can to will my team to a victory’, warned John Murry. The whole season was a wash out as the team came together at the end winning three of four games including beating Essen, Deutzer and the Lowen. ‘At the end of the season we started playing together and had the right players on the floor at the right time, we also played smarter cut down on turnovers and made shots which helped us win games’, remembered John Murry.

John Murry who hit SE Missouri State for 33 points in the NCAA was pretty much a one man wrecking crew, but he also had strong support from Dzemal Selimovic. He is a 22 year old 205cm Montenegran center who had gathered a little Pro A and Pro B experience with the Bayer Giants Leverkusen. He came to Grevenbroich in 2020 and in his first season with Grevenbroich averaged 9.0ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.0apg and this season made a massive leap averaging 16.9ppg, 15.2rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 59.8%, FT: 57.9%. He was a real work horse and scored in double figures in 20 of 23 games and scored 20 points or more 10 times including hitting BG Hagen for 31 points and had 28 points against the Lowen. His ruthlessness and power on the boards showed as he had 20 double doubles and had double figures in rebounds in each game. He also hauled down 20 or more rebounds three times. It is no surprise that he was John Murray’s logical choice for the most improved player on the club. ‘I loved playing together with Dzemal. I feel like we are unstoppable, he also got way better from last year to this year with his effort energy towards the game and his footwork. I’m very proud of the player he is becoming. Dzemal has been ready just like many other players who want to move up to Pro B or Pro A. It’s just the matter of a coach giving him the opportunity that he deserves. He will do well with his chance’, warned John Murry. The American also had praise for young German Julian Mikhail who made the biggest strides from the young Germns on the squad. The American also wouldn’t have had the season he had, had he not received the unending freedom from head coach Ken Pfuller. ‘Playing for coach Ken was a blessing. I learned so much from him as a player and as a person, he kept me level and pushing forward through a tough season like the one we just had. Nothing but respect and blessing for him and his family’, commented John Murry.

The Indianapolis native who sees the Bucks and Suns returning to square off in the 2022 NBA final had an outstanding season on the court averaging 28.2ppg, 5.2rpg, 4.6apg, 1.8spg, FGP: 59.8%, 3PT: 38.4%, FT: 82.2%. That the player has very high standards of himself is nothing new as he described his feelings about his game in every weekly interview during the season. But after a consistent dominant season, you can have a heart and be more generous with a grade. ‘I’d give myself a B just because for me 82% at the FT line is unacceptable and I’d like to have had my assistance higher with getting guys involved more but at this point I’m just thankful for the full injury free season and looking forward to the future’, stressed John Murry. He scored in double figures in 25 games and had 20 points or more 23 times. He scored 30 points or more 11 times and 40 points or more twice. He hit Hamm for 42 points and Wulfen for 40 points. I was always hoping for 50 points, but even in the Regionalliga, you need a lot of luck and teammates that are finding you. ‘I definitely thought about it but at the end of the day I just wanted my team to get the Win and sometimes scoring 50 may not be the answer to a win but down the road who knows? It could happen as long as we get the win to go with it’, said John Murry. Even if the team lost many games, he did help win seven games and did sample some fond moments during the season. ‘The time we beat the #1 team in the league with conviction and everybody in the league wrote us off was a nice moment. I tend to do well in situations where people think I will fail. I actually enjoy people writing me off and thinking I won’t succeed, it just adds fuel to the fire’, warned John Murry. He finally played his first full season something he had never done before. It is only logical that his game grew. ‘I feel like my game grew tremendously, I found out certain things about myself this season that I didn’t know I had in me, I grew mentally when it came to dealing with younger players who hadn’t played this game for a long while, I also grew as person and became better on the floor but more importantly better off the floor’, added John Murry. He is already at home getting prepared for next season while other guys are laying low at home on the couch with ding dongs and Jerry Springer reruns. He knows exactly what has to happen with his game if he wants to continue to climb the basketball ladder. ‘Just making sure I maintain my court awareness and improve my decision making, I will make sure to do everything else that I have planned out in taking my game to a new level’, stressed John Murry. It will be a very interesting and exciting summer as he should be getting in very many offers. ‘Only God knows my next steps as of now, I’m just controlling what I can control in order to make an impact on winning with whatever team I sign with for next season. I believe I can play at the highest level in any country in the world and that’s no disrespect to any player or coach that came before me, multiple coaches and players told me I am Pro A material but I haven’t played Pro A so I can’t say it for sure, but I believe in my abilities and all the things I hear about Pro A I am sure I would do well in that league’, warned John Murry. His self-confidence is sky high which is only normal. He is an American basketball player and if you aren’t aware of your abilities than you shouldn’t be playing the game. Sky is the limit for him. If he doesn’t at least find his name on a German Pro B jersey next season then I will be very surprised. This guy has paid more than normal dues. He deserves a shot at a higher level. He can play and has the right mind set and is point blank a real competitor.

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