Patrick Richard(U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca) Will Never Forget Their Incredible BCL Season That Ended Against The MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg

Patrick Richard (196-G/F-1990, college: McNeese St., agency: Inception Sports) is a 32 year old 196cm guard from Lafayette, Louisiana playing his ninth professional season and third with U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca (Romania-Liga Nationala). He has gained vast experience having played in countries like Australia, Holland, Germany, France, Israel and Spain. He began his basketball career at Carencro high school and played at Mcneese State (NCAA) form 2008-2012 playing a total of 122 NCAA games. As a professional he has won three titles and played 300 plus professional games. He spoke to after the do or die 79-73 loss to the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg

Thanks Pat for talking to The Basketball Champions League season has ended for with U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca. How are your feelings after the loss? The team gave everything?

No problem miles. And at the moment hurt and disappointment of course. We fought until the end as we have all season

The MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg defended so tough in the first quarter. How would you describe their energy in the first quarter compared to the fourth quarter? There must be a difference?

They are a constant team that is aggressive. We never handled that well

U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca suffered 8 turnovers in the first quarter. Was that the best defense that Ludwigsburg had played up to that point?

Even when you know they are going to be aggressive this way it’s not easy to overcome. And the first half was very bad for us

You made a great block in the second quarter that was missed by the scouting table. Is your defense underestimated since everyone knows you can score at ease?

I’m not sure but I try and give all I can on both ends when I play.

Ludwigsburg took control in the second half leading 37-23 at the break. How much did their many tough shots made hurt you mentally?

They did hit a bunch of tough ones over a hand but even being down we never gave up and still always believed we could come back

How rare is it too have the athleticism of Guzman and Stewart be totally shut down in a half?

Specifically they weren’t shut down. The defense they applied just got us completely out of any offenses we wanted to run so all of us were affected

What did head coach Mikai Silvason tell you guys at the break to focus more on in the second half?

He just told us we never give up. Fight until the end as we have been all season long

When a guy like Justin Simon is 0/5 and still 7-8 other guys are scoring tell you just how deep this Ludwigsburg team is?

They are very deep and the way they rotate players they can always constantly bring the pressure.

How key has Stefan Bircevic been this season? He nailed two back to back three’s at the start of the third quarter and made a block?

Stef is a very experienced player and he has been key for us all season long with him spacing the floor.

How tough was it in general playing catch up all night against Ludwigsburg? Especially when they seem to always have open shooters ready?

Being down to them by 10-15 is like being down 20 BUT we really just kept on fighting and had a few chances at the end to get the win still despite all the other factors in the game

What was tougher to avoid on this night? The Ludwigsburg deflections or getting into passing lanes and disrupting your rhythm?

All of the above. Very very hard to win games turning the ball over that many times

The team shot 14/26 from the free throw line? At times it felt like a jinx for you.

A lot of those misses were big in a sense of the timing of them. To break their momentum or runs they were on. But this is just a make or miss situation whoever steps up at the line has to deal with

The team never gave up, but always was trying to get over the hump. How was the fatigue level at the start of the fourth quarter?

In a game of this magnitude fatigue isn’t even a thought while being out there.

You cut it down to 4 points with very little time remaining. What was missing for the team to have been able to get over the hump?

A few balls bouncing their way and some calls made by the refs. I’m not an excuse person at all so a lot of things we could have controlled ourselves as well

What will you always remember from the 2021-2022 Basketball Champions League run?

I’ll always remember how far we have come. How much we showed throughout the season in making it through the qualification rounds. Winning both groups we were in and being very close to making it to a final four.

What is your prediction for Holon-Tenerife and Manresa-Ludwigsburg? Who will reach the final and take it all?

‘m not sure about who will make it or win I’ll just say Goodluck to all 4 of the teams and may the best one win!

Thanks Pat for the chat.

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