Patrick Richard(U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca) Knows They Have Been Doubted All Season And Will Have To Earn Everything Again In The Do or Die Game Against Ludwigsburg

Patrick Richard
 (196-G/F-1990, college: McNeese St., agency: Inception Sports) is a 32 year old 196cm guard from Lafayette, Louisiana playing his ninth professional season and third with U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca (Romania-Liga Nationala). He has gained vast experience having played in countries like Australia, Holland, Germany, France, Israel and Spain. He began his basketball career at Carencro high school and played at Mcneese State (NCAA) form 2008-2012 playing a total of 122 NCAA games. As a professional he has won three titles and played 300 plus professional games. He spoke to after the tough game 2 loss against the MHP Riesen in Germany.

U-BT Cluj Napoca lost a tough 93-75 game 2 to the hands of the MHP Riesen? What was more difficult to handle the unending Ludwigsburg aggressiveness or the refs iffy calls?

We did not handle the pressure they applied and that was a big factor in the final score. No excuses from our end about the refs.

U-BT Cluj Napoca had the 19-15 lead after 10 minutes. Did it feel like a playoff game?

Of course it felt like a playoff game because it is a playoff game. 2 teams that want to make the final 4.

You played incredible defense. What was at the top of your game plan defensively going in?

We started out well defensively but over the course of the game some of their shooters got open shots from breakdowns and also bad offense led to better opportunities for them.

There were 12 turnovers in the first 10 minutes. What is the most annoying thing about Ludwigsburg defense in the half court?

They are a constant in their pressure and we must do a better job in game 3 of handling this.

You did a pretty good job on Ethan Happ. It seemed like you didn’t gamble as much on defense as Ludwigsburg despite having 7 turnovers.

He hurt us in the short roll on pick and rolls in the first half. We all around have to be better!

The second quarter continued to be a real dog fight. Ethan Happ began to dominate shooting 4/6 in the quarter. Did you still have the same game plan of letting him operate and let the others be the hero?

Well he was getting good position against us from our rotations and making some easy ones.

He almost always is right next to the basket when he finishes. Could one have been more physical with him?

As a whole defensively it’s not just about one guy hurting us! Our rotations have to be better even on him.

In the last 2 minutes the MHP Riesen went on a 7-0 run. It seemed if you just loose a blink of your defensive intensity they will make you pay.

At the end we gambled a bit on defense and they hit open shots.

Justin Simon also was a menace. What is so tough keeping him in check?

He plays with a big motor and energy constantly. And when he hits outside shots it’s tough to guard him.

How much did it hurt only having Dustin Hogue in there for 4 minutes with 3 fouls? I guess you can never turn off his energizer bunny intensity.

I think it wasn’t right how they called so many fouls on him being that the entire game is physical. Pretty questionable calls BUT like I said no excuses We must be better as a whole. But losing him is tough since he is an amazing energy guy for us.

You kept fighting back in the third quarter, but it seemed like Ludwigsburg stepped up their intensity another notch on defense. Which player was the biggest pest?

They play team defense so it isn’t one guy. It’s a whole how they are aggressive

Dustin Hogue fouled out late in the third quarter. Karel Guzman made a clutch difficult offensive rebound and put back. Does his rebound work get underappreciated?

A lot gets looked over with Guz. He does a lot more than the stat sheet will show

You made a sweet buzzer beater to end the third quarter to be down 64-57. Was that a timed bank shot?

I just was trying to get a shot up and sometimes that happens.

In the fourth quarter Ludwigsburg led by as much as 18 points. Did they wear you down? How much of a factor was the 43-17 bench points with 4 minutes to play?

I don’t think we wore down I just think our energy wasn’t where it needed to be consistently.

You cut it down to 8 points with three minutes to go, but two big three’s from Polas-Bartolo and Radebaugh put a dagger through your heart. Was playing on adrenaline against a aggressive team like Ludwigsburg at the end gone with fatigue?

No us scrambling as the end to trap opened some open shots and those guys knocked them down

A do or die game three awaits you at home. What lesson did the team learn from this game?

It was one game. This is a three game series and we are heading home in front of our fans. Do or die in game three. What more can people ask for.

Better rebounding and taking care of the ball will be key in game three. How confident are you that the heart of the players and the atmosphere of the fans will take the team to new heights in game 3?

We have been doubted all season and that’s fine. We must earn everything as we have all season long. See you all in game three.

Thanks Pat for the chat.

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