Patrick Richard(U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca ) Knows They Belong But Will Still Be The Underdog Despite Winning Another Massive BCL Game

Patrick Richard (196-G/F-1990, college: McNeese St., agency: Inception Sports) is a 32 year old 196cm guard from Lafayette, Louisiana playing his ninth professional season and third with U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca (Romania-Liga Nationala). He has gained vast experience having played in countries like Australia, Holland, Germany, France, Israel and Spain. He began his basketball career at Carencro high school and played at Mcneese State (NCAA) form 2008-2012 playing a total of 122 NCAA games. As a professional he has won three titles and played 300 plus professional games. He spoke to after the exciting 76-73 BCL win over the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg.

Congrats Pat on the huge 76-73 win over the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg in the quarterfinals of the Basketball Champions League.

Thanks miles!

How enjoyable is it being able to play in front of 10,000 enthusiastic fans now again after 2 years of Covid?

It’s great for all of Europe who follow champions league to really see how great the fans are in cluj Romania.

IT must be like day and night seeing the capacity of other arena’s in Romania. Does an atmosphere like that sometimes bring you back to your NCAA days?

It can bring me back a little bit but being around Europe In a lot of top leagues and also Australia that’s a norm in some places.

U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca have bene the underdog all season long in the Basketball Champions League and pulled out another big win. Is all this underdog talk and beating teams becoming more normal or is every 40 minute affair still a big challenge?

To be honest we have been an underdog to the outside world BUT we always feel we belong!

U-Banca Transilvania Cluj Napoca had a super start allowing only 13 points in the first quarter. What has been the big staple on the team defense this season that has helped the team be successful?

Our coaches do a great job with preparation and we just try and execute to our best the gameplan. Consistently being aggressive on defense is what we try to maintain each game

The guests got better into the game in the second quarter scoring 21 points. Big Man Ethan Happ was a menace. He is a big body that knows how to use his body, but did you know about his hook shot going in?

We knew he was their best post presence and he did a good job of getting to his spots in the post to be affective

Elijah Stewart had the highlight of the game with an incredible alley-op dunk at the end of the second quarter. Where does that rank in your all-time best dunks in your career? You recently had an incredible shot where you switched the ball in mid air to your right hand and saw nothing but net. Which shot was sweeter?

I’ll give it to stew for sure. That was crazyyyyyy to see up close lol

The third quarter continued to be a close battle. I really enjoyed Karel Guzman’s energy. What do you feel of his game doesn’t get appreciated enough?

UNDERRATED PLAYER! That’s all I’m going to say about Guz! All of Europe will see soon enough how big time he can Be!

Dustin Hogue is like this programed Duracel energy bunny. Does that guy ever cool down or does he sometimes have that energy off the court?

Dustin is a guy my whole career I always wanted on my team but hated to play against lol he is a laid back guy off the court but on the court what he does is infectious and we all feed off of him

You were down by 7 points in the fourth quarter and one has to say that veteran Brandon Brown was the unsung hero of the game. He added 8 points with hot shooting and you also made some big shots How valuable is his leadership and calmness on the team?

He is very valuable and the point guard that leads us out there. After his injury he came back very determined to bring himself once again and as his backcourt mate I try to make it as easy as I can for him to be himself

With the game tied at 68-68 came the turning point. Elijah Stewart and Stefan Bircevic made massive three’s and they then did cut it down to one point with a minute to play, but you buckled down to get the win. What was key for getting the win?

To get this win it was just staying the course. They are a tough team and what they do is what they do. We just continued to believe and having a 6th man (our crowd) helped tremendously

Did you get a little lucky that Jonah Radebaugh missed a lay up and three in the last minute?

I wouldn’t call it luck but the coverage was messed up a little bit! He got a good look but Karel was able to recover and get a great contest on the shot

Are the 13 Ludwigsburg offensive rebounds a danger? There were quite a few rebounds and loose balls that just didn’t go Dustin Hogue’s way. Are you confident that the team will show a different face on the glass in Ludwigsburg?

That’s a key in ludwisburg game. Offensive rebounds after their misses. They are by far are the best team in champions league with this. We must do a better overall job of gang rebounding in game 2

The arena won’t be as loud in Romania next week, but it will be a battle. What will be the biggest key for the win?

We must bring our defensive attitude with us and take care of the ball much better on the road. Keep them off the offensive boards as best as we can to give us the best chance at a win

Kansas recently beat North Carolina in a exciting final. What was your favorite NCAA final to watch growing up?

Well while being in Europe I don’t watch too many finals lol too late for me. BUT just off the top of my head I can say when I was a kid I think it was Duke and UConn when Rip Hamilton and those guys took the title from my favorite college player at the time Trajan Langdon.

Thanks Pat for the chat.

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