Bamberg was Eddy Edigin´s Introduction to the easyCredit BBL And Now With The Hamburg Towers He Has Found Routine

Eddy Edigin (201-F-95) is a 26 year old 201cm forward playing his first season with the Hamburg Towers. He began his career with FC Bayern Munich in the Regionalliga. He then found experience in the Pro B with Nordlingen before reaching the BBL in 2017 with Brose Bamberg. He needed three more years of grooming in the Pro A with Baunach and Leverkusen before getting back to the BBL. He spoke to after the 92-80 upset win over the Telekom Baskets Bonn.

Congrats Eddy on the massive 92-80 win over #1 team Telekom Baskets Bonn. Chemnitz upset FC Bayern Munich today. What a crazy Sunday. How good are wins like this for the league?

These two wins show how well balanced the league is. It also shows that you can’t underestimate any teams. It also shows how competitive the league is. These type of wins are great for all except for the losers.

How cool is it having teams like Hamburg and Chemnitz doing so well in the league? Do you feel like people seriously know that Callas and Pastore belong to the best coaches in the BBL?

Yes definitely they belong to the best coaches in the league. Pedro already showed what he can do in Vechta and is showing it now in Hamburg. I think he has belonged to the best in the league the last years

How big was this victory after the two loses to Alba Berlin and Brose Bamberg? How good was the mentality going into the game?

This was a big win for us. The last weeks have been tough with injuries. This win was great for our moral and will bring us together even more. We came into this game well prepared and took it very seriously like every game. We were without two key players and took on the challenge. We have that mentality no matter what happens we give it our all. Wins like this will help us grow even more as a team.

The Hamburg Towers exploded for 28 points in the first quarter. Despite Caleb Homesley exploding for 33 points in the game, the team shared the ball really well in the first quarter. How vital w as that togetherness right off the bat?

We came together early, because we remained aggressive and made the tempo. We did a good job playing our game for 40 minutes and not getting away from it.

The Hamburg Towers kept on the pressure in the second quarter leading 52-38 at the break. How vital was it having incredible offensive support from Max DiLeo and Lukas Meisner. Do they understand how much the team appreciates their production?

They were very important. They both hit big three’s. We had that next man mentality where when guys are out the next one’s step up.

In the third quarter the Hamburg Towers kept up the pressure and double figure lead. What was the secret to containing Parker Jackson-Cartwright better? Do you feel like teams will figure him out better in the second half of the season?

We knew that he is their main guy. He was a main figure on our scouting report. We knew his strengths and weaknesses. We did a pretty good job taking away his strengths. He didn’t play for a while in the fourth and that really helped us. I’m glad our game plan worked.

Hamburg probably would still have won had they only had half of Caleb Homesley’s points. How much was he in the zone today and what do you appreciate most about his game?

Caleb isn’t afraid of anything. That is what really stands out for me. He also always shoots the ball no matter what. He loves the big moments. He took even more responsibility tonight because one of our main guys was out. I don’t appreciate a certain skill, but more the way he approaches the game.

The Hamburg Towers had three strong stats with 20 offensive rebounds, 15 three’s and 7 turnovers. Which was the bigger stat today for the club?

I think the turnovers and three’s were our two most important stats. We knew that they defend aggressive so we knew we had to make shots. We had good ball movement that also helped. Each basket was important. I’m glad that our three’s fell today.

Seth Hinrichs had another great game with 10 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals. This guy does everything on the floor. Is he the ultimate glue guy?

Not really. He is a silent leader. With Brown out, we needed other guys to step up and he did. He brings important calmness to the team. He has taken responsibility the last two games. But that is nothing new for us. We know what he can do.

Is it strange to see a guy like ex NBA player Ray McCallum not playing huge minutes? Granted he came to the team very late, but what is the most vital thing that he gives the team?

Surprised and not surprised. The system we play is very complex. You need time to learn and understand it and get used to it. I like his attitude most. He will show his worth in games soon. I’m sure of it. He shows what he can do in practice.

The Hamburg Towers are having a good BBL season and respectable Eurocup season. What has been the difference between success and failure under Pedro Calles?

I think that we have success the most when we follow our game plan, come together and play our game. That is when we have success. When we don’t do it, then we don’t have success. I also think that a mix of our strong defense, good 1-1 players and guys that understand the game help us achieve success. We also play high tempo basketball. Everybody understands their role and everybody play for the team.

You next face Turk Telekom in the Eurocup. How excited are you to be playing against a number of ex NBA players like Tyler Ennis, Aaron Harrison and Jajuan Johnson. Are you like a small kid in a candy store?

If you asked me a month ago, I would of said yes, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Last season I would watch these guys on TV. I had absolutely no vision that I would be playing against them a year later. But after playing against Badalona and Kuban, I have seen how it is playing against talented guys like that. At first it was surreal, but that didn’t last long. Now I don’t see them on TV anymore, but on the floor. It has become normal for me, but I haven’t forgotten it. I’m still a little nervous on the floor, but I don’t worry.

Your playing your second season in the easyCredit BBL. How is this season different for you then when you were with Bamberg four years ago?

All is different than four years ago in Bamberg. I’m getting more minutes, have more responsibility, am older and experienced and understand the dynamics of the game better. It is still the same level, but a different atmosphere. In Bamberg was my introduction and now I have more routine.

How do you feel are you benefiting most from the teacher Pedro Calles on the court?

He has helped me in many ways. I’m very thankful that he has given me a chance to prove myself at the highest level. I feel I have learned to read plays better and he has allowed me to play to my strengths. This has been a great experience for me.

How do you feel did your game mature in the Pro A with the Bayer Giants Leverkusen where you were for 2 years?

My game grew a lot in Leverkusen. My game got more mature and I got better experience and understanding to certain situations on the court.

You weren’t a great Regionalliga player in Munich and solid Pro B player with Nordlingen. Would you say that you are the classic late bloomer?

Yes I’m a late bloomer. I started late at age 17 and played my first NBBL game at age 18. The early years weren’t always easy. Even now there are times that aren’t easy. But I always find a solution no matter what. I never get down after a bad practice or game. I just keep working and try to get better. Being able to get out of difficult situations has given me stability and security. I never force anything but just try to develop naturally and try to be consistent.

Your 26 years old. You started against Bonn and average 12 minutes per game. What goals do you have with your personal game?

I have to find myself more as a player and show my strengths more and see where it takes me. I don’t have those big goals of what league I want to play in, but more important is to continue to work on my skills and have the opportunity to show it. I want to establish myself as a big man in the BBL.

Who wins a one on one in practice you or Robin Christen?

I would always bet on myself.

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

No I didn’t see it. I heard that it wasn’t bad, but in comparison to the original it was nothing. They should have left it alone.

Thanks Eddy for the chat.

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