Jeremy Ingram(SG Mannheim) Is Always Striving To Get Better While Others Are Asleep And Content With Their Games

Jeremy Ingram (183-G-91, college: AAMU) is a 183cm point guard from Alabama playing his sixth professional season and second season with SG Mannheim (Regionalliga). He has played in Germany his whole career with teams like Speyer, TV Idstein and VFL Bensheim. Currently he is leading the whole German Regionalliga in scoring averaging an incredible 34,5ppg, 4,8rpg, 3,1apg and 3,0spg. He spoke to about basketball.

JJ thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you at the moment?

I’m playing in Mannheim this season and I’m doing great, individually. As long as I’m playing the game I love I’m happy.

It has been more than a year since we last spoke. How have you experienced COVID-19 in the last year? How tough was it for your season abruptly ending ?

I lost a contract for a top league team in another country because of Covid ending the season, so I think that was the toughest thing about covid for me because that was kind of the Big Break I was looking for. I still struggle mentally for the missed opportunity, but I got faith I will get another good opportunity.

How did you stay active in the last year? Did the grind and your will to improve explode through the roof?

I stayed active even when all the gyms were closed because I have connections with a lot of people in my area of Germany. So there were only a few gyms open during covid and I had access to them so since Covid closed down everything, the only thing I could do was get in the gym and work on my game.

Are you afraid that COVID could end your season again? Currently the numbers are at it’s highest in Germany and lock downs could be possible again.

I mean of course I’m afraid because basketball is how I get paid and make money so I never like when covid ends our season.

You are leading the Regionalliga averaging an incredible 33,0ppg. How tough is it scoring at ease and being a top player but having a losing record?

I just look at the situation as all the work I’m putting in this season is going to make me only better and stronger as a player for the next season. But I’m still routing and pushing for my teammates to bounce back and get this thing rolling again like we did before we started this losing streak.

Your playing in Mannheim again. How nice is it going back to the place where you played your second professional season?

I love the organization and the organization loves me and that is always important. I know they appreciate the big contribution from me that led us to a championship and I appreciate them giving me the chance.

Mannheim began great with a 3 game winning streak, but since have had a 7 game losing streak. What have been the biggest reasons for this losing streak?

Well, as the on court leader of the team I take a lot of responsibility for this . I try to do everything I can for my team to be successful but things just haven’t been working out as of late. But a lack of full team practices is also a major factor because everyone has regular jobs besides basketball so it is hard for the whole team to be at all the practices.

How much did the tight loses against Reutlingen and Stuttgart hurt? Is Mannheim better than it’s record shows?

It hurts the most because these are 2 of the top teams in our league at the time and we barely lose because of a bad turnover or missed wide open shots late in the game. We always are beating these good teams and we always can never keep the lead to close in the game so I think we are a pretty decent team, we just need to find better ways to keep these big leads that we have.

What has it been like being reunited with Polish veteran Slawomir Klocek? Is he a role model for you? Do you still want to be playing at age 36?

I honestly love playing with him and against him in practice. He is 1 of the more skilled players I have played with since I’ve been in Germany and also 1 of the strongest. That’s definitely my guy , even when he is yelling at me for some of the shots I take.

How vital has it been having another massive scoring option like German Alexander Kuhn?

Without him, the team would have severe offensive problems. Alex is 1 of the best pure shooters I ever played with. Start of the season me and Alex together scored more points than the other team and won the game so that tells you how significant he is to our team , not just points but also Rebounding.

Jeremy Ingram and Miles Schmidt-Scheuber in Idstein, Germany in 2020

Your playing your best season as a professional. Are you in your prime now?

I say i am in my prime , but I know I can get even better with my work ethic so I will continue to Grind so I can keep improving.

What do you credit your exceptional play to? Just more hard work than usual?

Well with my age I’m becoming a smarter scorer and I’m learning my spots on the court, and I’m always trying to improve while others are asleep and content with their game, I’m out trying to be great.

How tough was it exploding for 48 points against Ludwigsburg, but losing by 38 points? Is a loss like that more on your mind than how you played?

Well , our 2nd leading scorer didn’t play that game and they brought all their professional players down to play against us. So I take pride in those 48 points because they double teamed and triple teamed me that whole game even with their pro players and they still couldn’t stop me so that’s definitely a hard earned 48.

There are a lot of many other good players in the Regionalliga. Do you keep tabs on them and watch what they are doing?

I am cool and friends with a few Americans in our league . And I communicate with other teams American players after these games just to meet new people.I’m sure all of us American players in this league keep up with how each other is playing.

You need no help in the scoring department. On what other area’s of your game are you working on most now so you can continue to get better?

Well I always want to be an even better defender. I think I am a pretty decent perimeter defender but of course there is always room for improvement.

How big is your hunger to keep moving up the basketball ladder. With your current great play, are you already looking to next year and moving up to a higher league?

There is nothing else more important to me right now than to get back everything I feel the game of basketball owes me. I deserve to be playing in a top league somewhere and that’s where 100% of my focus is right now.

Do you feel like Scottie Pippen is hurting his own legacy with his critical words about his teammate Michael Jordan?

I mean Pippen has his own opinions and outlook on that situation. So I don’t judge him because you never know his side of the story because we all focus on Jordan. But I think whatever it is he tripping about, he should find a better way to express it.

Do you feel like Anthony Davis is underperforming for the Lakers? Shouldn’t he make the next step in his play? Is he a top 5 NBA player now?

I think injuries maybe a major factor on his performance but I was disappointed in him last season when Lebron got hurt and Davis couldn’t carry his team as he should. So I’ve been disappointed in AD.

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they just have left it alone?

I didn’t think it was horrible but I do think the storyline was all over the place and maybe they rushed a few things. Had a couple funny moments but they could have did better with the storyline definitely.

Thanks Jeremy for the chat.

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