Will Predrag Lukic Return To Europe Or Remain In Asia?

Predrag Lukic was born in Serbia and grew up in Germany and is one of the most successful European coach in South East Asia. He possesses the coaching degree from DBB and has the FIBA license. He stared as a young coach in Germany, which ranged from Regionalliga to Bundesliga level as well as for women and men teams. He just finished a few months ago his 6th season as Head coach in Asia, crowned as Supporters Cup Champ 2021 in the Vietnam professional League (VBA) with Thang Long Warriors by Audi before the league got Unfortenetely cancelled due of COVID. He spoke to germanhoops.com about basketball.

Coach, thanks for your time with germanhoops..com and congrats to your last updated successful achievement with your Team in VBA.

Thanks Miles for this Interview with you one of the best Journalists and your website germanhoops.com

You now have your 6th season as coach in Asia, four of them in Vietnam. You are now a veteran coach in the VBA and are one of the most successful there, with, among other things, Coach of The Year 2019, Runners up Trophies etc and, last but not least, the newly crowned Supporters Cup Champ 2021. How is your feeling about, where are you now, still in Vietnam or, tell us about your experiences and how things will continue now for you?

Yes we were first in the standings in the regular season, won the ‘Supporters Cup’ and were the only team to win the quarter-finals in the playoffs and reached the semi-finals. I can say, I’m very proud of my team, staff and club. Unfortunately, the 2021 season ended then prematurely in September due to the pandemic situation. Now I am at home in Serbia and enjoy my time with family. Slowly but surely, I am wondering whether I will extend my contract in Vietnam and thus go into my 5th year there, or whether I will go back to Europe

Are there currently offers from Europe?

Fortunately, there is. In the next few days I’ll make up my mind or see how everything develops. My current club TLW in VBA still have my passion and priority, we should be able to agree on the extension of the contract, which I assume.

There is another great thing, one tweets from our sources, you are a top candidate to take over the Vietnam national team as head coach for the upcoming Sea games? What’s up?

I can’t and do not want to comment on this at the moment. Of course it would be a great honor after my almost 5 years in this beautiful country and steadily growing basketball Enthusiasmus to lead the NT. You would be the first one I inform, if there is a concrete offer on table

Predrag, thanks for your time and happy holidays to you and your family.

Thank you Miles, happy holidays!

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