Versatile Joe Asberry Is Ready To Make New Steps With His Special Personality With

Joe Asberry is an American ex professional basketball player that really has seen it all from crime to drugs, but also played against legends like David Robinson (215-C-65, college: Navy), Gary Payton, Jason Kidd and Brian Shaw and was teammates with German legendary player Christian Welp. He had a 11 year professional career that saw him toil around in the minor leagues of Germany, but he belonged to the best in his day at that level. Since retiring from the game, he has been a spokesperson for young kids and drug prevention, guest speaker, worked in the Alba Berlin organization, been a master of ceremonies for UBC Hannover and been a mentor for young Americans coming overseas trying to live the dream of being a professional basketball player. Currently he works with young inspiring basketball kids and in 2020, he began his entertaining and educational Podcast called No Plan B. He spoke to about his new project with

Joe you will be calling games and doing interviews for for the Canadian market. How excited are you about this project?

A big shout out to Tom Rajabzadeh and I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity. I called games for my guys the Goch Twins with the UBC Tigers from Statliga to the Pro A in Hannover,BBL games for Hans Witsch at his tournmanent ,and for my guy “Hilly” (Alexander Hillman) so I look foward to call the games in Italy

What do you believe is your biggest strength in being able to call games and interview players?

My biggest strength calling games will be that I have been underneath bright lights and pressure on a high level in America. When players make great plays I go nuts,if they make mistakes,I’ll skip right over it because it’s a part of basketball. No shade or hate on mine.I tell people,don’t talk wreckless about PRO Basketball players that you know on your best day you can’t GUARD.

How beneficial do you think it is to have your other project,
No Plan B podcast to break into the world of Broadcasting?

A big shout out to the homey Rene Weimann. He turned me onto the podcast game ,and I love putting the underdogs storys out there. The key to the podcast is that I want to show all of the dudes who think they can just come to Europe and get paid to play basketball,that they’re all DELUSIONAL. All of our guests have paid dues,and they deserve to get paid to hoop. As for our retired guests I want their storys out there so the next generation can know what the people here in Europe expect out of a PRO,and give them the respect they deserve

What do you enjoy the most about commentating on basketball games I’m sure your unique personality will be in top form ?

My favorite part of play by play will be when someone catches a nasty dunk.I’m going to go nuts,that’s why I’m a Demar Derozoan,Kevin Yebo,and Brian Butler groupy LOL

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Joe Asberry in 2015

Tell us a bit about your partner in Crime Miles Schmidt Scheuber,a guy you have known for a long time that will join you along this journey? Miles has been known to call games with passion, have nicknames for players and having the last famous question in his interviews” What is the last movie you saw”?

To go on this journey with Miles is awesome. We talked about working together back when I was calling BBL games for Hans and now it’s going to happen Miles is the best announcer here in Germany without a doubt in my opinion,so all I have to do is follow his lead. Of course I’m a natural born entertainer,so I’ll hold up my end of the bargan LOL

Do you have any special features planned for the calls and interviews?

The only special question I will ask is which Coach believed in you. I love that because there were a few coaches who didn’t believe in me and I proved ALL OF THEM WRONG. I’m into revenge for sure LOL

You will also do interviews with players who are not on the pro basketball radar to help put them on the map. As a guy who saw it all playing in lower leagues in Germany,Finland and Luxembourg,how beneficial will this platform be for them?

It’s simple. I love to help the guys who are off the radar,because I was the guy off the radar. I had one foot in a Jail Cell until Pat Elzie got me a job in Braunschweig. I’ll always be loyal to him and I’ll always cry like a baby when I got to Alte Waage in Braunschweig,of course I’ll hide from the kids who look up to me in a bathroom

What is your goal as a former pro player to get stated in the interviews?

The interviews are the most important part of the project for me. I love helping people who are humble and have REAL pro basketball skillsets reach their goal to get PAID to play. The icing on the cake is doing games with Miles. I can’t predict the future but I hope the project is a success and helps Miles call games here in the BBL in English.So my petty butt can sit back,drink my Big German beer,and scream at my Flat Screen, Hello Magenta,I told you that this was the dude you guys needed all along LOL

One of the biggest obstacles that little known players face is being a legend in their own mind. Please explain what a player needs to know and do in order to be able to overcome any difficulty in being able to have a professional career that will last?

Most players are legends in their OWN MINDS. They find out here in Europe that you’re NOBODY until your team wins. The club moves up from lower leagues,or wins a Championship in the top leagues. You’re 1 of many guys who can ball. I came to Europe humble. I played vs David Robinson when he was at NAVY. I tried to dunk on him and he tried to knock my head off. Everyone knew he was headed to the NBA. That’s when I started to understand the difference of me dunking on people at the Marina Center in my home town Pworld,and playing vs a real 7’1 Stud. So I tell guys,you’re opinion of yourself means nothing,the only opinion that matters in Europe is the GM’S,the Head Coach,The agents,and if you can win over the fans,them too,if you get the chance and don’t get sent home first LOL

Besides calling games and doing interviews. What is your biggest goal that you want to achieve so that this project becomes a success?

My biggest goal with this project is simple, I want to help Miles get a deal to call BBL games in English. After I accomplish that mission, I’ll ride off into the sunset with my pistols in my holsters and change my name to $lim Earp! LOL

Thanks Joe for the always entertaining chat.

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