The Miles Vs Stanley Whittaker Basketball Weekly Conversation Volume 3

Stanley Whittaker (183-G-94, college: Keiser) is a 26 year old 183cm point guard from Philadelphia playing his third professional season and first in Germany with PS Karlsruhe. He played his rookie season in Lithuania and last season had his break through with UBSC Raiffeisen Graz (Austria-BSL) playing 24 games: Score-2 (21.5ppg), 6.3rpg, Assists-2 (8.0apg), Steals-1 (2.6spg), FGP: 49.3%, 3PT: 40.5%, FT: 78.4%. He played his college ball at Frank Phillips (JUCO) and Keiser (NAIA). He will team up every week with Miles Schmidt-Scheuber to talk basketball

Stan thanks for talking to After a blow out loss, then came a blow out win and now another blow out loss. How difficult is it digesting another brutal loss?

It’s tough, even though we were missing 4 players to our team, we still want to be competitive regardless of the circumstances. However, that wasn’t the case against Trier, but I credit my guys that did play and gave it their best. All we can do is move forward and get healthier!

As a basketball player how is it best to explain getting blown out after blowing out a team. How much of the mental part figured into the 96-75 loss to Trier?

It’s mentally challenging because no matter the circumstances we still want to be competitive and give ourselves a chance. We’re all professionals at the end of the day, so we have to figure out ways to remain competitive once we step in between them four lines.

The game began on a sour note for PS Karlsruhe as you only mustered 7 points. What adjustments did PS Karlsruhe make in the second quarter to get out of the rut and score 21 points.

Us only netting 7 points in a quarter is quite flustering to me. Especially, when I’m on the court. I have to be more assertive when things aren’t going our way offensively. In the second quarter, we just were more aggressive, played with a slightly better pace and we made a few shots so that helped.

PS Karlsruhe had it’s up and downs all through out the game. After being down 45-28 at the break, Trier kept supplying the pressure and scored 27 points in the third quarter and had a big lead. Why couldn’t your team find a defensive identity on this night?

Defensively we had trouble communicating as well as finishing defensive possessions with rebounds, so Trier were able to get offensive rebounds and they made us pay. We have to be better defensively, there’s no question about it.

PS Karlsruhe easily lost the rebound battle 56-19. Obviously you were undermanned but like I said two weeks ago isn’t the team missing another big?

That’s a huge difference. We still have to find a way to put a body on our man to give ourselves a chance. And we were missing two of our big men against Trier.

Was having 10 turnovers and still forcing Trier to 24 turnovers some of the only bright spots in the game?

As bad as the score may look, and with us being undermanned I think we did do some good things at certain points of the game. I think we can build on those positives.

Do you believe not having other potent scorer Ferdinand Zylka had a mental effect on the team? I guess you noticed quickly how much he was missed.

I don’t think that had a mental effect on the team. I think the entire week was rough on our group as far as preparing for Trier and not having our full team.

What was it like battling ex Seton hall (NCAA) standout Derrick Gordon? Did you know his history of having come out during school and then being a firefighter and an actor?

He was a good player, I wasn’t familiar with his history or anything like that. But I’m a competitor, I always enjoy competing.

How much confidence do you get being the best player on the court and seeing ex BBL players like Garai Zeeb have a ok night but nothing compared to you. Does reaching the highest level in Germany become more of a reality.

My confidence comes from the work I put in throughout the years. If I’m being honest, my confidence never wavers no matter who I’m competing against. And it’s no secret, I would love to have an opportunity to play at the highest level here in Germany but I’m focused on this season and the group I’m with now.

I hate asking the same question after a blow out loss, but how much did this loss hurt compared to the Leverkusen loss. You had 30 points. Do you feel like your teammates let you down a bit?

We actually look for the lessons in the losses more so than hang our heads. My teammates are my teammates, these the guys that I battle with day in day out, they can never let me down.

How difficult is it being a point guard to lead successfully when the team is so depleted with bodies. What is your main focus in a game like that?

Being a point guard is difficult in general, but I think that’s when the true character of the player shows, when your going through adversity. My main focus in a game like that is try to keep the team as composed as I possibly can.

Tom Brady returned back to New England last weekend for the first time since leaving for Tampa Bay in 2020. If Tom Brady wins one more Super bowl, is he then the greatest athlete of all-time in the world?

I’m a huge Tom Brady guy, so my answer will probably be a bit bias, but I already think he’s the greatest NFL player. When he win it this year he’ll just be adding on to his all time great career! Haha

Thanks Stan for the chat.

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