Justin Stallbohm (Bona Baskets Limburg) Feels This Years Team Has The Best Team Chemistry Since He Began There In 2011

Justin Stallbohm (182-G-92) is a 28 year old 182cm point guard that is playing his 11th season with the Bona Baskets Limburg. Between 2012-2018 he played 156 Regionalliga games and averaged 10ppg, 4,0rpg and 2,0apg in this phase. He began his basketball career with Eintracht Frankfurt and began his professional career in 2011 in Limburg playing for his dad Danny. He spoke to germanhoops.com after he contributed 13 points, 11 rebounds and 5 dimes in the convincing 86-66 win over SV 03 Tigers Tuebingen.

The Bona Baskets Limburg had a slow start losing it’s first two games. Why didn’t the defense find the form from the Pro B tournament in June and against the pre season duel against Pro A team Kirchheim Knights?

I think that it was a matter of concentration and not having the right communication yet. We did a better job with our zone today against Tuebingen. We took a step in the right direction

The teams has great players and scorers, but this season depth sems to be lacking. Couldn’t that be a problem down the stretch for the starters?

I think that since I have been here that we have always had a depth problem. But I feel honestly that our bench is deeper this season than the last years. We should of beat Saarlouis that is one of the best teams in the league. I think that we will play a good role in the Regionalliga this season.

How much of a pleasure has it been playing with KJ Sherrill. You have played with some great forwards like Kris Douse and Kevin Yebo. Where does he rank in the best power forwards that you have played with in Limburg?

I would say that KJ Sherril has been the best forward that I have played with. He has the complete package. He gives you 30 points, but also plays for the team and plays good defense. No other player has had that. Kris Douse was only a great offensive player.

How vital has Noah Westerhaus been? Please explain his best quality and why isn’t he a star player in the Pro B?

I think that Noah will go his way. It was hard for him to find his way in Koblenz. They always have 12 strong players. He will show with us that he belongs in the Pro B. It will help him here getting more minutes. That will help his self confidence.

You have been in Limburg as long as Kus Kan. What kind of relationship do you guys have having been teammates so long? Is he like a brother for you?

We are like brothers. We played together as youths and he is my best friend. We understand each other blind on the court. He always gives everything for the team. He is always hustling and can hit the open three.

Please tell your nicest Mantes Bernatavicius story. Could he be the perfect body guard for the German chancellor?

Mantas is a very good basketball player, but he could also be a very good body guard. He has an incredible IQ and was a Lithuanian national player. All love him. He is a super teammate. This is the best chemistry that I have had since I began here.

Does it ever get old playing for your dad Danny? Is there anything that he can still teach you?

I have played for him since joining the men’s team in 2011. Playing for my dad has it’s good and bad points. You obviously have to take a lot of criticism form him. But on the other hand he gives me and my teammates a lot of self-confidence. I can still learn from him now. He has so much experience having played in the second Bundesliga.

Do you feel like having that three and D label is just? I feel that you are so much more than that?

I have nothing against that label. I drove more to the basket in the past. Now I’m more the three and D player. I do whatever the team needs from me. I had 11 rebounds tonight.

You have an incredible smile. That rascal like smile. Do you have a funny story that involved your smile?

That smile has been with me since my childhood. Kids called me scream face. My smile reminded them of the Scream mask from the movie.

Do you ever wonder where your career may have gone had you remained in the Fraport Skyliners organization?

Frankfurt always has many good youth prospects. But they pick out a few each season and really try to push them. I feel giving each player that push is missing. I didn’t have the trust. They wanted me to be a point guard and not shoot. Back then I played for both youth teams Frankfurt and Limburg. When I played with Limburg I remember scoring 40 against Frankfurt. I don’t think they really liked that.

Please name your five favorite teammates of all-time?

Butch Wennerstrom, Kris Douse, Alex Nelcha, KJ Sherril and Kan Kus

What was the last movie that you saw?

Squid Game.

Thanks Justin for the chat.

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