Sergej Rudovic(BC Amager) Was On The Radar Of Alba Berlin And Continues To Develop His Game

Sergej Rudovic (192-G-03) is a 18 year old 192cm guard from Sweden playing in Denmark for BC Amager. So far in his early career he has had found experience playing with teams Stevnsgade U16 team (Sweden), Talje Knights (Sweden-Basketettan) and Team FOG Naestved (Denmark-BasketLigaen). sat down with the young guard to talk basketball.

Thanks Sergej for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you at the moment?

Hi Miles, Big thanks for having me here, right now I am in Copenhagen Denmark, and basketball life has not treating me the best the past 6 months. I had a stressful summer with not knowing where I would end up playing. Despite that I am not giving up on my dreams and when I put myself into something I put myself 100% into it.

Last season you played for Team FOG Naestved (Denmark-BasketLigaen) playing only 10 games. At the moment you are without a club. How difficult has it been finding a new team with COVID and not getting a real chance last season?

Last season for me as a teenage player was really tough since I think I deserved more than what I got .I recently got picked up by the Coach Almir Zeco from the club Bk Amager who also are part of basketligaen. I was careful with choosing a team this year since I didn’t want to end up in the same situation like last season, it wouldn’t be healthy for my career. I’m super thankful that Almir picked me up and most importantly believe in me, the rest is in my hands.

Do you feel like Team FOG Naestved (Denmark-BasketLigaen) gave up on you? Why do you feel didn’t you get a real chance there?

I don’t feel they recognize that they gave up on me, either do I. In young age of playing professional basketball there are always players who are paid a lot more than you, so no matter how good you do, they still have to play. It all starts when you are buying players in the beginning if you sign a young player who you want to develop into something, than you are not supposed to buy in 7 other players into the same position.

What kind of relationship did you have with head coach Arnel Dedic? How difficult is it having that player/coach relationship when you are hardly playing?

It’s a relation based on mutual respect and I will always respect him for introducing me to senior/profesional basketball. I was not really focused on the relationship, for me it was mostly that I still stay in love with basketball and keep developing by working out with my personal coaches

What was most challenging for you personally during COVID? Do you feel like mentally it had a toll on you as it did for so many other players around the globe?

It definitely had, I lost 2 seasons and now this last season as u19 I will not play. It’s hard since I still have some goals as a youth player that I wanted to attend to, as far as playing the ADNGT Tournament. Since that didn’t happen I hope to one day play the real Euroleague

Team FOG Naestved (Denmark-BasketLigaen) has been a solid club for years always making the playoffs. What do you feel was the biggest problem for you cracking the rotation? Was it being Swedish a problem for making a break through past the team’s young Danish players?

As I mentioned before. You can not bring a young player in and give him no space (stack the roster om my position) if I would have got 5+ minutes I definitely would have got into my momentum. No it had nothing to do with me being Swedish, the management loved me and I can’t hide the fact that they wanted me to stay. The problem is not having an overview of what you are buying into.

Despite playing only 10 games and averaging only 2,3 minutes per game, do you feel like this experience could give you some positives?

I definitely showed quality in some of those games. It’s hard to really do something positive in those minutes when the game almost is done. I have had some great assists during those minutes. Positives I got from it is that I BELONG.

Your from Sweden. How is the state of Swedish basketball. Why does a young player like you go to Denmark? Isn’t there better support for bringing up young Swedes at home?

In Sweden I have been under the radar for a while I grew up around in Europe, nobody really knows what I am capable of, and I haven’t really had my focus in the Swedish market this off season, since for me it was most important to go to a coach who will believe in me.

You played for the Serbian U-16 team in 2019. Talk a little about your connection to Serbia. Wouldn’t getting proper basketball training in Serbia be an option?

The National team was fun, really fun and was a nice experience with a great group of guys that I am really good friends with still to this day. Since that summer corona appeared and I have got under the radar in those years. I hope to be part of the U20 squad. I have wanted to play in Serbia back in 2019 where some coaches from good teams came and watched the practices, but I decided I wanted to go to Buducnost Vold u19 squad where Peter Mijovic was coaching. He was promoted to the men’s team and that opportunity was dropped.

Let’s talk a little about your game. You’re a 192cm guard. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player or player in Europe who would best fit the description?

I hope to grow more, since my grandad was 2,05 cm tall I don’t feel I had my summer where I grew 10cm. I follow a lot Stefan Peno from Alba Berlin and we are very similar with our playing. Calm smart shoot the shots that have to be taken and be a leader.

Talk a little about your strengths as a player. What kind of a player do you want to see yourself developing into?

With the energy I’m bringing on the court I am capable of getting the team into momentum. I want to see myself develop into a stabile Euroleague player, and I’m not hiding the fact that I have been a big fan of Alba where I have been on the radar as a youth.

What are the biggest area’s of improvement in your game where you are working the most time on to get better?

I work all around. During the off season I worked a lot on the way I’m dribbling the ball the right way as well soothing the ball with balance after movement, and get my body in a basketball shape with low body fat.

Please explain in a few sentences why you could help any team right now with your game?

The only thing I can control is playing defense and giving energy. With the team ball movement I am sure I would get to my shoots. I wouldn’t say I am an experienced player yet but I have seen how things work and how they should be.

Who is the toughest player that you have ever played against?

I have played against and with many players who now are in Euroleague or seen as top prospects for the NBA and one of the toughest I played against would definitely be my good friend Mihajlo Petrovic from Partizan. He is a really nice player

Where does Luka Doncic rank right now among the greatest players in world and where will he end up one day in the world’s greatest players?

I can’t say where he will end up being but I am a fan of his game and his smartness, he is never rushing it into some situations but he is controlling the game.

Thanks Sergej for the chat.

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