The Fraport Skyliners Juniors Spray 15 three´s in an Ugly Turnover Slug Fest Recording 93-59 Victory Over The TSV Oberaching Tropics

Fraport Skyliners after the buzzer celebrating 93-59 win over TSV Oberaching Tropics

It doesn´t happen often in the German Pro B, but every so often it does when two teams meet within only a few days. Last season the schedule allowed the Fraport Skyliners Juniors to meet the TSV Oberaching Tropics  within 4 days where the two clubs split. In the meeting in Frankfurt the Bavarian team led by head coach Mario Matic who was a teammate of 2009 easyCredit BBL scoring champion Omari Westley with Nordlingen was spanked 99-76 as Len Schoorman and Noah Kamden combined for 41 points. This time around both players were absent and the Fraport Skyliners Juniors were reeling from a very tough blow out loss to Pro B favorite EPG Baskets Koblenz. On the other hand the TSV Tropics Oberaching came to Frankfurt with a massive 61-59 home win over Erfurt and had a lot of chemistry and self confidence coming to Frankfurt. The Bavarian guests who had to let go from rising German talent Benjamin Schroeder who decided to stick to youth team IBAM, but still had a very strong team led by captain Janosch Koegler and many experienced players that know how to play together. The Fraport Skyliners Juniors as always have a very deep young team that are always ready for a surprise and once again they came ready to play and spanked the TSV Oberaching Tropics again this time without Len Schoorman 93-59. It was a game that saw the Fraport Skyliners Juniors spray three´s from all over  in an ugly turnover slugfest that saw both team cough up the ball combined an incredible 51 times. Frankfurt came out and dominated from the start, but gave up way too many turnovers and against smarter and deeper teams could of seen a totally different game. After the first win of the season, center Marco Voeller displayed his feelings about the result. “For the most part it was a good game. We made way too many bad decisions. We gave up too many offensive rebounds. The ball movement was good, but then again we sometimes made too many passes. When a guy was open came an extra and an extra pass. I felt like we made good decisions out of the pick and roll”, stated ex BBL player Marco Voeller. The guests came out flat and could never find a consistent game rhythm. It was a game too forget and now they have three weeks to practice and get better until their next game. “They came out and put us on the spot right away. We tried to figure it out, but they always had an answer for us. We couldn´t figure it out on offense or defense. We gave our all, but weren´t ready mentally or physically. I´m still proud of the guys the way they stuck together”, stressed ex University Of Buffalo(NCAA) guard John Boyer.

Philipp Hadenfeld at the free throw line

                The TSV Oberaching Tropics having got trapped under the bed covers at the start and before they even knew what had struck them, they were staring at a 9-0 deficit. In the strong early run, Frankfurt got vital production from 18 year old young German buck Alexander Richardson who muscled home a lay in over three defenders and made a lay in while ex Hanau guard Felix Hecker dropped free throws and ex TG Hanau forward Calvin Schaum made a steal and went coast to coast for the bucket. Who knows where the guests would have ended up had they not had the early brutal production from 208cm big man Bernhard Benke who got the guests on the board for the first time at the 6,42 minute mark after the team had not scored on it´s first 6 possessions. Frankfurt had found their offensive rhythm early and continued to execute finding their range from outside as point guard Alvin Oniya nailed a trey as did Schaum for the 15-4 lead. Frankfurt had many helping hands including 8 year man Konstantin Schubert who hit a trey for the 18-11 advantage. Frankfurt had great ball movement, controlled the boards despite Benke doing his thing inside and pressured their guards well. The guests still hadn´t found a team rhythm, but rather it was Benke who scored 9 points in a row keeping his team in the game as nobody else was a factor. “I feel bad for Bernhard. His back must be hurting from carrying us so much. He played with so much passion and we didn´t support him. He is a stable force and he brings it each day”, stressed John Boyer. Oberaching had no outside shooting, but rather did damage inside as ex Wurzburg power forward Fynn Fischer who played 3 BBL games made two baskets at the end, but Frankfurt still had the commanding advantage 25-15. The game turned into a turnover fest as both teams had combined for 13 turnovers after one quarter. “Frankfurt got off to a hot start. They had good ball movement. Guys like Oniya, Richardson Hecker practice with us so it becomes contagious. They just couldn´t stop the kid Benke”, stated Fraport Skyliner Quantez Robertson.

Philipp Bode driving and scoring

                In the second quarter, the Fraport Skyliners Juniors were able to extend their lead to 20 points, but the turnover slug fest continued as both teams coughed up the ball at a high rate as both had 26 at the break. The guests actually got on the board first as Fynn Fischer made an offensive rebound and put back, but Frankfurt struck back getting a Voeller lay in and Philipp Hadenfeld trey for the 30-17 lead. Then came the high point of the turnover slug fest as a few minutes transpired as no team scored, but the possessions changed rapidly with many turnovers. Oberaching had little offensive fire power as ex FC Bayern Munich 2 German Moritz Noeres made a floater, but Frankfurt always had an answer. Hadenfeld got hot scoring 8 points while Alvin Onyia nailed a three pointer for the 41-21 Frankfurt lead. Frankfurt continued to defend aggressively and with passion not allowing the guests to get off good shots while their pressure always got them into problems. Benke scored 4 points in the last minute, but Frankfurt continued to have the comfortable lead leading 45-25 at the break. Frankfurt continued to have the rebound lead 22-12 and both teams were dead locked at 13 apiece in the turnover column. “Their were so many turnovers. I think a big problem that Frankfurt had was that they tried to play too fast. Hadenfeld and Schubert hit big shots and carried the team”, said ex Auburn(NCAA) player Quantez Robertson.

                The Fraport Skyliners Juniors continued to do their thing in the third quarter and had absolutely no mercy for TSV Oberaching Tropics continuing to let it rain three´s and extended their lead to an incredible 34 points winning the quarter 27-13. . Diminutive guard Alvin Oniya did a sneaky act racing to catch an offensive rebound and put back to give Frankfurt the first points in the fourth quarter. Oberaching captain Janosch Koegler who dropped 32 points in Frankfurt last season in a losing effort couldn´t muster any offense in the first half, but finally executed better in the third quarter scoring 5 points early to cut the Frankfurt lead to 48-30. But that didn´t rattle Frankfurt as they continued to let big three´s fall from the sky as they went on a rapid 15-3 run as Hadenfeld nailed two three´s and Nils Leonhardt and ex Giessen guard Niklas Bilski also connected in the run. Then everyone seemed to get in on the three point action as forward Leon Pullen who is more known for his cutting and rebounding work dropped two trey´s in a row to give Frankfurt the overwhelming 71-35 advantage. Oberaching closed out the quarter with a 5-1 run to trail 71-40 as Benke made a lay in. Frankfurt´s shooting rose above 50% from the field and outside and they still had the rebound edge 31-21 and the combined turnovers had rose to 37 as Oberaching had 21 and Frankfurt 16. “We had the big lead, but we still continued to make too many turnovers. We can´t relax as other teams can come back and change the game. We have to learn to stay more clam”, stated Marco Voeller. “We tried different things on defense with pressure, doing press, zone and switching, but nothing worked. It just wasn´t our day”, warned John Boyer.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Marco Voeller after the win

                TSV Oberaching Tropics had their best offensive output in the fourth quarter, but the Fraport Skyliners Juniors also continued to execute to keep the big lead. The turnovers continued to happen as 16 more were produced. Benke continued to execute scoring left and right while for Frankfurt, Philipp Hadenfeld wasn´t only scoring, but also helping on other fronts. After coughing up the ball, he made a big play stealing an inbounds pass and then throwing an outlet pass to Voeller for an easy transition bucket. Later he led the fast break and made a pretty behind the back pass to Hecker who found Schaum for the two handed stuff as Frankfurt led 78-44. “Philipp had a great game. He played with a lot of self-confidence”, stressed Marco Voeller. Konstantin Schubert had a second straight game after his long injury of scoring in double figures with 12 points. Even if the stat sheet registered only one block, he had two. “I have had two blocks before, but it was long ago. I have been here for a while. The first was coming over from the help side and the second was on Benke face up”, smiled Konstantin Schubert. Bilski hit a trey for the 81-46 lead. Oberaching got some offensive execution in garbage time as Philipp Bode who was hot on defense with 5 steals scored as did Noeres and Fischer. Frankfurt also got some baskets from Hadenfeld and Richardson. “We were a bit tired at the end. We let up, but we can´t allow that to be standard. It is always tough when you lead by so much to stay concentrated. That belongs to the game”, stated Konstantin Schubert. The Fraport Skyliners Juniors were led by Philipp Hadenfeld with 23 points. Alvin Onyia added 12 points while TSV Oberaching Tropics were led by Bernhard Benke with 23 points and Fynn Fischer assed 13 points. The Fraport Skyliners Juniors shot 50% from the field and from outside and registered 41 rebounds and 26 turnovers while TSV Oberaching Tropics shot 38% from the field and 17% from outside and had 31 rebounds and 27 turnovers.

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