Parker Jackson-Cartwright(Telekom Baskets Bonn) Never Leaves Home Without Brother Miles´s Advice And It Has Never Failed

Back in the 70’s actor Karl Malden was present in America’s living rooms together with a young Michael Douglas in the classy crime show The Streets Of San Francisco. But Malden wasn’t only handling a gun from time to time, but also flashing an American Express Card in an ad that would last into the late 90’s making it one of the most successful campaigns of all-time. When Malden retired other famous faces like the Who’s Roger Daltry, Steven King and actor Peter Ustinov took over. Malden would utter the famous line ‘Don’t leave home without it’ referring to the American express card as being something that nobody could ever go wrong with. In a way this phrase can be connected to new Telekom Baskets Bonn guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright, but with the only difference that he isn’t boasting the American Express card on the court, but moreover using some very valuable advice that was handed down to him by his brother Miles. Not only does the Parker-Cartwright family have two gifted basketball players, but they also have an older brother J Davey who is an alternative rock singer. Miles is three years older and has three more years of professional experience. He made a name at the University of Pennsylvania (NCAA) giving consistency a new name as he averaged double figures in scoring each season. As a professional he has had success in Germany playing for Hanau and Wurzburg and dominated the Dutch first division in his rookie season. He has found a home in Luxemburg the last three years reaching the league final twice and averaged 21ppg and 6,0apg each season and winning the assist crown each season. Miles knew from an early age that he always had to be a good role model for his younger brother. ‘Even as the older brother to Park, I look up to him. He’s been through a lot but continues to succeed’, warned Miles Jackson-Cartwright in 2017. It is also no secret that Parker really looks up to older brother Miles. Before Parker embarked out on his rookie season in England, it was Miles that gave him the most fitting words where Parker has never left home with out since then. ‘The best advice he gave me was what he told me before my rookie year and it’s stuck with me ever since. He said something along the likes of, ‘From day 1 your team will test you to see if you soft or not.’ Obviously, this is the PG version but it sticks because this game is cutthroat and you have to go in with the right mindset’, warned Parker Jackson-Cartwright (176-PG-95, college: Arizona).

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Miles Jackson-Cartwright in Frankfurt in 2018

Parker Jackson-Cartwright who lists ex Oakland (NCAA) player Kay Felder as his toughest battle in the NCAA was born on July 12th, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. He played high school ball at Loyola and averaged 14,0ppg, 5,0rpg and 8,0apg as a junior. He couldn’t finish there because of an academic issue, but instead was allowed to finish school at Sierra Canyon school concentrating on his studies and not playing basketball. Despite not playing his senior year, he was still very much sought after from schools and was a four star recruit and chose Arizona over Los Angeles schools UCLA and USC and Washington. He was ranked as the No. 32 overall recruit and No. 5 point guard in his recruiting class by Scout -14. He played at Arizona (NCAA) from 2014-2018 playing a total of 132 games. ‘It’s an very enriching experience being a student-athlete at the Arizona. I improved as a player and man each year I was there’, stated Parker Jackson-Cartwright. He reached the NCAA Elite 8 and a Sweet 16 and won three PAC-12 tournaments. The school had so much talent that it was difficult to believe that they never won it all. ‘Not surprising maybe disappointing. Anything can happen in March that’s why the tournament is globally viewed and loved every year’, said Parker Jackson-Cartwright. He was able to improve his scoring and assists average each season. His first two seasons he played behind future NBA players TJ Mcconnell and Kadeem Allen who he had many battles in practice with, but wouldn’t comment who won more, but he made a significant rise in minutes from 9 to 21. In his freshman year he played 34 games averaging 2,9ppg, 1,4rpg and 1,8apg and scored in double figures in one game where he produced 11 points in a crushing 87-57 rout of USC. In his second year he played 34 games averaging 5.2ppg, 1.6rpg, 3.4apg, FGP: 42.9%, 3PT: 37.5%, FT: 64.9%. He scored in double figures in four games including 16 points in a big 81-75 win over UCLA and 14 points in a 88-76 victory over Boise State.

In his junior year, the guard who last saw Spiral from The Book Of Saw made another jump in minutes averaging 24 minutes while playing 30 games averaging 6.0ppg, 2.4rpg, 4.1apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 44.1%, 3PT: 42.3%, FT: 70.4%. He scored in double figures in six games including a 20 point effort in the 78-59 win over Washington State. He also produced a solid 15 points and 11 dimes in a 71-55 victory over N Colorado. In the summer of 2017 before his senior year Arizona did a team trip to Barcelona, Spain and he was only feet away from the tragic Barcelona attacks as he fled into a store and escaped unharmed. This scary encounter is an experience that still affects him today. ‘Digesting it in the moment was fine it’s the trauma that comes with it’, warned Parker Jackson-Cartwright. In his senior year his minutes rose again to 32 and he played 34 games averaging 7.9ppg, 2.4rpg, 4.5apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 47.1%, 3PT: 40.7%, FT: 75.9%. He scored in double figures in 13 games including scoring a career high 19 points in a 94-82 win over Utah and 14 points in victories over California and Colorado. He played with so much talent at Arizona (NCAA) and future NBA players like TJ Mcconnell, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Stanley Johnson, Alonzo Trier, Kadeem Allen, Rawle Alkins, Kobi Simmons, Lauri Markkanen, and Deandre Ayton that he could probably write a very entertaining book. It wasn’t hard figuring out that each player affected him in a special way. ‘TJ McConnell, Alonzo Trier, Kadeem Allen, and Lauri Markkanen affected me the most, but I’d say, all impacted me in some way’, warned Parker Jackson-Cartwright. Not only did these wonderful talented players have a big impact on him in his four years, but so did head coach Sean Miller. ‘Sean Miller gave me tools and knowledge that I utilize until this day. He groomed me to have a certain toughness and grit, chip on my shoulder in being successful at the professional level’, stressed Parker Jackson-Cartwright.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright and teammate and future NBA player Alonzo Trier

The California native who lists Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, and Magic in his personal NBA Mount Rushmore and gives Steve Nash honorable mention because he’s his favorite player ever was drafted by the Raptors 905 (G-League) in the second round at #25. He was cut due to a leg injury which cut his season short. He signed late in his rookie season with the Westchester Knicks (NBA G League) and played only two games. That rookie season was really eye opening, but he never ever lost faith in the basketball process and of course always had brother Miles’s advice in the back of his mind. ‘That year was tough. My faith was tested more so than any other year in my life. At first, I had doubts and thoughts of giving up but then something clicked within. From being cut twice that rookie season dealing with a significant injury, I dug deep and learned that I needed to believe within to win’, stressed Parker Jackson-Cartwright. In his second professional season he made the trek overseas and landed in the United Kingdom with the Cheshire Phoenix (United Kingdom-BBL). His wake up call to being overseas was driving that first time on the opposite side of the road. On the court, he needed no real adjustment period as he averaged 20.0ppg, 5.2rpg, Assists-3 (7.5apg), Steals-1 (3.7spg), FGP: 50.9%, 3PT: 38.0%, FT: 75.8%. He demonstrated in the UK that he could be a scoring machine as he struck Bristol for 31 points, Glasgow for 28 points and Leicester for 26 points. In his third professional season he played for Saint-Quentin Basket-Ball (France-Pro B) and made another step in a higher league playing 33 games averaging 15.6ppg, 3.2rpg, Assists-1 (7.1apg), Steals-1 (2.4spg), FGP: 52.9%, 3PT: 35.7%, FT: 77.1%. ‘I grew a lot from where I was at the start to who I was at the end. I put in many hours during the season to get the Pro B level and I’m proud to have seen that work pay off’, remembered Parker Jackson-Cartwright. But being able to grow with his game wasn’t easy as he didn’t witness normal conditions, but had to deal with COVID for a whole season. ‘I think my biggest challenge on the court was the adjustment of play styles, physicality. The English league was different from France, in that, I had to play at a higher level psychically whilst asserting my quickness. Off the court, I can say it was adjustment as well. I mean, this is the first situation in my life where I was predominantly around non-English speakers so that was challenging. Nonetheless, the experience of it all was great’, commented Parker Jackson-Cartwright. But off the court, he was also able to grow seeing how a different culture reacts to the pandemic. ‘COVID-19 was sort of like a blessing in a disguise for me. Dealing with the pandemic while living on my own, uncomfortably forced me to evolve and mature’, said Parker Jackson-Cartwright. He also remembered getting very many of his dimes to ex Fordham (NCAA) stand out Ryan Rhoomes. ‘I enjoyed getting him the ball. As our cohesion on the floor started to blossom, he knew he could count on me finding him and it just became second nature’, expressed Parker Jackson-Cartwright.

The American who didn’t even know that former Arizona (NCAA) great Jason Gardner played with his new team years ago now will start a new challenge in Germany with easyCredit BBL club Telekom Baskets Bonn. The younger Jackson-Cartwright will attempt to make his brother Miles proud as well as starting a new chapter in Germany with a new brother pair. Over the years German basketball fans have seen pairs like Philip and Thomas Scrubb Per und Philip Guenther Bennet and Jannis Hundt Jacob and Justus Hollatz David Stockton and Michael Stockton, Jacob and Johannes Patrick, Chris Babb, and Nick Weiler-Babb, TJ DiLeo and Max DiLeo David and Jonas Falkenstein, Fabian and Timo Thuelig and Jan and Gotz Rhodewald. Before signing on the dotted line for the Telekom Baskets Bonn, it was only fitting that he would ask his brother Miles again for the right advice. ‘All of his accounts from his time in Germany really helped me in making my decision. He knows the country and league well so hearing his experiences, trials and tribulations, during his German tenure was very beneficial for me’, added Parker Jackson-Cartwright. He will play for one of the most underrated as well as best up and coming coaches in Europe with Tuomas Iisalo who made the Hakro Merlins Crailsheim from an unknown club into a household name in Germany in a span of only two years. ‘ His overall genuineness in what he says impressed me the most. I’ve enjoyed our talks and I’m looking forward to building a relationship this season’, warned Parker Jackson-Cartwright. Tuomas Iisalo has had a keen nose for stealing off the radar point guards and making them better. In the last two years he had the right feeling with Dewayne Russell and Canadian Trae Bell- Haynes who recently made the Canadian Olympic team where 10 of 12 players are NBA players and this season will play in Europe’s best league ACB. ‘It’s significant that he’s been able to elevate PG’s to a high level. Continual growth, at all cost, is always a positive in my eyes. It’s comforting to be playing for a coach who can help me reach my max potential’, stressed Parker Jackson-Cartwright. It won’t be a cake walk on the court for him. He is coming from the French Pro B which is below the easyCredit BBL, plus he also knows the legacy that Jason Gardner has had as he led the team to a sixth place finish in 2006-2007. The last Arizona point guard to play in Bonn was Nick Wise who couldn’t fulfill the expectations to a 13th place finish in 2010-2011. ‘It will be challenging. I feel, in year 3, I’m ready to take this step and built for this setting. I don’t go into any year with any personal, concrete goals. I just want to get better each day’, stressed Parker Jackson-Cartwright.

So what kind of player will we see with Parker Jackson-Cartwright who believes that Lebron James is the greatest player that he has ever seen? Fans will have to make their own comparisons to what NBA player his game is similar to, because he doesn’t feel like he plays like anyone else, but only like himself. He has shown as a professional player that he can be a potent scorer, but he is even a more lethal assist maker. Setting up his teammates has become his trade mark as a point guard overseas. ‘I love dishing. I’ve always done a good job finding guys and it’s rewarding to see a teammate score from a pass I’ve made’, smiled Parker Jackson-Cartwright. But just as great of a dime maker he is, he is just as good of a defender if not better as he led the leagues in England and France in steals. On account of his size, he makes the extra effort to prove all doubters wrong. ‘I take much pride in being a good defender. We often get labeled as being average to mediocre defenders because of our stature so I like taking the challenge in stopping guys. The next step, for me, in being a better defender is being more aware of the ball’, warned Parker Jackson-Cartwright. In order to be an impact player in the easyCredit BBL, he knows exactly in what areas of his game he needs to improve so he can make a difference for the Telekom Baskets Bonn in the BBL. ‘The middle game, free throws, and extending my range is what I’m working on the most heading into this new season. All have to improve to be successful’, warned Jackson Parker-Cartwright. It will be an important season for the Telekom Baskets Bonn as they want to make their sponsors and fans happy again with success. A big key for that happening will be the play of point guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright. So far he has been successful where ever he played in Europe. As long as he has that stellar advice from brother Miles, everything will be ok.

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