Murphy Holloway(s.Oliver Wurzburg) Credits His Overwelming Career Consistency To Being An Everyday Person

Murphy Holloway (201-F-90, college: Ole Miss) is a 31 year old 201cm forward from South Carolina playing his eight professional season and first in Germany with s.Oliver Wurzburg averaging 11,1ppg, 4,9rpg, 1,5apg and 1,4spg after having started the season with Al-Muharraq (Bahrain-Premier League). He has a lot of experience having played in countries like Turkey, Israel, Italy, France, Philippines and South Korea. He played 129 NCAA games with The University of Mississippi (NCAA) averaging double figures in scoring in three of his four seasons there. He spoke to after the tough 95-66 loss to the Fraport Skyliners.

Murphy thanks for talking to s.Oliver Wurzburg lost a tough 95-66 game to the Fraport Skyliners. The club has lost 10 of it’s last 11 games. Have you ever been involved in a losing streak like this?

I don’t think so. If I did have a longer losing streak then it happened in France with Cholet. That was a tough season. But we did beat Asvel twice who went on to win the title that season.

How tough is it for you in general not being able to help your team when your out?

It’s tough when you can’t help your team. I’m like a leader on the team and the anchor on defense. I’m like a big brother for the younger guys.

You have played in many leagues in the world. Where would you rank the easyCredit BBL in competition, style and players in comparison to other leagues you have played in?

To be honest it’s a toss up between Germany and France.

You had a lot of success in Israel. Isn’t that league up with France and Germany?

No it isn’t. The style in Israel is free and loose. In Germany they play real Euro basketball. But the Winner league is still a great league. Israel was the best country I played in.

You have played with ex NBA players over the years, but what has it been like sharing the court with Perry Jones? What have you learned to appreciate most from his game?

Perry is an NBA Player, an elite player. I mean some of the schemes that we run here aren’t designed for NBA players. He has struggled in some games. It is difficult for NBA guys coming overseas, because they don’t get the freedom that their used to. But when he gets going, he is unreal. In practice he is the real deal. Then you see that he is an NBA player. You definitely see the difference.

There are many very talented German players old and young on the team like Florian Koch, Felix Hoffmann or Joshua Obiesie or Nils Hassfuerter. Which player ahs impressed you the most?

A guy that I really like is Joshua Obiesie. I like his game and think that he is an NBA talent. He still needs to pay his dues here. All my teammates are great. I also like this other kid Julius Boehmer. He has the potential to play at the next level. I have seen the kind of work that he puts in with trainer Rico. He is definitely going in the right direction.

Your like a young buck compared to Alex King. What has impressed you most about his character?

It is a lot of fun to be around Alex. He is a great guy. I have asked him many things about the Euroleague. He is a guy that will always keep it real with you. He is a great teammate.

You have had a solid season in the easyCredit BBL needing no adjustment period. What have you enjoyed most about the league?

They call a lot of fouls in the BBL. I’m a physical guy so I like it. I was in Asia the last two years and am very happy to be back in Europe. I just love watching the skill set of the players here. The league and players are so competitive. I had to get in better shape and rebound better here. You have to get used to not playing as much here.

You have an unending motor and energy. Did you always have this or was it something that gradually developed over the years?

I always had a motor. If you ask my mom she will tell you that I was very hyper as a kid. I have to be in great shape to play the way I do. Only that way can I be effective. The physicality kills you more than the running. I remember when we played Munich, I was battling Jalen Reynolds the whole game in the paint. He told me man your really strong and your left hand is really tricky. There hasn’t been one guy that has talked trash to me. It’s been all love.

You have put up great and consistent stats where ever you have played. What is your secret for your overwhelming consistency?

I’m an everyday person on and off the court. I try to be the same Murph every day. If you can be consistent in everything you do, it really makes life easier for you.

You averaged double double in stats in The Winner League in Israel and the second league in Italy. Is it as much a riddle for you as it is me why you haven’t gotten at least a Eurocup opportunity yet?

Believe me I have had my chances. When I was playing in the Philippines. I had the chance to sign with two Russian Eurocup teams, but I remained in the Philippines because I was making 40,000 grand a month. But now I’m at a point where I want to play at higher levels.

The last two years you stayed away from Europe and played in Asia. Was money a factor in turning your back on Europe?

Yes money was definitely a factor. When you do something like that you do lose respect in Europe. But it gets hard to turn down so much money when you have a family. The pay is a big difference as is the lifestyle. I’m really happy to be back in Europe. I hope that I can stick here

What kind of an experience was it playing in Korea? Last season you were the only lone American on the team. Any kind of experience there off the court that you wont forget?

I had Shannon Shorter on the team, but only one American at a time on the court. It was a culture shock. Nobody speaks English and I had an interpreter. I was lucky that I was in Seoul that had army bases. I remember playing with a rookie. He wouldn’t go out at all. All he did was play video games.

What I always wanted to know about guys playing in Asia especially Korea is how do you remember teammates names? Do you make special nicknames for them?

Yes I had Nicknames like BB or snake. The players usually tell you what their name means in English. I just rolled with that.

You always had very solid games against Macabbi Tel Aviv. What do you believe is missing from your game to land on a team like that?

Not too much was missing. I think a reason why may have been is that I’m undersized. I don’t shoot jump shots, but am more a back to the basket kind of guy, take the mid range and shots off the bounce. I play more like a Draymond Green or Julius Randle. I don’t put up many shots, but when I do I take good shots and play great defense. I don’t like to get scored on. Today if a Macabbi Tel Aviv called, I would go there and not to Korea. I believe I still have a chance to make the next step. Look at James Gist. He is older than me and playing Euroleague

When you played with Macabbi Rishon you were teammates with Mr Euroleague Keith Langford. What will you never forget about him as the player and person?

The great thing about Keith is that he doesn’t think that he is better than anyone else. You would think that a guy of his talent would put himself above the rest, but he doesn’t. I saw Jeff Adrien block his shot twice. He was so fired up and motivated and just wanted to keep going at Adrien and eventually scored. He is an everyday guy like me and wants it everyday. I was in awe of him. He would never think that you would be in awe with him. He was a good teammate and friend of mine.

When you played with Galil Gilboa you beat Macabbi Tel Aviv twice. Was your 26 point game in the 92-91 win one of your top three pro games?

I missed so many free throws in that game. They gave me MVP, but I didn’t think that I deserved it. I told them not to give it to me. I had many good games. I can’t say that one was better than the other.

When you played with Cholet, you played with one of my top 3 guys that I ever covered in my 18 year career Dashaun Wood. Did you ever witness a quicker guy than him?

Dashaun was the first guy that talked to me about Germany. He enjoyed talking about his time in Berlin.

He didn’t talk about the Fraport Skyliners in Frankfurt?

No he didn’t. I didn’t know that he had even played there until coach Wucherer told me. I saw a picture of him in the Wurzburg arena. He had that quick twitch and good hesitation. He slowed down a bit when we were teammates, but I would say he is probably one of the quickest guys that I played with.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing 2011 BBL MVP Dashaun Wood in Berlin in 2012

In 2014-2015 you played with Pallacanestro Trieste 2004 (Italy-A2 Gold). What memories do you have of balling in the second Italian league. I always felt that was a very underappreciated league.

I loved the Italian A-2 league. That league made me and defined my game. That season gave me a chance to be seen by all of Europe. I thought Italy was a great experience. I learned that you have to zip up your pockets. I was pick pocketed in Milan. I learned the hard way.

In your rookie season you played in Turkey and Israel. What do you remember being your wake up call to being overseas where you knew that you were very far away from home?

People not paying on time. They really thought that we worked for free. But all in all it was all good.

You played four years at the The University of Mississippi (NCAA). What were your fondest memories there?

Having Marshall Henderson as a teammate was great. He was one of the greatest players that we had. He didn’t have that typical overseas career. Winning the SEC tournament as also memorable. We beat Florida that had players like Erik Murphy and Patrick Young.

In your freshman year you must of played senior Quantez Robertson of Auburn who has been playing with the Fraport Skyliners since 2009 and played in Wurzburg tonight. Do you remember him being a defensive pest?

The basketball world is very small. I did play against him and remember him being left handed and having braids. He probably went against Chris Warren.

How did head coach Andy Kennedy groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

He taught us that no one gives you anything and no one pays you for average. He was and is still my guy. He told me that if I ever need a coaching job to call him.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Reginald Bucknor?

Reggie was a bit too big for me. We never really played. He would win in the post and I would win from outside.

Who was the toughest player that you faced in the NCAA that went to the NBA?

Guys from Kentucky like Demarcus Cousins and John Wall.

Please name your five best teammates of all-time?

Reginald Bucknor, Shannon Shorter, Rob Lowery, Eric Griffin, Isaiah Grayson

Please construct your personal NBA Mount Rushmore?

Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Shaq

What is your personal opinion of the neverending debate of who is the greatest of all-time Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

I think it’s Lebron because of the way he plays. He makes his teammates better and has that killer mentality. But then again you can’t teach what Jordan did. I will always be a neverending debate because you will never get people to say 100% that it’s Jordan or Lebron.

Have you seen the Coming to America sequel? It has had mixed reviews. Shouldn’t they just have left it alone?

I think that they should of left it alone.

Thanks Murphy for the chat.

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