The Miles Vs Terry Black Talk About The Special Magic Of Baylor Basketball

Terry Black (198-F-78, college: Baylor) is a former professional player that had a nice professional career overseas from 2001-2008. He played in countries like Italy, South Korea, Finland and Germany. In Germany he played two seasons with the EWE Baskets Oldenburg and a season with the Telekom Baskets Bonn. He also playedin the American leagues USBL and CBA. After high school he played at Indian Hills Community College and then at Baylor (NCAA) from 1999-2001 leading the big 12 in rebounding his senior year. He spoke to eurobasket about his time at Baylor and the special basketball magic there.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Terry Black in Frankfurt Germany in 2007

Terry thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is life treating you at the moment in these difficult times?

Life has been good and full of emotions during the pandemic, I’ve lost a few family members because of Covid and my girlfriend and I both had pretty bad cases of COVID

You last played professionally for Joensuun Kataja (Finland-Korisliiga) in the 2007-2008 season playing 27 games averaging 14.8ppg, 9.2rpg, 2.0apg, 2.2spg, FGP: 58.5%, 3PT: 10.0%, FT: 51.8%. You have been retired now 13 years. Has time flown by or has it gone slowly?

Time has flown by but filled with a lot of joy as I get to watch my amazing three kids compete in sports my Terrianna runs track at Loras college my son AB was playing football and basketball killing it in two sports & Beckham is a fearless basketball player

How much do you miss playing professionally and what have you missed the most?

The first few years I didn’t miss the game at all but when I started to miss it was when I started to coach basketball and the past few years I took off coaching to be a part of my kids success and supporting them

Talk a little about your life after being a professional player. What are you doing today and how was the transition from player to life after professional basketball?

Life after I retired was pretty cool because I was able to transition into the next phase which was cars and started working for an independent car repair Shop and then into dealerships. Today I own a mobile oil change business and am looking into getting back to coaching at the Highschool level

Let’s talk about your alma mata Baylor. You played there from 1999-2001 after playing two years at Indian Hills Community College (NJCAA). What kind of an experience was it for you in general to play at Baylor (NCAA)?

The experience was amazing and I’ve built so many good relationships there. I feel like I still live there, and I still talk to 85 percent of the guys I played with in college. Stepping onto that court for games was magical

When you were at Baylor (NCAA) the school was in a 20 year NCAA tournament drought as it hadn’t been at the big dance between 1988 and 2008. What was basketball in general like at that time in comparison to how the game is played today and the type of players one sees now in the NCAA?

I think the game has become a quicker game style of play. It was different during my time, because the energy was not present in the building. We had an amazing run and I also think every alum before us had a part in building towards the success. They are expanding in Waco today but given we beat a nationally ranked Kansas team on ESPN made it cool for other kids to go to Baylor

They won the 2021 NCAA title. How did you feel the day after the win? How much pride did you establish over the last 20 years after graduating?

The day after the win I still couldn’t believe how they dominated a well coached team, took a lot of pride in the win. My family and I regularly attend games and were in contact with coaches as my son AB is a Baylor recruit.

Gonzaga was the huge favorite. How big do you rate this upset and how was your feeling going in about the chances of Baylor (NCAA) pulling off the upset?

I don’t think it was an upset. I think the Baylor staff came up with a good game plan and worked it to perfection and was able to get up big to start the game and maintained it through out the game

Baylor (NCAA) two NCAA Sweet 16’s in 2014 and 2017. If someone had told you in 2017 that Baylor would be crowded NCAA champions in 2021 what would you have thought?

If someone told me they would be crowned I wouldn’t have believed it, but my second thought would have been yes. Coach Drew has been there 17 years grinding. He said when he got there he was bringing a title to Waco and he delivered!!

Baylor has had 13 NCAA tournament appearances, 6 Elite 8’appearances and 5 Sweet 16’s. They also hadn’t been in a NCAA final game since 73 years. What does this title mean to the school and to you personally?

The title means the new fancy arena is coming!! Top ranked recruits are coming there and there should be some type of raises coming for that staff, and new opportunities are coming

Baylor had a simple game plan. Make some shots. If you miss get the rebounds and then make some more shots. Can basketball sometimes be that simple?

What I seen in Baylor’s game play was to make the bigs guard on the perimeter and get stops on defense and run through the sets and make three point shots

How key was it for Baylor players Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua, Flo Thamba and Mark Vital limiting Drew Timme to 12 points?. The star Jalen Suggs had 22 points, but Gonzaga didn’t have scoring support behind him.

It was extremely vital. Timme is a great amazing player that was held to 12 points mostly because he was on the perimeter using energy to guard the Baylor guys. Those guys down in Waco love each other and their not too worried about what people say outside that locker room. The theme is culture of joy

Gonzaga has made big strides since 2015 making 5 NCAA Elite 8 appearances and two NCAA finals in 2021 and 2017. Could another final loss hurt their overall confidence to win the big one or do you feel like they will be due in 2022? Many are already picking them to win it next year?

Gonzaga used to be a sleeper team. That coaching staff over there has built a power house and has had many successful players come from there. They had a number one pick and possibly having another come this year in Suggs so obviously Baylor should be picked to win it given the results,

Was the rebounding stat of 38-22 rebounds and 16 offensive rebounds one of the biggest keys for the win?

Out Rebounding a team is always a key to winning because you get more possessions in a 40 minute game

Davion Mitchell is seen as a #1 Draft pick and Jared Butler as a possible second round pick. How have you followed their careers and how do you seem them doing in the NBA?

I think both these guys will do well at the next level, because they’ve worked really hard to perfect their craf. t Teague is no different from the other guys I don’t know him very well but I know he will shine given the opportunity

How proud are you of head coach Scott Drew? Do you feel he will get more respect after this win?

Coach has been getting more and more respect as his coaching career has unfolded. He comes from a basketball family and has had a successful one at coaching and playing in the NBA

How do you see the future of Baylor (NCAA) basketball. Two guys seem to be heading to the NBA and Macio Teague and Mark Vital are also done as seniors.

Baylor coaches recruit to fit the program so we’re losing two good guards and a big, but I’m sure they have began the process of filling those spots, I hear a kid AB in the ’22 class is really good maybe he will end up in a Baylor uniform wearing #24 lol

Have you seen Coming To America 2 yet? The reviews have been mixed. Shouldn’t they just have left the original classic untouched?

I’ve seen coming to America 2 I liked it and they had an amazing cast many of the people judging was not even around or a fan to have seen the original and that’s pretty cool. They used Rick Ross’s house and the castle that alone tells a story of success.

Thanks Terry for the chat.

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