Terrell Harris(Niners Chemnitz) Knows They Have To Follow And Believe In Their Recipe Of Success Of Ball Movement And Locking Down On Defense

Terrell Harris (191-G-93, college: Georgia Coll., agency: Players Group) is a 27 year old 190cm guard from Indiantown, Florida that is playing his fifth professional season and second with the NINERS Chemnitz (Germany-ProA) averaging 11,6ppg, 3,1rpg and 3,9apg. Last season in the Pro A with the Ninners he averaged 14,1ppg, 2,6rpg and 5,0apg. In 2018-2019 he played with the Rostock Seawolves (Germany-ProA) averaging 13.6ppg, 3.7rpg, 3.4apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 55.4%, 3PT: 37.3%, FT: 66.3%. Three seasons ago he played with the Svendborg Rabbits (Denmark-Ligaen) playing 24 games averaging 17.0ppg, 4.7rpg, 2.6apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 57.3%, 3PT: 42.6%, FT: 71.6%. In his rookie season he played with the Iserlohn Kangaroos (Germany-ProB) averaging 18,1ppg, 4,3rpg and 1,8apg. He started his basketball career at Mars Hill (NCAA2) in 2011 and then moved to Georgia College in 2012. As a senior he played 29 games averaging 24.6ppg, 6.7rpg, 4.0apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 59.1%, 3PT: 36.3%, FT: 76.8%. He concluded his college basketball career winning the All-PeachBelt Player of the Year 2016. Harris spoke to germanhoops.com after the massive 86-84 win in Weissenfels against MBC.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber with Virgil Matthews and Terrell Harris in the Fraport arena in 2021. This was the 10th interview with Terrell harris since his rookie season in Germany in 2016

Thanks Terrell for talking to germanhoops.com. Easter has come and gone. What have you learned to appreciate the most about Easter in Germany?

My family isn’t here unfortunately. When I see all the people in Germany with their families makes me appreciate the time when I’m with my family. When I’m back home with my family, I try to spend as much time with them. My favorite time is Christmas and Easter. You definitely feel the family atmosphere in Germany.
Congrats on the massive 85-83 win in Wesisenfels. It was only the fourth away win this season. How good does it feel to have won two road games in a row?

We have struggled on the road this season. I wish we would have won more road games. Now we just have to take as many wins as we can. It is hard to win in the BBL and this season has been tough with COVID and injuries. We still have eight games left and will try to win as many on the road and build on it.

The Niners Chemnitz led 46-35 at the break. The offense has really been clicking the last four games. Is it at a stage now where the team’s self-confidence will be able show consistency until the end?

I think so. We had four guys out with COVID during the national team break in February. These guys are now just now finding their form again. We want to build on our success and build on it in the next weeks.

MBC stormed back in the third quarter to score 28 points to trail only 64-63. What were the most significant break downs that you had on defense?

We didn’t come out of half-time locked in and they capitalized on it. We turned over the ball too many times and they hit shots. Anytime you start hitting two or three shots then shots start to fall like snowfall. They did a good job executing on offense and picking up their presence on defense.

The fourth quarter was very tight and exciting. Half way through MBC led by five points, but the NIners got huge buckets from George King. What was key in crunch-time for getting the win?

Just staying consistent was huge. We did a good job keeping our comradery up when it got tough. We kept saying let’s get three more stops. We had guys get buckets when we needed to. George King got big baskets and Isaiah Mike had an all around good game.

A big key was winning the rebound duel 48-30. What was another area of the team play that was crucial for the win?

We began moving the ball well and then got away from it. We then got back to it when we needed to. When we get multiple touches then good things happen. Rebounding was also big . We rebounded really well in the first quarter. It felt like we dominated the boards.

Five Niners Chemnitz players were in double figures. How much fun is it playing offense under head coach Rodrigo Pastore?

It is really enjoyable playing in our system where there is equal opportunity to score the ball. We showed this last year and have been doing it this year. Our system is designed to give you open shots and lanes to drive. We showed this season that when we move the ball well, we can beat the best teams in the league.

MBC would be a totally different team without Michal Michalak as he scored 29 points. What makes this guy so hard to control?

He isn’t fast, but just very fundamentally sound and very smart. He knows how to shoot and how to draw fouls. He knows how to play the game the right way. He was really into it tonight.

The next game is against Rasta Vechta. You won the first home game against them. How confident are you that you will win your third road game in a row and what will be key in getting the win?

We are confident against any team we play. We know that when we execute and get stops that we can beat any team in the league. Moving the ball well and locking in on defense is a good recipe for winning. We have to continue to follow and believe in it.

What kind of an experience has it been being teammates with fellow ex Pro B player Virgil Matthews. Do you get more excited on the bench when he makes a big play than when an established ex NBA player like George King?

We have a special connection. He took me under his wing when I arrived last season. We always break down film together after games. He is so patient and let’s the game come to him. He has a big basketball IQ. He will be a great coach one day. He leads by example and is a great teammate.

You had another solid game with 15 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. How much were the 4 turnovers in your mind on the drive back and what do you work on most the next day in practice?

Turnovers have been the story of my season. I definitely want to cut down on turnovers. My turnovers haven’t even been really forced, but more me playing too fast. I know that I can cut down on them. I always cut down film with Virgil and try to get better. Important for me is when I can help move the ball and help team play better than we are at our best. I have to remain aggressive and not be afraid to make plays.

You really have picked up your game since February. What has personally been the biggest challenge for you on the court coming from the Pro B?
Last season I was the leading scorer and also led the team in assists. This season is a lot different, because I’m playing with very good players. It is the first time in my life that I’m playing with guys like ex NBA players George King and Marcus Thornton. It has definitely been an adjustment, but it has made me a better player. I’m more a facilitator, but have shown that I can erupt at times as a scorer. I know when to pick my spots and when to get my teammates involved.

Dino Radja recently said that he couldn’t imagine Russell Westbrook having success with a European team. Do you agree?

Yes I saw that comment. Russ is very special. He can get triple doubles at ease in the NBA. I know that he could adjust to anywhere. It would be hard, but we would be ok.

Draymond Greene recently said he is the greatest defender of all-time. Do you agree?

There have been so many great defenders like Kobe, Scottie Pippen, Gary Payton or Dennis Rodman. I like his confidence though. I would pick all these players over Draymond Greene.

The 2021 NCAA Final is set. Gonzaga will battle. Who will win it all?

It’s about time Gonzaga wins. I have Gonzaga by 6.

Did you see Coming to America 2 yet? Should they not have left the classic untouched?

I can see why people would say that. It had a lot of the stars from the original in it, but it was different. I liked it and would recommend it.

Thanks Terrell for the chat.

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